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How to build brand reputation in an era of greenwashing backlash:?part two


Welcome back to this four-part blog series where we’ve been discussing how you can build brand reputation in an era of greenwashing scrutiny and backlash. Reputable journalists will dig deep to ensure what they’re being ‘sold’ isn’t simply another example of corporate greenwashing. If you do it right.

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Mastering Brand Narrative Control


Today's landscape In today's fast-paced digital world, effective brand storytelling holds immense importance. With the advent of social media, instant communication and the scattered media landscape, companies face the challenge of maintaining control over their brand narrative.

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Setting the right earned media objectives for your brand


Earned media content is king when it comes to building brand reputation—your biggest brand asset. Historically, communicators have been focused on storytelling, media relations, crisis communications and other obvious aspects of the PR craft. How to set earned media objectives that are right for your brand.

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How PR Can Boost A B2B Brand

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Yes, data can be compelling, but smart B2B marketers know that storytelling is more powerful than a list of facts. Earned media builds brand credibility. That’s where B2B brands have an opportunity to educate their market. For B2B brands, expertise counts. PR gives brand advocates a voice. Think again.

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The Growth PR Playbook

Although PR and communications have always been and will always be about telling company and brand stories and managing reputation, the ways of creating, controlling, and amplifying those stories, in addition to how and when success is best measured, have shifted.

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Storytelling is the Essence of Brand Development; Off Script No. 44: Jeffrey Crow

Sword and the Script

Can a good story create value for a brand? The reputation the network services and solutions provider Earthlink gained for customer service is a prime example. 3) At a recent CMO panel event, put on by the Technology Association of Georgia, you talked extensively about the concept of storytelling.

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Microsoft Stories: Best brand storytelling site on the web?

Communications Conversations

This is high, high quality brand storytelling folks. Microsoft may have figured out the key to fantastic brand storytelling–and I think it goes something like this… Your employees = personal stories. Many brands write these kinds of executive and employee stories. Forget about the brand for a moment.