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A Toast To Independent PR Agencies

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Lots of ad and PR agencies tout their independent status in their marketing. Early in my career, after stints at two very different independent PR firms, I worked in the PR unit of a large ad agency. Traditional ad agencies like the one where I worked have been badly disrupted. Breakthrough creative.

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Crenshaw Communications Adds Adweek and Agency Talent

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Crenshaw Communications, an award-winning B2B PR firm representing high-growth technology companies and leading ad tech brands, recently welcomed former ad tech journalist Mez Ambachew and PR agency professional Elana Warshavsky to the team. The agency also welcomed back returning team member Colleen O’Connor.

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After lockdown: the creative agency market

Stephen Waddington

The agency market is in flux as the economy reinflates. Agencies are facing the following opportunities. What’s your take on the industry and what are other agencies doing? Here are five areas in which I’m helping my agency clients work through the current business environment. But there’s plenty of opportunity.

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Strategic planning for creative agencies

Wadds Inc.

tool supports business planning for creative agencies. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, war in Ukraine, rising energy prices, climate crisis, an overheated talent market, and cost of living crisis are just some of the big issues facing business. Strategic planning and crisis preparedness: A guide for creative agencies.

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6 Things PR Agencies Should Never Say

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

PR agency teams, like all creative services people, love to keep our clients happy. A great example was a French company we worked with that was launching their competitive pricing tool in the US market. This one is hard because it’s natural for marketing or sales teams to look for a guarantee on lead-generation or conversion.

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Speaking Visually with a Creative Agency

Konnect Agency

The importance of asking questions, creating moodboards, and fostering collaboration in the work of a Creative Agency. Why a Creative Agency Uses Visual Tools to Communicate Visuals aren’t just crucial to the final product but invaluable to the process that gets you there. Why Does a Creative Agency Use Moodboards?

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New report reveals top 2022 salary and hiring trends in marketing and creative industry

Agility PR Solutions

One-third of all employees surveyed in marketing and creative fields say they are considering switching employers in the next year, according to the 2022 Job Market Pulse Report, an annual resource highlighting key hiring, compensation and overall job market trends from specialized marketing and creative recruitment agency 24 Seven.