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Goodbye Third-Party Cookies, Hello Content Marketing

Contently - Strategy

Here’s everything you need to know about third-party cookies and what their phase-out means for content marketers in 2024. They’re one of the main avenues by which advertisers build personalized profiles about potential customers. Let’s say you work in marketing at that ramen company.

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AirPR Acquires Content Marketing and Analytics Company; Changes Corporate Name to “Onclusive”


The acquisition brings together AirPR’s industry-leading communications measurement solution with Ozmotik’s content marketing and analytics offering, creating a unified platform for companies to discover their most valuable earned media and to deliver it to its intended audience at scale. Reach and Frequency with Credibility.

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9 Content Marketing Trends That Will Rule The Roost In 2016


People now look for and essentially demand content that gets them involved, creating a more personalized and memorable experience. Quite obviously, the competition on the web has become fierce, forcing businesses and content marketers to become more creative than ever before in their content endeavors. Episodic Content

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How to Use Multimedia For Better PR Campaigns


To understand the impact of multimedia, we must acknowledge the fact that content is everywhere and there is no way to escape it. When you pair the 24/7 news cycle with always-on connectivity, you get consumers overwhelmed by a perpetual stream of content. The Media Relies on Visual Storytelling. Create more visual content.

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The New Marriage between Paid and PR

The Resolution Blog

Within the PR and advertising industries, there’s often talk about the PESO model (paid, earned, shared, and owned media). The Ability to Measure Sets Paid and Editorial Apart On paper, the glaring difference between paid and editorial PR is that one is paid, which means that placement is guaranteed. This is where PR really thrives.

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What Is Retail Marketing and How You Can Use It To Build a Competitive Edge


Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of strategies and tactics aimed at promoting products and services through digital channels. These channels include websites, search engines, social media platforms, email marketing, and online advertising. Ready to make your retail brand a success?

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20 PR and Marketing Predictions for 2022

Sword and the Script

“We are going to see more journalists build their own paid content channels – with or without backing from media outlets. This means PR pros will need to figure out how to have their clients mentioned in these outlets and learn how to measure their success.”. Brad Marley , Chief Storyteller, Yelram Media . Fast-vertising.

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