TikTok’s growth spurt, Halloween-themed social media posts, and rivals stoking a viral YouTube fundraiser

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Elon Musk boosts YouTube tree-planting fundraiser. A YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson has discovered a surefire way to raise money for cause: Get celebrity influencers to compete with one another. The campaign has already raised $8 million with famous digital personas such as beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star, EDM musician Alan Walker, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and now Elon Musk. Study: How to make the most of your YouTube channel.

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Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy

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So you post the clip on your company’s new YouTube page. Unfortunately, hoping to go viral is not a video strategy. Every minute, 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. Though it can be tempting to make a flashy video that runs through all the benefits and features of your product or service, our customers tend to see better results when they focus on the elements of good storytelling. The post Going Viral Is Not a Video Strategy appeared first on Contently.

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Viral snark over a Peloton ad, McDonald’s enters ‘chicken sandwich wars,’ and Twitter launches data-privacy hub

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Also: An eye on leery marketers as YouTube allows more violent content, PR pros struggle to connect strategies to revenue, thrifty video tactics, and more. What do you think of the ad and the subsequent viral response? If you succeed, you can have the next viral hit on your hands.

Once Upon a Time…3 Keys to Good PR Storytelling


In today’s digital age, there are two key ways to find success for both brands or individuals: remember to be human and solidify your storytelling skills. Many think that good storytelling stems from talent, but really, all it takes is time, trial and error, and basic writing know-how. Below are a few ways you can amp up your storytelling, stemming from insights, ideas and case studies explored at the 2015 xPotomac Conference. Best Practices Featured Storytelling xpotomac

3 PR and marketing alternatives to ‘going viral’

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I first started practicing PR over a decade ago, when clients thought that “going viral” meant getting their product on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”. I barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief and think, “Maybe clients will want to diversify their media goals now” before affordable digital cameras made enabled the masses to create videos with the sole purpose of going viral. We want to go viral!" (If Porous-platform storytelling.”.

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Facebook considers removing ‘likes,’ Whataburger responds to viral rodent video, and Bugatti sets a record and then shifts gears

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One customer affected by the storm was YouTube influencer Chad Alan—and Disney enjoyed the fruits of his outreach. Mr. Alan and his mother have been documenting their trip — and Mr. Alan’s toy purchases — on his YouTube channel , which has more than 785,000 subscribers. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ]. Whataburger removes Facebook apology after viral rodent video.

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Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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YouTube, Facebook and Twitter removed a viral video published by Breitbart News that shows a group from America’s Frontline Doctors making claims about COVID-19 in front of the U.S. Survey findings will be released at Ragan’s Brand Storytelling During a Crisis Virtual Conference, Aug.

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How ‘granfluencers’ are shaking up social media representation and influencer marketing

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From Facebook to YouTube and TikTok, we’ve seen an increase in boomers and Gen X influencers on social media platforms lately,” said Nicla Bartoli, co-founder of the Influencer Marketing Factory, who worked closely with Aura to source “granfluencers” this holiday season.

Barbie’s bid to close the ‘dream gap,’ the perils of commenting on Hong Kong, and viral whisky ‘Tide pod’ gets jeers

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LinkedIn offers marketers more data, YouTube curtails ‘fake news’ about Hong Kong, and Amazon and DoorDash cave on tipping. McDonald’s is hoping to replicate the success of Popeyes’ viral chicken sandwich. Related reading: Juul reputation’s up in smoke, kid-focused videos get 3X the YouTube views, and many PR pros are introverts. Also: Kroger and Walgreens stop selling e-cigarettes, what drives consumer purchases, McDonald’s offers a ‘McRib locator,’ and more.

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T-Mobile and Sprint celebrate merger approval, Netflix reigns according to Nielsen data, and NASA debunks viral #broomchallenge

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In a YouTube video, Legere also ran down the merger’s benefits with Sprint’s chief executive, Marcelo Claure: In a blog post, Legere wrote : Let me be clear. On newtmobile.com , consumers can watch the YouTube video, read an open letter or one of Legere’s blog posts, catch up on the U.S.

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4 ways to prepare for a crisis—and respond where it counts

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When something goes viral—whether it’s a video, a tweet or an Instagram post—respond on the platform where the crisis occurs. Often when companies see a viral post that concerns them, they post a statement on their own website, but neglect the medium where the action is happening.

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Creative executions and experiential storytelling: A #SMprof experiences College Gameday

Karen Freberg

Let me share with you what I was up to these past few days with Adidas, Clemson, and College Gameday for the Louisville-Clemson game, and what were some takeaways I had: Adidas goes viral with celebration shoes. As each season comes and goes, one thing is pretty consistent, and that is the innovation and creative execution of storytelling by the Clemson Tigers social and digital teams.

7 relatable and hilarious ‘Onion’ headlines about social media

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Though weird and wacky marketing creations such as these can quickly go viral, they’re met with mixed reactions from consumers and social media managers alike. Most of the time, viral content raises brand awareness, and then your work has just begun.

How to manage your COVID-19 response

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Kim Markus will share tips on how to bypass the negative media cycle with your own social media outreach, monitor platforms to catch brand issues early, and quickly shoot and share updates on channels like YouTube and TikTok.

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Juul reputation’s up in smoke, kid-focused videos get 3X the YouTube views, and many PR pros are introverts

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Though YouTube requires its users to be at least 13 years old, a recent Pew Research Center study found that videos that either targeted or featured children received three times more views. YouTube’s 43,770 channels boasting 250,000 subscribers or more uploaded a collective 243,254 videos this year—and 56% were within the first week of 2019. Bud Light has already jumped on the viral Area 51 event , and now Arby’s is bringing the food.

Why you should follow the ‘hygiene, hub, hero’ strategy during COVID-19

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The content-marketing framework was originally developed by Google as a guide for growing an audience on YouTube. Examples of hero content include a viral video or a large seasonal campaign. PR pros on social media should focus on providing value to their audience.

McKinsey apologizes for role in opioid crisis, Redbox launches streaming service, and Google’s Year in Search

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Also: Universal Orlando Resorts pokes fun at an old tweet, Home Depot’s quest to reunite toy with toddler goes viral, Twitter users ridicule Apple’s AirPods Max, and more.

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‘Aunt Jemima’ becomes ‘Pearl Milling Company,’ Salesforce announces permanent remote workforce, and Heineken to lay off 8,000

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Also: Virtual court proceedings go viral with kitten filter, Nationwide has catchiest brand jingle, Coca-Cola’s 100%-recycled plastic bottles, and more.

4 PR Lessons From the Way Popeyes Launched Its Popular New Chicken Sandwich


Two years later, Popeyes chose to debut its chicken sandwich announcement with a video from Sweet Dixie Kitchen, where they would give a preview of the sandwich, giving an in-depth and viral feel to the announcement. On top of standard visuals, Popeyes’ introductory video demonstrated the brand’s command of visual storytelling. The launch video now has 100,000 views on Twitter and another 20,000 on YouTube. And if you aren’t sure how, check out our visual storytelling guide.

Twitter to flag misleading COVID-19 vaccine content, Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms,’ and Volvo pledges to go fully electric by 2030

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The news comes alongside a Virginia school district that has gone viral for “banning” the author’s books. or video content (YouTube, livestreams) within your strategies, PR Daily readers? or video content (YouTube, livestreams) within your strategies, PR Daily readers?

Thousands of brands’ ads found on sites with COVID-19 misinformation, Facebook labels UK climate change posts, and job listing language leads to museum’s leadership change

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That crisis led to the resignation of Bon Appétit’s former editor in chief, Adam Rapoport , as well as three journalists of color leaving the publication’s popular YouTube series.

NASCAR alters stance on guns, GM workers strike, and Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy

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The video is a great example of the power of storytelling—along with a reminder to emphasize authenticity in your tales. How can you make your storytelling efforts more authentic and meaningful? 7 hints to help create viral content. J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’. RELATED: Join us for our Brand Storytelling & Content Marketing Conference at Disneyland. ].

4 ways engagement was Super Bowl’s marketing MVP

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These creations can often happen following a viral event or particularly weird Super Bowl ad, but this account seemed odd after the lack of online conversation or interest in Reese’s ad.

Twitter suspends Planters’ ‘Baby Nut’ accounts, top platforms tackle privacy and fake news concerns, and Hulu chief is out

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Kraft Heinz’s strategy to make Planters’ Super Bowl spot go viral was blocked by Twitter for violating its spam and platform manipulation policy. Twitter scrambles to protect privacy, and YouTube cracks down on fake news.

Insights into impulse purchases, Twitter’s new reply filters, and ‘Royal Sussex’ Instagram bombshell rattles the Palace

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Also: YouTube influencer shares tips to quell health care ‘misinformation,’ CollegeHumor lays off almost all its staff, and more. million on YouTube), posted a video reacting to a few videos by health care professionals which have recently gone viral, sparking controversy and debate online.

Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, Facebook bans Holocaust denials, and Barbie speaks out about racism

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In a YouTube video , an animated Barbie and her friend Nikki discuss Nikki’s “experiences about when she has been treated unfairly.” Brand managers should watch out, lest one of these loops goes viral.

DoorDash lags on data breach disclosure, Instagram users seen declining, and the wealth-gap problem for communicators

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After Carson King’s sign for beer money went viral, the Iowa resident decided to continue raising money for the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. According to a new report from Trust Insights and Talkwalker , industry experts expect user growth for platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Discord, but forecast downturns for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and more.

Does Digital Savvy Pay Off in a Silicon Valley Political Election?

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As for YouTube …. Just don’t expect a future Honda campaign to deliver a viral video of a cat coding a mobile app. Uncategorized digital in politics Mike Honda social media political election storytelling Ro Khanna social media social media in politics Ever since Barak Obama parlayed digital pyrotechnics into a stay in the White House, politicians have embraced the online world with the fervor of a Tuscaloosa preacher.

CDC ponders partnership with Dollar General for COVID-19 vaccines, BuzzFeed slammed for recent layoffs, and TikTok introduces anti-harassment features

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Simply limiting your tweet’s comments or turning off replies to your YouTube video won’t solve the problem, either. Communicator Amanda pointed out a common frustration, when clients and executives ask to go viral: When a client says “I want to go viral.”

J&J offers to settle in Ohio, consumers question leaders’ ethics, and how TikTok fills a specific niche

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J&J to pay $527M in opioid damages, Popeyes’ Twitter spat creates viral win, and KFC tests plant-based ‘chicken’. We asked what the most important platform was for your video efforts, and the vast majority said YouTube and Instagram were the top priority. Branding Content Marketing Crisis Communications External Communications Marketing Media Relations Morning Scoop Speechwriting Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

5 ways to use hero videos to drive your message

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So you want to bag a viral video? Yet it turns out there is no template for making your video go wild on the internet, says Benton Crane, chief executive officer of Harmon Brothers , a Utah agency behind some of the most viral ads in internet history. In his Ragan Training video, “Secrets to make your videos so good, they don’t have to go viral,” Crane warns that you cannot predict virality. Audiences like to think of themselves as the hero.

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McDonald’s takes hit on chief’s ouster, National Sandwich Day marketing messages, and Blizzard’s apology to fans

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Jimmy John’s also played off the viral sandwich’s fame with its tweet: Celebrate #NationalSandwichDay with the best fried chicken sandwich around. Study: How to make the most of your YouTube channel. Branding Content Marketing Crisis Communications External Communications Marketing Media Relations Morning Scoop PR Industry Social Media Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Challenger Brands: Here’s How To Win At PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Everyone remembers their viral, bro-y YouTube ad in 2011 , for example. In just four years, it has used social media, particularly visual storytelling on Instagram, to create a globally-recognized travel lifestyle brand. But there are storytelling opportunities that the incumbents don’t have. Regardless of the industry, a challenger brand can have a natural PR advantage. Challenger brands can shake things up through unique points of view, innovation or a better story.

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How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

Contently - Strategy

His company, Dollar Shave Club, rose from obscurity in 2012 after he created a YouTube video called “Our Blades Are F ing Great.” Brands love to talk about going viral; Dubin actually did it. The brand’s success was about more than just going viral or getting lucky. Like other companies that have mastered content marketing, Dollar Shave Club had a clear mission, audience research, a unique voice, and high-quality storytelling.

Chris Harrison steps back from ‘The Bachelor’, Indianapolis Museum of Art issues apology for job listing, and IHOP cancels Pancake Day promo

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ABC 7 Chicago reported : Kirkconnell first found herself in hot water after a TikTok went viral, claiming to show her liking posts with the Confederate flag and even sharing QAnon conspiracy theories. — YouTube (@YouTube) February 16, 2021. Got a future YouTube star?

3 diversity lessons from Ancestry’s recent ad backlash

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Late Thursday, Ancestry pulled the ad from its YouTube channel, scuttled a TV airing schedule and late Friday offered more information about the thought processes behind the ad. Wired reported : In a statement to WIRED, Ancestry said it had removed the video from YouTube and was in the process of pulling it from television. Boatner says: We as communicators and storytellers need to understand our target audience, customers and the marketplace first before we start campaign planning.

30 Social Media Ideas In 30 Minutes


Content Storytelling – the best tips from each panelist on planning, producing and publishing stories for social media. Content Storytelling. 11. “It’s important to be authentic and emotional in your storytelling, but also embrace crowd cultures. With Yellowberry, when our founder launched the business and it went viral via the Kickstarter community, we embraced fans and used them as part of the story.

Miami Heat and Twitch denouce athlete’s anti-Semitic slur, Society of Editors backtracks its response to Prince Harry and Meghan, and Lego’s 2020 sales hits five-year peak

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Why it’s important: Whether working with employees, content creators or influencer partners, prepare crisis plans in advance so you can respond to crises such as Leonard’s now viral Twitch stream.

10 companies with outstanding social media presences

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Here are 10 to start following today: Related: The Paradox of What Makes Something Go Viral. When Isaiah Mustafa stepped into the role of the ultimate Old Spice guy, the drugstore cologne-turned-viral sensation attracted a legion of followers across multiple social media channels. The brand's managers keep exploring unexpected ideas, like having Mustafa answer tweets on YouTube. GoPro videos have become more than just people watching shaky adventure footage on YouTube.

NYT acquires ‘Serial’ production company, Nike braces for layoffs, and KFC crocs are coming soon

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bought Serial Productions, the company behind viral podcasts “Serial” and “S-Town,” also joining a “strategic alliance” with podcast “This American Life.” They may continue to do, of course — especially if they’ve built a YouTube fan base for their work and no deal prevents it.