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PR Tips For Successful Media Training

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As most PRs know, an unprepared or ineffective spokesperson can unwittingly squander a media opportunity, while a well-prepared one can move it from mediocre to meteoric! Here are some “must-dos” along with new tips to incorporate into your media training arsenal. Good media training builds confidence.

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2020 media training—10 tips for developing effective spokespersons

Agility PR Solutions

And while the use of social media as a source of news has sharply increased in recent years, offline and online print and broadcast media content continues to play a critical role in shaping stakeholder perception […].


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Media Training in 2020: Tips and Trends [Guide]


Anyone who has to represent an organization or a business or anyone that needs to reach the public has to successfully deal with the media. Being confident when stepping in front of the microphone and cameras with all the lights shining is something that can be achieved with decent media training. Media Training in 2020.

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Media Training: 3 Essential Lessons


We have a very simple philosophy about media training. It should provide a spokesperson with the tools needed to conduct effective media interviews when we’re not there to support them. With the exception of interviews for feature pieces, most media platforms allow for only a handful of spokesperson quotes. Conclusion.

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Media Training is Vital to Your Brand’s Success


Of course, the training needs to happen, but like almost everything, we get better as we practice doing it right… practice done wrong will not lead to improvement though. So a big part of media training should be putting the student in front of others who will ask them random questions. Let them answer completely.

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How to best prepare for going on the record

Axia PR

Make sure your spokesperson is armed with these media training tips before they take on the mic. How do you discuss something you don’t want to appear in print? Even the most seasoned spokesperson is constantly learning how to approach the media landscape to avoid saying the wrong thing and going viral.

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How to Offer Media Training to Your Clients

Solo PR Pro

If you do any kind of media or influencer outreach for your clients, basic media training should be part of your services. While media training and its basic principles are second nature to Solo PR Pros, it’s a foreign concept to many client spokespeople. But some media training guidance is universal.