What is Data-Driven PR, Part 6: Analysis

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We’ve used the expression data-driven PR for quite some time now, but haven’t clearly defined it. What does data-driven PR mean? How do you know whether your public relations efforts are data-driven or not? The Data.

What is Data-Driven PR, Part 3: Defining Data

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We’ve used the expression data-driven PR for quite some time now, but haven’t clearly defined it. What does data-driven PR mean? How do you know whether your public relations efforts are data-driven or not? Defining Data. Data Sources.

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What is Data-Driven PR, Part 5: Testing

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We’ve used the expression data-driven PR for quite some time now, but haven’t clearly defined it. What does data-driven PR mean? How do you know whether your public relations efforts are data-driven or not? Data Data-Driven PR Public Relations

Embracing the Data-Driven PR Future (And Math)

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As communications becomes more digital, more quantified, and more data-driven, the pressure is on for pros to be as comfortable with data collection, metrics and measurement as they are at writing and creativity.

Adapting to a Data-Driven PR World


Today more than ever before, communication professionals have the ability to understand their audiences and the channels and messaging that will engage them…and it’s all thanks to data. But this shift to data-driven insights has not been entirely smooth. “PR

Data-Driven PR Milestone: SHIFT Becomes Google Analytics Certified Partner

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One of the greatest challenges to public relations as an industry since the advent of digital marketing and communications is how to measure the effectiveness of PR. These qualitative benefits of PR are as old as the marketing funnel itself. Share Data For A Better PR Program.

PRTech Is Evolving. Is Your PR Strategy?

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In a recent post , I suggested leveraging Nielsen’s research in order to create data-driven marketing and communications plans. That’s the front-end work every successful campaign entails, but the data cycle doesn’t end there. You can’t argue with the data.

Data-driven PR: How PR Professionals Can Use Data to Accelerate their Strategies


Business leaders across the board are increasingly demanding that decisions be made based on data, rather than experience or judgment calls. PR is no exception. Brands are getting a lot smarter about how data can be used to drive strategies to improve results and measurement.

Why CEOs Should Invest in PR Attribution and PR Measurement


So what does digital marketing growth have to do with PR? PR and marketing convergence. Digital communications attracts and engages customers: What is the New PR? Social media is a game changer, and it starts with PR and communications.

Getting Your PR Measurement Program in Shape for 2016

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Unfortunately there is no silver bullet measurement tool. That does not mean we are left without resources to help define PR success and set the agenda for an even more data-driven PR program in the New Year. How do you make the most of that data?

How to Measure the Success of Video Communications

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However, one area where video-minded PR professionals fall short is how to measure the success of video communications. The old way of measuring video success was simple, if ineffective: how many views did our video receive? The Video Communications Measurement Funnel.

Video 126

Building the Plane Mid-Flight: SHIFT’s New Website

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It’s a brochure, a cultural touchpoint and an ideal place for not only aggregating content in one spot but also for measuring how effective your efforts have been in wooing prospects to check out your offerings. Creative Data-Driven PR creative data-driven PR SHIFT

How to measure the quality of your audience

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You don’t need to be as popular as Taylor Swift in order for PR to deliver real results to the bottom line as long as you have the right audience. Do this exercise with your own data! Analytics Data-Driven PR Marketing Marketing Technology Metrics Strategy Tools

How to Get Comfortable With Data Even If You Don’t Love Math

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A Guest Post By Kelly Byrd, PR Engineer, AirPR. With the growth of PRTech options for Big Data tracking and measurement, a knowledge of and comfort with that science has become imperative for leading PR professionals. Decide What to Focus on Before You View the Data.

Data 154

24 Posts to help integrate Google Analytics into your measure PR strategies

Media Bullseye

Recently, Media Bullseye posted an article about using Google Analytics to enhance and assist measurement of PR efforts. Based on the engagement with that article, there is significant interest from the PR community regarding the use of Google Analytics in PR.

Top Public Relations Trends in 2018: Introduction

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In this series, we’ll examine some of the major trends we see ahead and how PR practitioners of all stripes should prepare. Disruption happens to industries measured in weeks and months rather than years or epochs. The 2018 PR Mega-Trends. SEO and PR Merge In Some Firms.

Trends 165

Connecting PR To Business Results

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This question – and its many variations – is a disguise for a much simpler question: How does PR help me make money / not get fired? PR Isn’t Sales. The Impact of PR. We use digital marketing tools in public relations to assess the quantitative impact of PR activity.

Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

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You may have noticed already that we talk a lot about data-driven PR at SHIFT. It’s not just a topic on our blog, it’s a concept we are encouraged to prioritize in every facet of our PR strategies.

PR & Marketing Should Work Together on Metrics – Media Intelligence Minute

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In a recent post published on The Measurement Standard , Chip Griffin, CARMA’s CEO of North America, challenged the notion that marketing has perfected their measurement efforts. Data-Driven PR Marketing Measurement Public Relations Feature

The Most Important Metric in PR Today

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I was asked recently what the most important metric, the most important thing to measure in PR is. So, what measurable trait helps us determine the effectiveness of PR? The Most Important Metric in PR Today is Branded Non-Negative Search. Measure What Matters.

How to Build a Data-Driven Public Speaking Program

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Rather than just wing it or have a purely canned talk that may not be relevant to the audience and the event, we can look to data. Let’s dig into what a data-driven public speaking strategy would look like as part of your overall data-driven PR program.

Data 160

Review: Measure What Matters Most – A Think With Google Guide for Marketers

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Google’s new guide, “ Measure What Matters Most “, drives home the point of improving outcomes by focusing on the customer journey. Better Measurement. The trouble with having lots of data is determining which to use and how to determine the metrics of success.

Google 116

How too many metrics may be worse than none at all

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Data and metrics have become an important part of the work of public relations professionals. And, for the most part, PR is better for it. Those who do develop solid measurement programs have real data they can point back to when asked about successes. Data tsunamis.

Why automated sentiment analysis is broken and how to fix it

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One of the most difficult challenges reporting and analytics face in public relations measurement is sentiment analysis. If you have hours or even days before reporting is due, then perform a human-driven sampled sentiment analysis.

Does social media sharing matter?

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Let’s first get our data. I’ll use data from my personal website so as to avoid revealing anything under NDA. The slope of the line is measured with a term named R-squared. The data cannot answer this question for us.

SHIFT Archives: The Best of Q4 Content 2018

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Our top posts, the best of Q4 content of 2018, focused on earned media, Google Analytics metrics, and measuring PR success. 3 CATEGORIES OF PR AND EARNED MEDIA. As PR pros, we should be familiar with the different types of metrics that demonstrate the success of our work.

Reenergizing the PR Planning Process

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Every quarter to six months, we work with clients to create a new PR plan for the following quarter or remainder of the year. What tends to happen if you aren’t vigilant is that the strategy and tactics blend together and each PR plan starts to look very similar to the others.

Breaching 140: Who’s Using Twitter’s 280 Characters?

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Some observations we noted: Marketing and PR aren’t making significant use of the new character limits. Finally, let’s look at the post-beta period: What we see is no relationship between any engagement measure and tweet length, in any time period.

What data-driven journalism is, and why it matters to PR

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For the last five to ten years, the phrase “data-driven journalism” has been popping up more and more frequently. There are many reasons for this, from mainstream media sources trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors, to more readily available data sets.

Data 95

Public Relations Metrics Are Like Apples for Pie

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As part of the AMEC Measurement Week, I’ve been asked to prepare some quick thoughts on how to explain PR metrics to stakeholders and executives. Who should be measured by sales of pies? So Grandpa’s work isn’t without value or quantifiable measurement.

Spotify campaign displays fusion of creative content and data

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PR Measurement pros and data analysts are invested in utilizing numerical information in their work, but for those without an analytical background, hard data can be difficult to work with. The melding of data and creative content .

Data 93

Transparency and accountability in digital advertising: can P&G make it happen?

Media Bullseye

Any marketer, communicator, advertiser, or PR person who has dealt with measuring and reporting on social platform metrics likely understands one of P&G’s major frustrations: the varying standards for each channel. How could this affect communications and PR?

Advanced analytics: position, velocity, and acceleration

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One of the ideas I shared was looking beyond just the data that comes out of the box from tools like Google Analytics, Facebook insights, etc. and using some relatively simple mathematical principles to turn data into insights.

Owned Content: Calculating Success

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Marketers, PR Pros, and Advertisers are in a daily battle to remove opinion from decision making and tactical execution. Rather, content decisions should rely on one influence above others, data. How can all of this be measured and analyzed? Owned content.

How to Use Analytics to Build Your 2015 Marketing Plan

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As marketers, PR professionals, and advertisers begin to wind down the year (save for those in retail who are firing on all cylinders right now), one of the top things you’ll focus on in 2014 is reviewing the numbers.

Are PR and Marketing Entering the Moneyball II Era?

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For the general sports fan, statistics and data have been making their way into the mainstream for some time, similar to how online has brought measurement to marketing in a new way over the past 5+ years. Let’s parallel that to PR and marketing.

State of Social Media Q3 2015: Facebook has 1.5 billion people

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COO Sheryl Sandberg emphasized the importance of video ads on Facebook, from measuring them with brand lift and conversion lift technologies to integrating video ads with television and other media platforms. Data-Driven PR Facebook Marketing Marketing Technology Video

PR and the Marketing Technology Skills Gap

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Media Lab and Deloitte launched the joint project Data USA. At SHIFT we run a daily blog and a weekly SHIFT Happens newsletter, which daily and weekly provide summary news from the front lines of PR and Marketing. Analytics Data-Driven PR Marketing Technology Public Relations Trainin

Much to Loathe About Programmatic Thinking

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Automated marketing technologies rely heavily on the mimicry of the masses in social spheres to measure efficacy and the resonance of company messages in the market. Data-driven PR does not equate with programmatic thinking.

B2B Marketers: Even more data is coming, are you ready?

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The world seems awash in data with trends like IoT, wearables and big data dominating the headlines. They are most concerned with data that falls into their marketing domain (email, web traffic, social, earned media measurement) and feeding sales as much as possible.

B2B 131