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Building relationships with clients through storytelling & creative writing

Agility PR Solutions

In the marketing world, relationships between agencies and brands are key to creating successful campaigns. One approach to take is storytelling and creative writing. But how do you go about fostering these meaningful connections?

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Trying to break into PR or Communications? Here are 5 transferable skills that you might already have

Remote PR Jobs

Creative Skills Creativity is a key component to successful PR and Communications efforts, as you need to come up with original, innovative ideas for product launches, storytelling campaigns, and digital content. Creative skills can be honed in any role that involves problem-solving, designing, producing, or performing.


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Creative Storytelling as the Soul of B2B Marketing [UML]

Sword and the Script

Yet that’s the central responsibility of the creative marketer – to convert the uninteresting into something interesting. Even in B2B technology, marketers will find better success focusing on story in which the prospect sees themselves. She writes: “Want to know the real reason brands publish content with no value?

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Practicing Creativity

The Hoffman Agency

Working at a tech PR agency, you quickly learn how fast the markets move, what the trends in your sector look like and what it takes for a company to create a lasting brand image and voice. My favorite thing about PR and being at The Hoffman Agency is that creativity and collaboration are present in every meeting, piece of content or website.

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Creative Storytelling: Picture This: It’s Not Just the Words – It’s What You Do with Them

Waxing UnLyrical

The great Brian Solis, who I had the pleasure of seeing live in 2013 as keynote speaker at the PRSA’s International Conference, recently published this article on LinkedIn about creative storytelling. Solis says that 550,000 LinkedIn members describe themselves as storytellers. Image: Via Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0.

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Once Upon a Time …: The Art of Storytelling

Waxing UnLyrical

The art of storytelling is rooted in the origins of every society. As far back as history can reach, humans have used storytelling to teach the next generation, to connect with others, to protect their culture and much, much more. Yet, even as PR practitioners, we find ourselves challenged with how best to write a story.

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Beware the 4 Killers of Clarity in PR Writing


Because public relations is built on sharing clear and concise ideas, it’s important for communicators to be familiar with the common pitfalls in PR writing that can muddle strong work. If they’re attacking your writing, then hit your delete key and fill the vacated spaces with reader-friendly phrases, sentences, and paragraphs: 1.

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