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Top B2B Conferences For PR Visibility

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

For our high-growth B2B tech and SaaS solution provider clients, conference speaking, exhibiting, and sponsoring represent crucial PR tactics for thought leadership visibility and business development. Conferences are a good way to set yourself apart in a sector of similarly positioned companies in a given category.

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Top Adtech Conferences For PR Exposure

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Our team accomplishes this targeted exposure through executive content and the all-important conference speaking opportunities. In narrow tech verticals like adtech, conference exposure is particularly important for business leaders. In a similar vein, Digiday hosts a conference focusing on programmatic advertising.


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Here are the Retail Conferences to Watch in 2024 and Why


As the world’s largest retail conference and expo, NRF provides a comprehensive platform for networking, learning, and discovering cutting-edge technologies. Transition from an attendee to an integral part of the community, as eTail reinvents networking by infusing excitement into the experience.

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Lessons for Western practitioners from India's public relations community

Wadds Inc.

The World PR Forum and PRAXIS conferences in India highlighted the focus of the Global South on professional development through qualifications, continuous learning, and community to advance public relations as a profession. The scale, energy and hospitality of the Indian public relations community is incredible.

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What the Uvalde Shootings and Other Crises Reveal about Press Conferences


A press conference can be a risky way to convey information to the media and the public, particularly during a crisis. In a press conference the day after the massacre, Texas Gov. DPS held the follow-up press conference where the director characterized the local police’s action as the “wrong” decision. Learning from the past.

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Effectively Engage and Build Your Community Through Podcasting

Deirdre Breakenridge

It’s a crowded field to be sure, but it also offers an excellent, and even underused, opportunity for businesses to increase engagement with its community. Think of your community when podcasting instead of focusing solely on promotion. This affords businesses the opportunity to interact with its community in real-time.

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First In-Person Conference Takeaways from Integrate

Karen Freberg

I am talking about attending an in-person conference! I was able to spend the weekend in West Virginia at the Integrate conference, one that I have been going to pretty much every year since 2010 (!!!). I need to study up on how to travel again for in person conferences. What am I talking about? This warmed my heart!