Small Market Newspapers – More Than You Think

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newspapers, a large majority have a circulation of less than 50,000! Long live small market newspapers! The post Small Market Newspapers – More Than You Think appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Of the more than 7,000 daily/weekly U.S.

Media relations is thriving

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Media relations remains an important part of the execution of a public relations campaign alongside paid, shared and owned media. Much of the modern public relations business grew up out of media relations and publicity, rooted in storytelling and editorial engagement.

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How the Canadian Newspaper Industry Can Adapt to Changes

Business Wire

By Jean-Adrien Delicano, Media Relations Specialist, Business Wire Another month, another round of layoffs and “restructuring” in the Canadian media world. The struggles faced by Canadian news media professionals are well-documented. End of Mass Media?

Journalists Love Twitter, and if Your Job is Media Relations, You Should too

Sword and the Script

Most PR professionals seem to agree that media relations just gets harder every year. If you work in PR and have responsibility for media relations , then you have in a sense, a professional obligation to be on Twitter.

Media Relations Keeps Getting Harder; Here are 6 Dynamic Techniques to Adapt

Sword and the Script

75% of PR and comms pros say media relations is getting harder – up 25% over three years; here are some practical techniques for adapting A majority of public relations and communications professionals say media relations keeps getting harder.

Social Media Overtakes Print Newspapers as News Source


For the first time, social media has surpassed print newspapers as a news source for Americans, Pew Research Center finds. adults said they often get news from social media, compared to 16 percent from print newspapers.

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Changes in journalism impacting PR


In a recent PR Daily post , Mike Schneider wrote of the ‘4 ways journalism changes are affecting PR’. The Australian Senate Select Committee on the Future of Public Interest Journalism released its findings in February 2018. There’s a common thread to that list, of course: social media.

Do PR pros over-rely on media relations?

PR Daily

Media relations has long been a PR core commodity. Consider how the following have affected media relations: Investment in content marketing continues to rise. Content partnerships with major media outlets are also increasing in popularity.

3 Ways to Revamp Your Media Relations Tactics

Stern + Associates

Did you know 2015 was the worst year for the newspaper sector since the Depression? ” Social media. The post 3 Ways to Revamp Your Media Relations Tactics appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Media Relations Public Relations/Communications Social Media data editing Journalism VideoToday’s children will likely never understand the meaning of “hot off the presses.”

Newspaper SOS: Why print publications are in desperate need of PR

PR Daily

In my last newsroom, working for Ohio’s largest newspaper, I didn’t have my own desk. Imagine my surprise when I reported for work in public relations, having leaped from the unfolding train wreck that is newspaper journalism after 30 rewarding years.

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Cision report: land a media relations pitch with SEO and social audience data

Stephen Waddington

Tailored pitches have always been the key to success in media relations. The 2019 Cision Global State of the Media Report contains useful insights for media relations practitioners seeking to cut through with their pitches. media

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How to practice media relations in a heavily political environment

PR Daily

With political coverage dominating the headlines, PR pros must recalibrate their media relations efforts to keep their clients' brands part of the national conversation. So, how do media relations pros compete in a volatile media climate?

Why media relations is alive and well

PR Daily

Media relations alone doesn’t drive a PR strategy for a brand or client, but that doesn’t mean outreach to journalists is dead—nor even dying a slow death. Here’s why: Print media's decline. An increase in brand/news media partnerships. RELATED: Innovate or disappear.

Public Relations and the Press: A Powerful Partnership


On April 27, Bloomberg published an inaccurate, one-sided piece titled “Public Relations Jobs Boom as Buffet Sees Newspapers Dying.”. As the article noted, billionaire investor Warren Buffet sees the traditional newspaper slipping away.

Are we still over-relying on media relations?

Communications Conversations

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately: Are we over-relying on media relations in PR? I’m talking about the broader scope of PR here–media relations, content marketing, social media marketing, community relations, etc.

4 Media Relations Lessons from The Washington Post and Other DC Newsrooms

Beyond PR

When the worlds of PR and media are discussed, it’s impossible to avoid parallels. Don’t make the mistake, though, of viewing PR and media simply as two lines running parallel with one another. When is the last time you brushed off your media list?

What the GateHouse/Gannett deal means for PR pros

PR Daily

newspaper chains are fusing as one media powerhouse, in hopes of bolstering an industry in decline. The newspaper market hasn’t recovered—but a mega-deal might help some local papers stay afloat. The two biggest newspaper companies in the U.S.—Gannett The top two U.S.

3 ways to add pizazz to your press release’s headline

PR Daily

RELATED: Join us in Washington, D.C. Newspapers have long used alliterations to draw in readers. Kristen Quinn is the public relations director at Paige PR. Brand Journalism Content Marketing Media Relations Speechwriting Writing & Editing

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

PR Daily

on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." The new website exemplifies a content approach that encourages organizations to develop their own media outlets. It's important to us to be the trusted source on all things water," says Stacy Chesney, manager of media communications.

New website powers Denver Water's brand journalism

PR Daily

on its new brand journalism website, " Tap." The new website exemplifies a content approach that encourages organizations to develop their own media outlets. It's important to us to be the trusted source on all things water," says Stacy Chesney, manager of media communications.

PR 101: Five Tips for Pitching USA Today


Getting coverage in the most widely circulated newspaper in the country is no easy feat, but the powerful reach of USA Today makes it a highly desirable target for PR professionals. Cision’s Media Research team reaches out to thousands of journalists each day in an effort to enhance our knowledge base. USA Today occupies a unique space in the exclusive club of top tier national newspapers. Include related news that isn’t directly about your company.

Inside the Mind of a Daily Newspaper Business Editor: Q&A With Thom Kupper of the Star Tribune


If you’re a corporate communications or public relations executive in Minnesota, the status of our state’s largest newspaper – the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune , with more than 250 editors and reporters – is always of intense interest. Interviews Media Relations

What recent media layoffs mean for the future of public relations

Agility PR Solutions

More than 1,000 journalists lost their jobs recently as Verizon Media, BuzzFeed and Gannett announced deep cuts to their newsrooms. Dozens of local journalists at Gannett newspapers across the country. It’s a blow to journalism and a shame for the reporters who lost […].

Google and Facebook throw money into local news

PR Daily

Google is launching software to help local news publishers, and Facebook is donating to organizations that support journalism. As local newspaper readership continues to wane, there hasn’t been a corresponding internet phenomenon to replace the daily local paper.

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The State of the News Media 2015


One of my favorite annual reports is the Pew Research Center’s State of the News Media 2015. Now in its 14th year, the report is one of the best indicators of the health of the news media industry.

Buzzfeed and Verizon Media announce staff cuts

PR Daily

Buzzfeed and Verizon Media (formerly Oath) informed their respective teams by email that there would be staff reductions. RELATED: Join us at Paypal HQ for our PR & Media Relations Conference. ] . Media Relations PR journalism journlists reporters

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Study: Journalists a top source for providing accurate news

PR Daily

Earned media is more important than ever as organizations tackle the problem of fake news and waning public trust. Plus, public relations professionals heavily rely on journalists to do their jobs.”. RELATED: Take the first step in achieving communications excellence ].

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Has the Digital Age Affected the Impartiality of the Press?


In an age where digital news is becoming increasingly more relevant and popular, and news is gained more by referral from friends and colleagues, via social media, than directly from journalists and publications, we should wonder if the importance of impartiality is diminished.

5 confessions of a former healthcare trade publication editor

Agility PR Solutions

Prior to joining Amendola Communications, I was a senior editor at Medical Economics, the largest monthly business management journal for primary care practices. Before that, I was a senior editor at a couple monthly city business publications as well as a daily newspaper reporter.

6 fictional journalists and how to pitch to them

PR Daily

Here are some classics with takeaways for today’s media relations professional. Many fiction writers choose journalism for the profession of their main character. . FREE GUIDE: Brand journalism and content marketing—what’s the difference? ]. Media Relations PR PR Industr

PR pros need more than political correctness to survive

PR Daily

If sunlight is the best disinfectant, then the wave of apologies and firings in the media should be great news for the public and the pursuit of truth. RELATED: Tune in June 18-19 for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ].

Fast, Fleeting and Fake: Why Today’s Media Landscape Needs You

Stern + Associates

The media is responding to the current digital climate. We’re no longer consuming news from a print newspaper delivered to our door in the morning. The post Fast, Fleeting and Fake: Why Today’s Media Landscape Needs You appeared first on Stern Strategy Group. Marketing/PR Strategy Media Relations Thought Leadership Journalism media landscape Social Media

The Human Touch


Or in other words: “What can I pitch to the media?”. For PR consultants who work in media relations and promotions, it’s all about the next angle, the new product, the trend the client has noticed, or the issue that the client may be able to provide a quote on.

Report: 83% of journalists use Twitter—but most still want email pitches

PR Daily

A recent survey of reporters showcased growing usage of social media platforms for news, but many traditional media relations best practices apply. As more publications cater to the rise of digital content and social media, so should PR pros.

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How the public’s lack of trust in the media affects your company

Axia PR

According to the Knight Foundation, public trust in the media is at an all-time low. In a recent survey conducted with Gallup, the group dedicated to supporting quality journalism and engaging communities found some shocking facts. Media Relations Media Earned media Owned media

How to Get Around Paywalls with Licensed Content

Critical Mention

The rise in online news readers has given online newspaper, magazine and publishing companies more opportunities to monetize digital readership. One way they’ve done so is by limiting their content to the public through the use of media paywalls.

Why separating editorial and marketing is essential for PR

PR Daily

While some are actively trying to blur the lines between editorial and paid media, this author argues that tearing down these barriers is bad for PR—and for the larger society. RELATED: We're recognizing the brightest minds in digital marketing and social media. ].

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How can you rebuild a damaged reputation?

PR Daily

” It was a damning question, put to the media in 1987 by Raymond Donovan, the former Secretary of Labor who was indicted on corruption charges for his work with a construction company accused of having mob ties. The media had a field day with Donovan.

Why and how PR pros should adopt the PESO model

PR Daily

In a system that merges four kinds of media—paid, earned, shared and owned—savvy communicators can keep up with the shifting landscape of news and information dissemination. FREE GUIDE: The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism ]. They are: Paid Media.

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30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

PR Daily

Newspaper reporter landed third to last on CareerCast ‘s “ The 2018 Jobs Rated Report.” RELATED: Take the first step in achieving corporate communications excellence ]. Newspaper reporter. The position requires a broad knowledge of social-media platforms.