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The best way to insure your good reputation is to ensure your good reputation

PR in High Definition

There’s an insurance policy for everything these days – and we mean that literally. Whitney Houston insured her voice, Michael Flatley insured his legs – and America Ferrera insured her smile for $10m in 2007. So, what’s the best path to ensure your reputation, above and beyond insuring it? Is this ridiculous?

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Terms You Overhear During A PR Internship

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Guest post by Crenshaw Communications intern, Jordan Farbowitz . Being an intern at a top New York PR agency has exposed me to many things I hadn’t experienced before. So far I’ve helped research or draft bylines on topics like cybersecurity insurance and retail. Bylines and other stories, like pets, need homes to.!

Pitching 358

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Social Selling Training for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors


Wondering how social selling training for insurance agents and financial advisors really works - and how it can work for you to attract leads, convert sales and build referrals? Register for “Ultimate Social Selling Webinar for Insurance Pros” today! . Presented for insurance and financial advisors by Barbara Rozgonyi.

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Latin American PR Leaders on New Communication Essentials


To see how international communicators reach audiences in this environment, we asked five PR leaders in Latin America for their insights. Gallo, head of communications and public affairs, Latin America, at the Zurich Insurance Group. A brand’s communications should remain “simple, short and concrete,” he said.

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Mascot Madness

Mindful Marketing

by David Hagenbuch - professor of Marketing at Messiah University - ​author of Honorable Influence - founder of Mindful Marketing When people mention products they see advertised all the time, “insurance” is often top-of-list. Today, the mascots of insurance companies are better known than those of many colleges.

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Digital Marketing Transformation Webinar for Insurance Sales Reps Pros


Where can you find a digital marketing transformation webinar for insurance sales rep pros? Inspiration: How Barbara went from the absolute worst group insurance sales rep in the company to winning a sales trip to Hawaii – in 18 months. Thanks to InsuranceWebx I’ll be presenting a program on September 27. You’re not alone.

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3 Steps for Effective Crisis Communications Management


Crisis preparedness, internal education and having the right tools can aid you before a crisis hits. Crisis communication strategies need to be designed for both internal stakeholders – employees, teammates, management – as well as a variety of external stakeholders – customers, partners, and of course the media. No brand is immune.