How to measure social media reach?


Here's how to measure social media reach for your social media posts, hashtag, marketing campaigns and social media profiles. The post How to measure social media reach? first appeared on Brand24 Blog.

How to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

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Social media is like a blank canvas for both personal and work life. There's no doubt that there's an important place for personal branding on social media. So how can you use social media to drive your personal branding strategy? Revamp Your Social Accounts.


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Personal Branding: How to Grow Your Social Media Audience

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With billions of active users, social media has incredible power to fuel your personal branding strategy. But a lot of that power depends on the size of your social media audience. You may have begun a social media and branding strategy. B2B Social Media

How to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media Success

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The value of content marketing for PR and social media has become a slam dunk when it comes to digital marketing. We are talking about a rich digital identity that make your brand stand out, such as a regular blog, social media presence, and search engine optimization. If your brand is not available on a digital platform, such as a blog, to not mince words -- you're impacting your bottom line. "As 4 Ways to Use Content Marketing for PR and Social Media.

7 ideas for social media posts

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Here are some ideas for social media missives to stay connected with your followers. What are some of the proven, time-tested social media ideas that can help build engagement? Create infographics. Infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of post. When presented with an infographic, people are able to understand, appreciate and take action with ease.

Study: Big Companies Lag at Blogging, Social Media

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I’ll beg Dr. Barnes to forgive me the editorial liberty I’ve taken with this headline, but that’s my takeaway after finally reading the UMASS Dartmouth Study: The 2014 Fortune 500 and Social Media: LinkedIn Dominates As Use of Newer Tools Explodes. I’ve read and blogged about previous reports produced by the UMASS Center for Marketing Research for several years now. 500 Social Media Study. Infographic: Millennials and Social Commerce.

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


As Cision’s social media manager, I use top 50 and top 100 lists for three purposes: To follow individuals who will help me stay in the loop when new trends and statistics emerge within my industry. Every year, Cision creates a list of the top 50 social media influencers on Twitter. Contributed: Four ways social can get out of the silo and truly integrate. New York Times best-selling author, global keynote speaker, and digital media entrepreneur.

Paid Social: Cliff Notes to 3 Social Media Studies

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In either case, I’ve paused to delve into three social media studies or surveys that crossed my screen in recent months and distilled them to the most important findings. These three studies seem to, in part, answer these three questions: How is our brand doing in social media relative to comparable brands? What is the impact of social media engagement on the business? The cliff notes to three recent social media studies follow below.

Infographic: The best times to schedule your social media post

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How can you make the most of your social media efforts? However, each social platform utilizes different algorithms. RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications ]. brands and their social media activities. Based on their research, you should post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on these days and times to the get most of every social media post.

How to find a good social media blog to add to your reader

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And I read blogs. I use Feedly to aggregate all the blogs I read. I organize them by categories: MN blogs, advertising blogs, PR blogs, content blogs. And social media blogs. I read these blogs because I need to stay on top of what’s happening in our industry–the same reason many of you read these blogs. How to Get Your First 1,000 Real Facebook Fans (Infographic). Shelly Kramer, V3B blog.

Infographic: How marketers vary on social media

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Both types of organizations are on social media, but how they use online networking varies with their needs. This infographic from Grazitti Interactive shows how B2B marketers differ from their B2C colleagues. B2B marketers are more likely to use blogs; B2C marketers are more invested in video offerings. FREE DOWNLOAD: How reporters use social media in their jobs ]. Is your audience mostly on Facebook or LinkedIn?

B2C 98

Infographic: A checklist to review once your blog post is published

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You’ve published your blog post, and it looks dandy. This infographic from Divvy HQ offers essential steps that every brand manager should take after writing and posting a new blog piece. Steps include: Create short URLs and custom tags for social media. Tailor your social media status updates. To learn other ways to spread the word about your latest blog post, read the full infographic.

Infographic: 65 fresh blogging ideas

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A blog is a bit like a steam train. Here to help you keep those blogging fires burning hot and bright is an infographic published on Social Media Today that’s stocked with 65 fresh content ideas. A dead or even bland blog can turn off customers and derail your business. Read the rest of the infographic for more fresh blogging ideas. The post Infographic: 65 fresh blogging ideas appeared first on PR Daily.

7 reasons organic social media remains essential

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While there are ways to continue to stay relevant on the platform , is organic or unpaid social media still worth the time and resources a business needs to invest? Organic social media efforts are cost-effective. Even though it takes time and energy to create social media updates, they’re still extremely cost-effective. Social media provides authenticity. As Top Rank Blog. Organic social media compliments advertising.

5 Tips on Sharing Press Releases on Social Media

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Are you wondering how you can make your press releases more sharable for social media? If you want to boost engagement when it comes to sharing press releases on social media, keep reading. Blog About It. Adding a blog to your website is great for many reasons.

How to Show the Exciting Side of Manufacturing on Social Media

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Do you hesitate to feature industries like manufacturing on social media? Or you may even ask, is social media the right place for your industry? Many industries like manufacturing hold back from engaging on social networks, feeling that their field isn't a match for social media-- and maybe too unexciting. It’s time to vanish that thought and integrate social media into your marketing. Manufacturing on Social Media -- How It's Done.

6 Steps to a Scintillating Social Media Presence


These days a business does not have a choice to not be on social media. Or, how much to invest into social media marketing. Or even, what should one’s social media strategy be. For a platform that’s been around for over a decade, social media is constantly evolving, and the lines in the sand are regularly shifting. Look around and you’ll realize that the top social networks are all image-driven. Let your social media bleed green.

How many blog posts should you publish?

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There’s no universal magic number of blog posts that every organization should create per month in order to see results. Though the perfect amount of blog content doesn’t exist, there is a range to shoot for. Depending on what your company goals are and what your capacity is for creating content, you can find a blogging sweet spot. Think of this option as the bare minimum, as in one blog post a week or one blog post every other week.

How to optimize infographics for search and social media

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Careful research, interesting content and unique design make a great infographic, but without effective distribution and search visibility, your efforts will go to waste. Here are five tips to ensure your infographics get the Google juice and social shares they deserve: 1. A good alt attribute would be "Coke vs Pepsi infographic." RELATED: Learn time-tested techniques to create irresistible infographics. ]. Social share buttons. Digital Media Ghost.

Best Practices in Social Media Content


Launching a new social media channel for your business or brand? The first step to a successful social media presence is recognizing the need for a social content strategy and plan. Once your objectives are outlined, follow the seven steps below for best practices in social media content: 1 – Choose the Right Channels. Think thoroughly through the social networks on which you want to be active as there is no requirement to be on them all.

7 ideas for social media posts

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What are some of the proven, time-tested social media ideas that can help build engagement? Create infographics. Infographics are liked and shared on social media platforms 3 times more than any other type of post. Highly visual pieces that contain a lot of information in a format that can be easily digested by readers and have the potential to generate a ton of engagement and even attract new followers to your social media accounts.

Google employees to WFH until July 2021, Target to close for Thanksgiving, and social media channels remove viral video for misinformation

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Also: Many consumers won’t feel comfortable traveling for nearly another year, Instagram attempts to lure TikTok creators to its new service, a social media pun, and more. SOCIAL BUZZ. You can view the entire report and infographic here. SOCIAL BUZZ.

Viral 94

8 Great Ways to Tell Your Brand’s Story on Social Media

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Developing your brand’s story is an essential part of your marketing strategy, so we’re going to be exploring eight effective ways to you tell your brand’s story on social media: 1. Many social media platforms have a timeline feature, particularly Facebook. Alternatively, you can create an infographic displaying the same information. StateOfWriting and SimpleGrad are two writing blogs that have a wealth of information on how to proofread your content yourself.

Infographic: How quick keys make easy work of social media tasks

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Whether your daily tasks involve posting to Facebook and Twitter or curating a company blog, there are some steps that you wish would go faster. This infographic. from M2 Social lists all the shortcuts that might be useful for communicators who must navigate social media every day. RELATED: Learn how to boost buzz, build brand recognition and engage employees on the hottest social media platforms. ]. See the full infographic here

What do social media managers do?

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Social media workers used to be derided as mere button-pushing Facebook jockeys, but they’ve become indispensable communications professionals. Meltwater has created an infographic showing the array of responsibilities social media managers shoulder and the variety of skills they employ. RELATED: Join for the Employee Communications, PR and Social Media Summit at Microsoft. ]. Today’s social media leaders must have a broad skill set.

Infographic: A month’s worth of fresh content ideas

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Whether it’s that slog of a blog, milquetoast posts or drafts gone daft that drain your energy, take a dive into this refreshing pool of ideas for some creative rejuvenation. RELATED: Join us at Disney World for our Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Communications Professionals. ].

Infographic: What is the ideal blog post length?

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It can be tricky trying to decide how long to make your blog post. RELATED: Overcome your biggest challenges in internal comms, PR and social media ]. Is your goal to generate social media shares? Study which of your blog posts have done the best and base your length on these high-performing pieces. analyzed data from multiple studies and compiled its findings into this infographic. If it’s too long, people might not take time to read it.

Social Media Game of Thrones: A Song of PR and Social

Shift Communications

In early 2007, SHIFT CEO Todd Defren commissioned a map of the social media world to better visualize the social media landscape. This was a simpler time, when MySpace ruled the social media sphere and people still blogged heavily on services like LiveJournal. Today, the world is radically different, and thus it was time to revisit the social media world map. Analytics Data Data-Driven PR Infographic

A day in the life of a social media manager

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There’s an article and infographic that have been going around for the past year or so about how to manage your social media in 34 minutes or less. I must be doing something wrong – or something right – because I’m one of thousands of people who have made social media management their career. Here’s a look at how a social media manager spends her day and why I agree that 34 minutes a day isn’t enough for your social media.

5 social media trends PR pros must embrace

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Social media tactics are a must for any well-rounded PR or marketing campaign. However, how can you stand out in the sea of content and messages online—especially as social media best practices continue to change? Video is the future of social media marketing, and it can drive engagement for your organization. Though most social media pros know they shouldn’t post only promotional content, it seems that only some employ the practice.

Trends 101

What to monitor on social media in 2018

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What should we expect from social media in 2018? Where are we headed next year with social media? What is hot or what is not on social media? RELATED: Join is at Walt Disney World for the Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications. ]. The key social media trends for 2018 are the following: 1. Check out this infographic by Filmora. It is almost 2018.

6 social media lessons from NCAA basketball's top teams

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I want to know what social media lessons managers can borrow (or completely ignore) from winning teams. All the teams are active on several social platforms. It''s not surprising, since the schools and teams are targeting young consumers, alumni and basketball fans, that the social presences are focused on more consumer-oriented networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Clearly, these teams’ fans are willing to work to find them on social media.

Building Internal & External Relationships [Infographic]

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A Guest Post By Shayla Costa, UMASS at Amherst Student, Winner of the PR Expanded Infographic Contest. An assignment in my Principles of Public Relations class with Professor Jennie Donohue was to read Deirdre Breakenridge’s new book Answers for Modern Communicators and create an infographic based on one of four concepts. These concepts included media relations, employee and internal communication, building internal and external relationships, and reputation and trust.

A FEEL-First Approach to Comms to Build Genuine Relationships [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You can download the Infographic here on my blog, which details a FEEL-First Test with questions to answer before you communicate. Please share this Infographic with any modern communicators or business professionals you know who are trying to reach younger audiences. Social Good Video Epathy Executive Communications Modern Communicators public relations Social media

15 things that happen to every social media campaign

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You might think being a "social media manager" is a dream job, like a travel blogger minus the packing and jet lag. It seems easy: You do nothing but publish blogs, humor followers with memes, post a quote, share a link and watch YouTube. Well, if you plan on joining a social media company, you've got it all wrong. Nearly nine out of 10 companies { 88 percent) use social media marketing. Social media requires hard work.

Infographic: How to create content that will last

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It’s great when your blog post, video or infographic gains rapid recognition online, but you’ll achieve sustained success if it isn’t solely focused on a fleeting topic. Venngage created this infographic with tips for creating content that is an instant success, but remains valuable to both you and your audience. Check out the full infographic for more ways to craft content that will grab readers immediately and for days to come.

Infographic: How to feature your organization in Instagram Stories

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The video blogging feature has become a major hit with users on the social media platform, but do consumers want to interact with brands in the same way? The popular feature, a copy of Snapchat’s “Stories” tool, has become an essential part of many people’s media diet. This infographic from Animoto shares how organizations are already using Instagram stories and how marketers can elevate their brands with new campaigns. Infographics Social Media Storytelling

6 ways social media managers can win with humor

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There is a way for your business to show a little personality and be funny on social media. RELATED: Escalate your social media game at Ragan's Disney best practices summit.]. Infographics. If your company has data it wants to share, an infographic might be your best bet. How do you use humor in your social media posts, PR Daily readers?

The best times to post on social media

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Do you post social media updates when your audience has the highest chance of seeing them, or just whenever you think of it or happen to have a free minute? If you aren''t posting to a social media site when most of your audience members are on it, all that time you spent crafting the update goes to waste. Blog: Monday, Friday and Saturday at 11 a.m.

Social Media Marketing for Complete Beginners


When it comes to generating leads, creating a community, and interacting with your customers, nothing tops social media. Social media is the perfect way to build exposure for your brand and increase traffic to your website, but how do you do that? It all starts with an intentional strategy for existing and interacting on social media. Here’s a handy social media marketing checklist. Sprout Social. Be Social.