May, 2009

The Need To Procure a Real Spokesman: PR's Struggle With Street Cred

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My Dad once told me the real problem with the world is that everyone thinks they''re right. And he''s right. That''s why everyone can''t be a PR spokesman. If the "wrong" type of person is speaking or one who can''t be bothered to learn the correct way to communicate, the exercise is futile.

Is it Dating – or Pitching?

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As media relations professionals, we pitch all the time. We sell sell the story built to deliver the messages my client needs his target audience to hear. Similar to say, mm, dating. More analogous than you might think. You need a bit of proof?

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Social Media Disease

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We get a lot of questions and feedback wondering what the best channel is for delivering a pitch. And while we enjoy channels as much as the next snarky blog editor, we’d like to remind everyone that the medium is not the message if the message is crap.

Weekend Rant: Bye, PR Weak

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[a special cross-linkage with my Trendspotting: 2011 Blog ] I’m a guy who thinks “new media” and “old media” aren’t much different anymore. Sorry, Martha, but you either people want to read you or people don’t.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Get the Picture or Get Lost

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Between PR Newswire and BusinessWire, around 2,000 press releases go out over the wires each day. Wow, 2,000 press releases! How many of those actually contain news?

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Bad Pitch Gets Vocal at Vocus Customer Event

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We’re a firm believer that it’s the techniques not the tools that cause PR spam. It’s one of the reasons Richard Laermer will be speaking at the 2009 Vocus Users Conference on the morning of June 5th in Washington, D.C.

T-Mobile’s “Can You Spam Me Now?” Pitch

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This bad pitch comes from a mobile service provider’s agency. In their defense, mobile service providers are a lot like IT staff. No one EVER calls IT to tell them everything’s working perfectly. We just bark or whine at IT when things go wrong. And this is another one of those times.

BusinessWeek Sends a Good Pitch

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Proof that well-written, creative content can carry the day, a BusinessWeek reporter sent us this pitch from Alphadog PR. Subject: Party Like a 5 Year Old! Try to keep your fingers out of the birthday cake and stop asking us "why?". Mark Your Calendars for May 31st, 2009.

"Hey Baby" Pitch

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? “With a stranger in my face who says he knows my mom / And went to my high school” ? If “familiarity breeds contempt” then feigned familiarity breeds snark and this post.*

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

EMAIL: The Very Subject of It All

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Can you tell that lately I’ve become obsessed by the topic of email? Because it occurred to me no one ever taught us how to do it — we just started sending. En masse, the media and other influencers have, at best, come to accept email as their preferred communications tool.

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The New Bad Email Pitch

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Every day all of us get bad emails and I think I get more than most because I do a lot of things "for a living." At time I just shake my head so hard it hurts.

Who Gives A Hit?

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They called you directly — so that is not like you did anything! We better get the credit for that! Man, can you believe it? They bypassed us and just called our client. These scenarios are ridiculous at best, but they happen all too often in PR.

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Planning an Event? Scrub the Date.

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Lest you think we only highlight others foibles.I submit the following hard-earned public relations lesson.

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How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Ugly Betty Confidential

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Laermer’s been on a posting spree with some great content. For this I’m equal parts thankful and jealous, but bad pitches continue to sprout like weeds on a new spring lawn. So here’s a dandelion Bob LeDrew, PR blogger at Flacklife , yanked for us.

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Answers To Questions from the Press: Simple, Easy, Done

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Reporters are notoriously cynical, and to be honest, if you had their job you would be, too. So you need to be one step (or ten) ahead of them. Play “devil’s advocate.” What are the first questions you’re going to get? What are the questions that will make you uncomfortable, or that you don’t have an answer for yet? You need to find the holes before the reporters find them for you. More often than not, there are great answers to the questions, but only you will know them.

Online Communication Tips For -- Communicators

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I know a lot of us PR types are wondering, what the heck can we do to make ourselves the best we can be when in fact almost everything we do is virtual. I''ve been thinking about this for a long time and have collected a list of ways to ensure that our online presence is absolutely perfect.and the best US we can proffer. By now, we’ve all received the message that our online reputations and images are as important, if not more important, than their off-the-Web counterparts.

Making of a Media Darling: A Simple How To

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It’s no coincidence that some companies and products receive constant media coverage, while others never see the light of day. While a solid, innovative product has a lot to do with the coverage a company or product receives, there are other crucial factors affecting a successful media campaign. Below are the top four reasons that companies become media darlings. Creativity (when a straight product pitch won’t cut it) It’s all about how the story is pitched.

Talk on "Pragmatic Notoriety" [The Real Fame]

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A deep recession calls for ingenious job hunting methods. Suddenly, Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Plurk, and the like are viable job search tools. Social media -- while hardly perfect -- is actually proving to be a useful tool as the long-awaited year 2011 approaches. Watch more on CNN as I talk about how to confirm to the world you are the person you think you already are. See below and learn about "Pragmatic Notoriety"(tm). Twitter @laermer.

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Tag, You’re It: Answer your phone now!

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“You have reached the voicemail of…. I am out of the office until…” How often have you gotten voicemail when you’ve called a friend, your client, a reporter [your mother!]? At that crucial moment, the important question: Should you leave a message? Let’s say no. Because unless you are calling your mother, you don’t truly expect a return phone call.

Out, Out Damn Emotion: Had Shakespeare Written Emails…

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The world needs a better alert icon to put on emails to reporters. Something more specific than Outlook''s burnt orange exclamation point image indicating an email of high importance. Those exclamation point emails usually come from spammers and deal with anatomical issues, and that little blue arrow pointing downward has the opposite desired effect. The dreaded blue arrow says: "…I am not all that important. Get to me only when ready.

Good Pitch Tuesday: Customer Proof is in Preparing the Pudding!

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You know this, but often forget, but when a journalist is writing about a service or product they seek firsthand accounts from customers because stories that feature a testimonial are far more engaging and add credibility to the feature.