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Strategic Communications Goal for 2020: Get Your Message Right


Say what you mean and mean what you say. It’s a simple enough sentiment. The foundation of good communication, a building block of any successful relationship. Speaking in a clear, direct way enables collaboration, growth, better outcomes and innovation.

How to keep a proactive press office


It goes without saying that press office skills are vital in public relations. However, as well as issuing standard releases (e.g. product launches, company news, events, etc.) it’s really important to be as proactive as possible when to be successful.

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2020, PR Moment (decade) of Truth

Flack's Revenge

Pixabay. As we enter a new decade, I implore PR to do its part in protecting the journalistic info supply chain. Be truth-tellers. Be great fact-checkers. Now wait a second, I can hear you protest. That is not our job. We are paid to put the best possible spin on our news. To help the team win.

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A Revolution in the Newsroom: Long Forms Are Back

Business Wire

It was a rainy December morning in Paris and transportations were on strike. Participants braved both to attend “The Future of Long Form Journalism,” a conference held at Paris Sciences’ Po School of Journalism.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

Dispel These Nine Measurement Myths in 2020 En Route to Success


Leave these measurement myths in 2019 to succeed in 2020. PR Measurement

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How and why tech advances will transform communications this decade

PR Daily

The CES 2020 event explored and exploited an array of methods for altering reality, and its ripples will upend such diverse sectors as tourism, home design and health care. CES 2020 kickstarted a new decade for the tech industry, which now touches nearly every sector.

Communication breakdown—7 in 10 want to text with businesses, but only 11% of brands do so

Agility PR Solutions

Overwhelmingly, businesses seem to be unaware of consumers’ communication preferences—new research from SMS marketing software firm EZ Texting reveals that 69 percent of consumers across all age groups would like to be able to contact a business via text, and more than half (54 percent) are frustrated when they are unable to do so.

3 tactics for promoting inclusion in employee communications

PR Daily

Even loyal employees will seek jobs elsewhere if leaders don’t foster a sense of belonging. In 2020 and beyond, execs and communicators must inspire the embracing of diverse workers. Feelings of restlessness can kick in for employees facing the vast unknown of a new year.

What a Sandcastle Reminded Me About Strategy

Waxing UnLyrical

Ground, unbroken. I thought I’d have broken blogging ground for 2020 by now.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

10 New Year’s resolutions for writers

PR Daily

As we roll into 2020, let’s remind ourselves to prioritize the reader’s takeaways, key on clarity and brevity, and use punctuation judiciously. At the dawn of this new year and decade, let’s adopt—or reinforce—smart writing practices. Here are 10 tactics to consider adopting: 1.

Media Moves at Mashable & CNN Business, Elle Hires Features Editor


Time Marcin heads to Mashable, Parija Kavilanz has new coverage at CNN Business, and more. Media Blog

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How PR pros must adapt to new technologies

PR Daily

Industry practitioners looking to advance must be fluent with the latest technology, from social media to data and analytics. A robot might not take your job, but a tech-savvy competitor could. What roles are agencies and in-house teams looking for?

4 ways your HR department can protect your reputation

Agility PR Solutions

As a business owner, nothing is more important than keeping your reputation intact.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

How SPARK’s Anne Marie Holder finds fresh ideas

PR Daily

An early day starts before 7 a.m.—but but for this agency leader its all about taking care of her team. Here’s what she sees as the keys to communications success. Not every communicator uses coffee to power their day. Some prefer a glass of Coca-Cola.

Gen Z will pay for content, but dismayed by creative diversity gap

Agility PR Solutions

Gen Z is redefining how cultural content—i.e., music, film, television, art, lifestyle, gaming and literature—is being discovered, consumed and shared, and they’re willing to pay for it, according to new research from creative industries development firm Ontario Creates.

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More on PR2020: social media activism, internal comms resurgence, storytelling and professionalism

Stephen Waddington

This is a post script to my recent essay on the future of PR. Thank you to everyone who sent me feedback on my essay on the future of PR via email or social media. It’s a lesson in crowdsourcing and the mantra of publishing frequently and often.

Update your company and product boilerplate summaries

Axia PR

Revise your company’s “About us” summary each year. It’s a new year and time to update your company’s boilerplates to better communicate your brand’s mission and accomplishments. Look at your company’s end-of-year reports from each department, such as sales, HR, and operations.

How to Categorise Social Media Influencers

Doctor Spin

Quick Links Not all influencers are equal creators. Using four influencer tiers instead of five. Primary metrics must be useful for brands. A job for industry organisations to fill in the gaps. Not all influencers are equal creators.

Away CEO Steph Korey Needs a Lesson in Reputation Management

PR News

Away continues to experience a public failure that undermines its stated values as a community-focused global travel brand. It's painfully clear that the luggage company's senior leadership, especially its co-chief executive Steph Korey, needs a lesson in reputation management.

Dispel These Nine Measurement Myths in 2020 En Route to Success


Leave these measurement myths in 2019 to succeed in 2020

More about PR and precedent

Mark My Words

The #SussexRoyal PR disaster which has gathered almost terminal momentum recently could have been avoided if they had heeded advice and precedent and had a plan from the beginning which took into account the rules and boundaries of Royal media relations. There is no doubt that being a top tier member of the Royals is an impossible job with a damned if you do, damned if you don’t attitude chasing every move.

Media Moves at Mashable & CNN Business, Elle Hires Features Editor


Time Marcin heads to Mashable, Parija Kavilanz has new coverage at CNN Business, and more

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Intellectual property lawyer ‘trademarks Sussex Royal brand in America to teach Harry and Meghan a lesson about having a proper plan’

Mark My Words

Daily Mail PR expert Mark Borkowski, who has worked with Noel Edmonds and Graham Norton, suggested that the Sussex ‘brand’ could rival that of the House of Windsor. He said: ‘Harry loves Meghan and can see what she’s going through and, influenced also by what he saw, what he experienced with his mother, he didn’t want to see the woman he loves go through it.

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Why it is important to stay connected

HMA Public Relations

In a recent meeting, Abbie noticed that networking goes beyond business. Click the link to read more about her personal approach to staying connected. The post Why it is important to stay connected appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Abbie Fink goals new year resolutions resolutions staying connected

How to Categorise Influencers in Social Media

Doctor Spin

How do you categorise influencers in social media? A standardised terminology is now emerging. But is it any good? Quick Links Not all influencers are equal creators. Using four influencer tiers instead of five. Primary metrics must be useful for brands.

VR vs AR vs Mixed Reality: What’s the difference?


When it comes to understanding the potential of virtual reality, brands and their marketing teams seem to have barely brushed the surface. Storytelling is everything in the contemporary branding world, and many businesses are beginning to look to evolving technologies to stay ahead of the game.

Learn, test, and execute: How to teach new innovative tactics in social media

Karen Freberg

The beginning of the semester has come and gone, and we are full steam ahead when it comes to what our classes will cover and ask our students to do. As professors, we have to make sure our students know what the set deadlines are, what are the class readings, and what will be covered for each class.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2019 Video & Visual Awards finalists

PR Daily

Check out who made this year’s elite list of finalists. A compelling video can captivate online audiences in a way that words cannot.

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