Ragan launches The Crisis Leadership Board

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As the world is faced with a public health crisis of epic proportions, communications and human resource leaders find themselves in need of practical, real-time advice, best practices, sharing, networking and training for themselves and their teams. COVID-19 Crisis Communications

Leadership: Humility as Antidote to Arrogance

Deirdre Breakenridge

Arrogance is a particularly toxic element of leadership. One of the common patterns of poor leadership and of mishandled crises is what crisis guru Jim Lukaszewski calls “ testosterosis ,” a condition that isn’t gender specific. This expression of humility, this acknowledgement of his initial failure, this apology and acknowledgment of the rightness of the sergeant’s admonition, is an extraordinary demonstration of leadership. Crisis Guest Post Leadership PR 2.0


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How PAN Communications maximizes thought leadership

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Thought leadership” is one of those buzzwords with a high propensity for making eyes roll or glaze over. But, when done right—when it’s underpinned by a smart strategy—thought leadership can be a potent way to boost your company’s industry sway, standing and visibility.

Boeing: Unhealthy Leadership Leads to Crisis Mismanagement

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The post Boeing: Unhealthy Leadership Leads to Crisis Mismanagement appeared first on PR News Blog. Crisis Management PR News Blogger Network[Editor’s Note: This post describes two crises, both of which resulted in fatalities. In only one case, were jobs lost as a result.] At Flowery Branch, GA, about one hour’s drive from Atlanta, DJ Durkin is watching the Atlanta Falcons football team train.

3 essential elements of leadership for the ‘next normal’

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Editor’s Note: PR Daily has partnered with The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations to develop our newest column, Lessons in Leadership. Our leadership required a different type of empathy, a heightened sense of support, and a calming effect.

Anatomy of a leadership video

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There’s a lot of talk about the need for leadership right now, and not just in political circles. Video is not always the best way to get out a leadership message, and it can backfire if your executive is uncomfortable in front of the camera.

10 Top Media Trends for 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis changed how people live and how industries operate. Leadership Communications Media Relations PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications

Media 166

What’s on your crisis communications checklist?

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Workshop’s free guide offers tips, templates and must-haves so you’ll never face a crisis unprepared. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in March 2020, it quickly exposed cracks in many companies’ crisis communications plans—some of which hadn’t been updated in years.

5 steps for sprinting to create a crisis communications plan

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The same holds true for your crisis communications plan. In a recent Ragan Training video , Gerard Braud, president of Braud Communications and a crisis comms expert, laid out five simple steps to getting ready for a crisis in your organization. Crisis Communications

Learning from Volkswagen: 4 crisis leadership lessons

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Nearly half (44 percent) of all businesses have experienced a crisis in the past year, according to a Burson-Marsteller survey. Among the most recent is Volkswagen, still facing what its incoming chairman has called an “existence-threatening” crisis. 30 PR University webinar “ The New 10-Step PR Crisis Plan: How to Integrate Digital Thinking into Your Response ” to protect your career and company in the era of social media and cyberattacks.

PR Daily announces leadership network for career development and connections

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PR Daily is launching a unique peer-to-peer networking council for external communicators: The PR Daily Leadership Network. The PR Daily Leadership Network provides the answers but also encourages members to question the status quo and push for positive change.”.

How crisis communications has changed

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After a year of disruption and chaos, what about the practice of crisis communications is new and what’s the same as it ever was? After months of a global pandemic, racial justice protests and heaps of economic uncertainty, crisis communications has taken on new meaning.

Boeing: Unhealthy Leadership Leads to Crisis Mismanagement

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The post Boeing: Unhealthy Leadership Leads to Crisis Mismanagement appeared first on PR News. Crisis Management PR News Blogger Network[Editor's Note: This post describes two crises, both of which resulted in fatalities. In only one case, were jobs lost as a result.] At Flowery Branch, GA, about one hour’s drive from Atlanta, DJ Durkin… Continued.

5 crisis comms essentials

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If you run a business and find yourself in a major crisis, simplicity, consistency and honesty in communications will help you navigate through the situation and ensure you keep your employees and stakeholders on board. Be brief talking to your employees, contractors or customers in crisis.

Crisis 109

The Importance of Crisis Planning for 2022


We have experienced firsthand how a crisis can significantly and quickly impact business operations. Companies can prepare by evaluating the crisis process, team, tools and resources they have in place. Have consistent communication during a crisis — this is critical.

Crisis 152

Amid COVID-19 pandemic, employees have low trust in leadership to navigate through crisis

Agility PR Solutions

Trust is in short supply these days, and there’s been no lack of skepticism during the COVID-19 crisis. employees say that their organization has trusted leaders and managers to navigate the crisis, while less […]. Public Relations crisis

Leadership opportunity for public relations on climate issues but must get its own house in order

Stephen Waddington

PRCA report highlights opportunities for the public relations profession to provide professional advisory services on climate crisis related issues. It’s encouraging to see a rise in public relations practitioners helping clients understand the climate crisis.

How to identify and respond to a media crisis

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Is this a crisis that merits a response, or should you let the incident ride and fade out on its own? Knowing when you’re in a full-blown crisis – and when you’re not – can be one of the most difficult things for communicators to determine. Identifying a crisis.

Crisis 161

Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash

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Rental car company Hertz emerged from Thanksgiving weekend in crisis mode after a law professor tweeted about her arduous saga trying to pick up her reserved car before the holiday. Announcing the PR Daily Leadership Network.

Viral 116

How a cyberattack crisis requires a different comms response

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As hackers have become more sophisticated, in some cases state-sponsored, and as work-from-home has rendered organizations more vulnerable to attack, the focus on cyber crisis response has grown. Companies generally didn’t have cyber-specific crisis response plans in the past.

Crisis 151

3 leadership lessons comms pros should take from an extraordinary year

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We went into virtual Zoom coaching and started doing workshops and webinars instead of in-person leadership off-site programs. RELATED: Join us for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ]. Leadership Communications PR Industry The Workplace

Why Public Relations Is King During A Crisis


That is why PR is the one function within the marketing organization that is positioned to step up, take a leadership position and have the greatest impact on company reputation during this period. There is simply no better instrument during a widespread crisis than communications.

Ranked: Tory leadership candidates’ branding efforts from best to worst

Mark My Words

The Independent Five Conservative Party leadership hopefuls are jostling to make into the final two in the race to be the next prime minister, having made their appeal to MPs for support. He will be reminding people how he got them through the Covid crisis.” Ranked: Tory leadership candidates’ branding efforts from best to worst | The Independent.

Thought Leadership Actually Requires Thought and Leadership

Sword and the Script

See these related posts: Marketing Strategy: The Looming Knowledge Crisis. It’s like asking someone to come in and write a thought-leadership piece and then have no thoughts to offer.”. This is thought leadership at its finest – opening or changing minds, defining markets, and shaping reputations. But thought leadership is not something you can just toss over the wall to PR and hope it turns into coverage.

Taking the “Cry” Out of Crisis

Reputation Us

Today’s crisis ridden world has put most businesses into a tailspin on how to handle the multiple issues (e.g., Reputations are often damaged during and after a crisis hits a company. CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM.

How to respond when a workplace crisis hits

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Each crisis is different, but there are a variety of common elements to a successful response. For those reasons and more, Folk advises, organizations need to have a comprehensive crisis response plan in place and up to date. A sexual harassment crisis has many moving parts.

Crisis 151

3 simple steps to prepare for any crisis

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Crisis. While some may have expected a punchline for the answer, the serious consequences of ineffective crisis preparation, plan execution and plan recovery for people and organizations has real world impact. A crisis is not always a disaster or an emergency.

Crisis 162

6 ways to fortify your crisis response for 2021

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Here’s how to ramp up crisis plans with P2P, purpose and empathy. The pandemic has broken down silos between external and internal communications—with crisis communications now part of the job no matter where you sit on the org chart. It also directly impacts crisis communications.

Crisis 154

5 ways to communicate calm in a crisis

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A McKesson comms exec shares her crisis tips during pandemic and beyond. Thanks to COVID-19, social justice issues and even new WFH realities, communicators of all stripes are thrust into the roles of problem solver and crisis planner.

Crisis 146

HarrisX/Ragan survey reveals leadership is the No. 1 skill CEOs value in communicators

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RELATED: Earn recognition for your crisis comms work. CEOs from companies of all sizes say the skill in a communicator they value most is team leadership. The post HarrisX/Ragan survey reveals leadership is the No. But the top skill communicators value? Writing.

Survey 135

Crisis communication takeaways from Andrew Cuomo

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New York’s governor has earned plaudits for his leadership amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 communications as an example of how leaders should speak to the public during a crisis. The post Crisis communication takeaways from Andrew Cuomo appeared first on PR Daily.

What you can learn from the Activision crisis

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Those have to be stopped, immediately, and leadership team owns that. These should be meetings of the crisis communications and crisis management teams to simply evaluate what emerging issues could affect the organization’s revenue, reputation and brand,” he says.

Crisis 142

6 bedrock principles of crisis response

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Tulane crisis instructor Barbara Reynolds shares essential elements of an effective response to a crisis. These days, all communicators are crisis communicators. The six elements of an effective crisis response are: Be first. What are you going to do about the crisis?

Crisis 104

Arctic winds offer a Texas-sized lesson in crisis communications

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An agency leader reflects on the takeaways from the crisis that left thousands of Texans without power as cold temperatures shut down power plants and compromised water treatment facilities. This recent crisis was no different. You want to be empathetic in a time of a crisis.

Corp Comm Frets Leadership in Crisis Comms, says Study

Sword and the Script

What potential crisis could have a substantial impact on your business? That’s the essence of crisis communications planning – preparing for the worst before it happens. Igniyte , a UK-based PR firm, commissioned a study of 508 managers finding, “40% of UK managers surveyed cite their higher management team as the biggest risk to a PR crisis.”. As if convincing management of the need for, and value of, crisis planning wasn’t already a challenge!

The current crisis demands more external communication

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Often it is the difficult and brave decisions which come with the biggest reward—which means that external communication is a necessity during the COVID-19 crisis. For example, you might serve one particular market segment which is booming in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

Crisis 144

Who belongs on your crisis response team?

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Here’s a look at the org chart for the team that responds to emergencies for Mastercard, shared at Ragan’s Crisis Communications Virtual Conference. When responding to a crisis, it’s essential to have the right team in place. Crisis managers.

Why the old crisis comms playbook should be thrown out

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Here’s why one crisis communications expert says there’s no going back to the old way of brand reputation management and crisis response. For crisis communications, it’s a data obsession that will deliver results in the future. Holistic crisis comms.

Crisis 137

Make sure your crisis response is a team effort

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Nebraska Medicine’s communications director shares why effective crisis messaging involves employees across your organization—and how you can prepare for action. citizens evacuated from Africa and carrying the Ebola virus, the team put their plans and crisis drills into action.

Crisis 144

For better crisis responses, follow the 3 C’s

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How do you manage a communication plan for a crisis with no end in sight? Ragan Consulting Group has a new video featuring guidance from crisis communication expert Nick Lanyi, which touches on questions every communicator should be considering right now.

Crisis 160