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5 tips on leadership and crisis management for business owners

Agility PR Solutions

Leadership and crisis management are crucial skills for business owners to possess – they can make or break the success of an organization during challenging and tough times. When unpredictable events occur, it’s essential to be as prepared as possible and equipped with the right strategies to navigate through crises.

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Why Public Relations Is King During A Crisis


That is why PR is the one function within the marketing organization that is positioned to step up, take a leadership position and have the greatest impact on company reputation during this period. There is simply no better instrument during a widespread crisis than communications. People need more right now.

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Communicative Leadership: A Model Fit for a Post-Pandemic Era

Institute for Public Relations

If the pandemic highlighted one issue, it was the realisation of the importance of leadership communication and connectivity with employees. Providing information at the start was critical.

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Leadership: Humility as Antidote to Arrogance

Deirdre Breakenridge

Arrogance is a particularly toxic element of leadership. One of the common patterns of poor leadership and of mishandled crises is what crisis guru Jim Lukaszewski calls “ testosterosis ,” a condition that isn’t gender specific. A Guest Post By Helio Fred Garcia, President, Logos Consulting Group. Testosterosis.

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The Capitol Riots: A Crisis Communication Retrospect


The concept of crisis communications can elicit images of Olivia Pope on the ABC series “ Scandal ” rattling off a monologue to a slew of reporters. While not quite as cinematic in reality, crisis communications is at the heart of any professional communication enterprise. Learning from the crisis.

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The Importance of Crisis Planning for 2022


We have experienced firsthand how a crisis can significantly and quickly impact business operations. Companies can prepare by evaluating the crisis process, team, tools and resources they have in place. A clear organizational purpose, mission and values provide guidance and establish a strong foundation to support crisis responses.

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The Crisis Newsroom


In a time of crisis, they may see more information about your organization than during ordinary times; they may believe the real-time accounts of others over you; share the most dramatic of stories (in many cases leaving out facts); and decide in a split moment if they support and trust you. However, not every crisis is predictable.

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