Brands, Here’s How to Captivate Consumers in the Age of Distraction


After surveying 2,000 adults to test their attention spans, Microsoft found that technology, social media, and the large volume of media people consume daily is linked to their inability to focus for extended periods of time. The implication, of course, is that consumers are less likely to absorb the marketing messages we’re deploying. Upon snapping photos of them, participants were given the option to add a branded filter to their Snapchat photos.

Facebook’s New “See First” Feature Gives Consumers Control, Challenges Brands


While users may rejoice over the new update, brands need to adjust their social strategy to adapt to the change. Getting your followers to prioritize your page may be a challenge, but once they do, your brand will benefit from getting content in front of those who want it.

Social Media for Consumer vs. B2B: Three Fundamental Differences

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Most of the work I’ve seen profiled in best practices, case studies, award entries, panel discussions and other channels has been consumer-facing – as in work done by companies or agencies to advance the agenda of a B2C company or a consumer product (Oreo, Dove or Skittles anyone?).

7 Steps To Creating Customer Personas To Build Your Consumer Brand


Here are 7 steps to creating buyer personas to help build your consumer brand. Every brand is unique. Tax software is also a seasonal product, especially when purchased by consumers. Are you dissatisfied with the results of your marketing campaigns?

Should Brands Take A Stand?

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The common public relations wisdom about brands and politics is that they don’t mix. When an issue fuels consumer anger or public debate, it should be avoided at all costs. The bigger the brand, the more risk-averse the marketing team tends to be, with good reason.

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Brand managers speak emoji to reach device-driven consumers

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Emojis are everywhere—including in the marketing campaigns for many well-known brands. The typographical cartoon symbols have been lifted from the smartphone screens of millennials and inserted into the strategies of brands such as Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza and General Electric.

Start Spreading the News: SHIFT NY 2016 Consumer Media Highlights

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SHIFT New York’s consumer team kept up a full court press in 2016, keeping our clients’ brands top of mind among relevant technology and lifestyle reporters and delivering relevant, timely content to their readers. So… on to the consumer media goodness!

What Consumers Think About Travel Technology


Many are using digital travel technology, a trend that is changing the way consumers interact with airlines, hotel chains and other companies. With Disney’s success, more travel brands will follow their lead. But these apps must be seamless and hassle-free or consumers will reject them.

Five Tips to Differentiating Your Brand


Brand differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more brands hit the market. Knowing how to promote a brand in a way that sets them apart in their market space, speaks to consumers and helps them succeed is my focus as the owner of Strong Marketing.

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Study: Consumers want to interact, be ‘friends’ with brands

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It looks like people want relationships just as much as brand managers do. A Trendera study reveals that 63 percent of consumers want brands to treat them like friends. That’s good news for marketers who feel that interacting with consumers is their top priority.

Taking Your Brand From a ‘Want’ to a ‘Need’ in 3 Steps


Advertisers today love to one-up each other with wild, exciting content that goes to any length to attract consumer attention. Brands need to stop selling out for first glances and start getting back to the things that create lasting impact. What is your brand’s reputation ?

Why Brands Need to Get Emotional


Emotion and reason are the two key forces that wrestle in every executive, politician and consumer’s mind as they make decisions every day. Brands know that emotions are powerful motivators and an emotional campaign can heavily influence buyer behavior.

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2018 Predictions: Consumer PR Edition

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With editorial staffs evolving and new brands popping up every day, the media have a constant barrage of news, trends and pitches coming their way, let’s remind ourselves about the relationship aspect of media relations while the rest of the world attempts autonomy.

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#PR Takes Your Business Beyond #Brand Awareness

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Brand awareness is just the beginning of what good PR can do for your company. But, where do you begin in a constantly changing media landscape with the highly digitized consumer? Consumers Drive Their News and Information. Branding Media PR 2.0

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Exploring the Differences between Consumer PR and B2B PR

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If you’ve worked with or for a PR agency, chances are you understand the difference between consumer PR and B2B PR. Therefore, my take on consumer PR is colored by past experiences and recent conversations with my very talented SHIFT consumer colleagues.

Why Transparency Is the Key to Building Brand Loyalty


A 2016 study from Label Insight reveals that nearly 40 percent of consumers will switch to a brand that is more transparent, and 56 percent of people say additional product information inspires more trust in a brand. Share consumer testimonials and interaction with your products.

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Barilla sponsored ‘study’ fools consumers

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A rep for Barilla—a well-known pasta brand—said the organization was “encouraged by the findings.”. Is pasta good for you? In the worlds of health and marketing, it depends whom you ask.

CSR poll: Consumers prefer brands that support their ideals

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Not only do consumers expect the companies they patronize to have a social conscience, they’re expecting businesses to be at the vanguard in solving pressing societal problems. Corporate social responsibility has become a necessity for organizations of all sizes.

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3 ways brand managers can interact with consumers online

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It’s also important for brand managers to remember that social media isn’t just an extension of your customer service team. Truly become your brand when you’re online and engaging with fans. Is your brand serious, funny, goofy, witty or sweet?

How marketers can connect with mobile-focused consumers

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Google reports that in order to meet this growing trend, marketers should account for new conversion types and think about measurement in a way that connects with consumers using various screens and channels. Mobile marketing comes into play most when consumers take action.

How the FTC’s New Social Media Guidelines Affect Your Brand


The new rules mainly call for stricter disclosure requirements on the relationships between brands and influencers. Consumers value honesty, and with the new guidelines, everything is out in the open so there’s nothing preventing consumers from trusting your brand.

Poll: Consumers more likely to buy from brands they follow online

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Still, many PR and marketing managers struggle with just how to spend their time crafting and publishing content online—and what will best engage consumers of all ages. Here’s what brand managers should know: 1. 1 as most consumers’ preferred social network.

Chipotle hones loyalty to bring consumers back

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Chipotle’s brand managers are trying everything to get people to rekindle their bygone obsessions with the fast-casual burrito pioneer. Last month, consumers lined up for free burritos.

Consumers, brands respond to Burger King's Halloween sandwich

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Speaking of Burger King, surely the brand has a response to all this mess, right? There’s been no official statement from the brand. While Burger King remains silent, other brands are stepping in to take part in the joke: Whatever the color of your buns, we'll keep them clean: [link].

Work Hack: Gathering Consumer Insights

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How can you fine-tune your own consumer insights? Maybe you assume all consumers feel strongly about a topic, but you haven’t spent the time reading their comment threads in blogs. Pay attention to how other brands are messaging – what else is competing for attention?

The Top 3 Branding Resolutions Your Business Needs to Make for 2018


If you haven’t set any, now is the time to start thinking of ways to improve your branding strategies to make 2018 your best year yet. Here are three awesome branding resolutions all marketing teams should consider in preparing themselves for 2018 and beyond. True branding starts from within. That being said, it’s absolutely necessary that your business has a united vision for the brand — in both the long-term and the short term.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Brand Journalism


Consumers have started to tune out brand messages. But don’t fret, there’s a way to break through, gain back their attention and make your brand be heard: brand journalism. Let’s start with the basics: brand journalism is not journalism.

Should Brands Talk Back On Social Media?

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As all PR and social media pros know, a brand’s digital presence is both very powerful and very fragile. A flippant attitude or a risky tweet can take a brand even further. But research shows that consumers don’t always welcome social snark from brands.

Why PR is so Important for Consumer Electronics


With the emergence of influencer marketing , it’s vital that your brand is on point with its PR messaging. Here are some tips on why a strong Public Relations campaign is needed for your Consumer Electronics brand. Electronics are applicable to all walks of life.

Study: Consumers remain distrustful of sponsored content

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Despite the growth of brand-sponsored content, consumers are slow to embrace such articles. The investments pay off as brands receive a boost in awareness as clicks and shares abound. However, consumers are still wary of native advertising, according to a recent report.

Report: More than 65 percent of consumers connect with brands emotionally

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Some brands are able to go beyond simple marketing to tap into consumers’ emotions. At that point, your brand becomes less of a product and more of a lifestyle. The vast majority of emotional connections with brands are positive (91 percent).

Leverage Your Brand’s Poker Face Into a Competitive Edge


In business, the point of keeping a poker face (aka “brand identity,” for the purposes of this article) is to encourage consumers and competitors to make choices that benefit you, without having to directly nudge them into making those decisions.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Diving Into Brand Journalism


Do the marketing tools and tactics you use actually keep your brand top of mind? It may be time to say out with the old (traditional TV advertising) and in with the new (brand journalism). Readers who turn to brand newsrooms want to be in the know before their competitors.

Give Your Food and Beverage Brand a Face People Can Trust with Influencer Marketing


When it comes to influencer marketing, food and beverage brands are beginning to step away from big stars in favor of a different track. Rachel Mansfield is one healthy living blogger and Instagram influencer who has promoted food and beverage brands on her platform.

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Brand Ambassadors, Brand Advocates: These Programs Aren’t Easy!

Rock the Status Quo

Don’t Let The Plethora of Blog Posts Fool You It’s easy to tout the benefits of brand advocate programs – of which there are many – but there isn’t enough discussion around just how difficult it is to create and sustain one. What is the difference between a brand ambassadors, brand advocates and just an online community? Even Wikipedia incorrectly redirects a search for “brand advocate” to the “brand ambassador” page.

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Study: 64 percent of consumers purchase after watching a video online

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A majority of consumers (64 percent) admit making a purchase after watching a Facebook video in the last month. More than half of consumers (60 percent) watch a branded video on Facebook every day. It’s becoming harder to cut through it and make an impact on consumers’ behavior.

How To Woo Consumers: 7 PR Tips For Brands

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Can public relations help consumers fall in love with a brand? With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and many looking for tips on love in their personal lives, we thought it a good time to look at how to do the same for the brands. Make consumers love your brand.

How to connect your content to an evolving consumer

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Although some things have changed dramatically—like a switch from relying on newspapers and magazines to platforms such as Periscope and branded content—others have remained constant.

IKEA ad encourages consumers to pee on it

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Jimmy Kimmel poked fun at the marketing stunt on his show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live”: Swedish-based marketing and advertising agency Åkestam Holst came up with the stunt, and an executive told Adweek that consumers don’t have to bring the ad into Ikea to take advantage of the offer.

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How to Use Data to Tell Stories and Attribute PR Value


Most companies would agree that consumer trust is a valuable commodity — one that can’t be bought or sold. Because the more people that trust your brand, the more often they will choose you over competitors. So how can brands build trust?

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