Why Advertising Isn’t Dead


Therein, James McQuivey, a principal analyst at Forrester drilled into a report which explored that CMOs will reduce their spend, on display advertising by as much as $2.9 This cost versus audience, game theory is the foundation of advertising, which has persisted for more than a century.

What is ‘true native’ advertising?

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Although many PR pros think native advertising is new, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of paid advertising. Advertisers must produce effective digital campaigns that can cut through the noise in a crowded industry. Enter native advertising, which is expected to reach. $21

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Gee, Beav, Isn't PR Just Like Advertising?

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When I am speaking about a media interview, say on television, they assume I’m on camera. When I say I am working with a newspaper reporter on story, they ask me why my clients don’t just advertise in the publication because: ”PR and advertising are the same, right?”

Avoid advertising blahblah: the real meaning of Christmas?


It has struck me that this standard message is regurgitated by a lot of organisations in their marketing and advertising material and it’s a wasted opportunity. (I Of course, good media and advertising companies should help their clients toward this.

As lines between advertising and news blur, what's a PR pro to do?

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Prior to websites and blogs, public relations practitioners spent countless hours pitching their stories to newspapers, long-lead publications such as magazines, radio stations and television stations. Now, imagine having to not only secure the interest of the reporter, but also get consent from the advertising department for that media outlet. Recently, I secured an interview for a client on a regional television station in Canada. Editorial is unpaid. Advertorial is paid.

Is YouTube really worth six times more budget spend in 2016?

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An article written in the Guardian this week has reported that Google is claiming YouTube advertisements are much more effective than those on traditional television. This report does seem to be very self-serving for Google, to simply sell more advertising.

How to Measure PR?


Although its harder to measure the efficacy of PR efforts than it is to measure the same statistics for say, advertising, there are many ways to measure the reach and success of a PR message. However, media impressions are not limited to television or print media.

Top Tech Trends That Affect PR: Mary Meeker 2017

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Internet ad spend surpasses television spend. But this threshold crossing is a sign that major advertisers can no longer give short shrift to digital ad budgets. Facebook and Google dominate digital advertising.

Six Ways To “Hack” Your PR Program

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Compared to digital marketing and advertising, which has only become more automated over time, our methods — particularly the generation of earned media — are exquisitely inefficient.

Inside Podcast Promotion


Podcasts Can Help Advertisers Reach Niche Audiences. Most of the leading podcasts these days rely on the same group of advertisers. But the size of the audience is hardly what makes advertising unique on podcast, it’s the specificity of the audience you can reach. “If

Why Brands Need to Get Emotional


Far from a secret pheromone added to the air in a clothing retailer — or subliminal cues placed in television advertising — emotional, truth-based storytelling plays on a consumer’s state of mind and makes them want to believe.

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The Implications of the Growth of Social News


Still, television remains a strong contender for the source used by most Americans for news; 40 percent compared to 43 percent who gain the majority of their news online and via social media. Marketers, in turn, advertise in the publication that attracts their desired audience.

Facebook deemed most trusted channel for branded content

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average score), followed by email and television (5.3 Advertising effectiveness on new customers. Consumers say Facebook is the channel in which they are most likely to trust content created by a brand/company, according to. a recent report from The Acquity Group. The report.

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Borrowing Trust: The Surprising New Marketing Role of Citizen Influencers


In an era where paid advertising access to consumers on television, radio, and print is drying up, influence marketing may become a primary source of consumer connection. In the 1920s, Charlie Chaplin and Babe Ruth became the first celebrity advertisers.

Behind the Headlines With Joanna Brahim


In this interview, Joanna discusses the ways television and entertainment brands have adapted to new audience consumption habits, what to do when a crisis hits and how to get started in the communication industry. My guiltiest pleasure is…binge watching mindless television.

6 Research-Based Insights About Viral Content


Researchers Christian Sciiuize, Lisa Sciiöler, & Bernd Skiera (2014) demonstrated that reaction to viral advertising may vary depending upon the product and the medium used. From Subservient Chickens to Brawny Men: A Comparison of Viral Advertising to Television Advertising.

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Entertainment Trumps Ads


The worlds of public relations and advertising have merged to form integrated marketing. The result is advertisements and corporate communication so clever that they lead to earned/free media expanding the circulation for free.

How to Make Your Next Marketing Campaign Even More Successful Than the Last


Consider what the world was like when television commercials and newspaper advertisements were the marketing tools du jour. You have a big marketing campaign coming up and you really need to make a splash with this one. So how do you do that? The secret lies in the past.

DIY or Pro Video: Which One is Best for Your Brand?


Tom is qualified on the subject—last year Fifth Story completed over 180 video production projects, including 160 online videos, 20 television spots and 4 PSAs. Use the same footage to create content for television, as well as online and social platforms.

The next generation won’t watch TV news–at all (and that’s a big problem for PR)

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According to a recent Pew Internet survey , 43 percent of Americans report often getting news online, a share just 7 percentage points lower than the 50% who often get news on television. It means thinking about ways to use paid social advertising to distribute your messages.

Email Newsletter Subscribers or Blog Subscribers: Which is Better?


But interruptive marketing is also used to describe traditional TV and radio advertising, email sent to you without permission and unsolicited direct mail. You can’t forward a clip of a recent television interview.

The Chicago Sun-Times’s Strategy May Save Newspapers

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Yet many outlets hold on to this approach in part because long-standing advertisers still see value in supporting particular pieces of content. Moreover, it's the same strategy employed by television news.

More than half of millennials say Instagram influences their purchases

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As mobile ad spending continues to surpass that of television, marketers will gravitate to whatever works. If the poll correctly represents young consumers’ mindsets, Instagram advertising is the solution.

10 ways TV wrongly depicts the PR industry

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When it comes to public relations, pop culture has it all wrong, and that makes for a sad state of affairs when PR professionals try to counter television''s inaccurate depiction of the industry. Though this depiction can advance storylines in television dramas, it''s not realistic.

"Gee, Beav, Isn't PR Just Like Advertising?"

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When I am speaking with them about a media interview, say on television, they assume I’m on camera. When I say I am working with a newspaper reporter on story, they ask me why my clients don’t just advertise in the publication because: ”PR and advertising are the same, right?” Many share this misconception because advertisements are familiar to them and PR is not. Although I have toiled in public relations for 95 years (!),

Influencer Marketing: Amplify your Brand and Drive Targeted Traffic


Consider the return you can get on influencer marketing as opposed to paid advertising. For television ads, viewers will pull out their phones and check their social networks – social networks with potential influencers that you could be hiring.

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7 Brand New Facebook Features You Should Know About


Whether you are doing communications, content, social care or advertising, there are newly introduced tools that you need to know about. How would you like to watch advertisements in the middle of your Facebook Live videos?

5 Challenges to Effective Communication


1 television program on TV (“I Love Lucy”) averaged 68 percent of all households watching the show every week. 1 television program on TV (“The Cosby Show”) averaged 38 percent of all households.

What Lies Ahead for Public Relations in 2018?


We’ve watched traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and television decrease in importance thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and other social platforms.

How to Pitch Social Influencers


Changing media habits coupled with massive pushes in ad blocking, including iOS9 ( TechCrunch ), are increasing the importance of organic content and native advertising. Brands, recognizing this shift in popularity, are including stars from YouTube, Vine and Instagram in their television commercials. Consumer habits and generational preferences are pushing toward an increased use of PR over advertising.

Rhetoric vs Story: The Art of Persuasion


But the problem is that this conventional rhetoric isn’t just limited to late-night television commercials. I’m finding it in everything from print advertisements to Facebook ads and almost everything else in between.

It’s a Mad Mad (Men) World

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It’s ironic that one of the most talked about shows on TV these days is Mad Men , a drama set in the 1960′s following a bunch of sex-crazed advertising execs on Madison Avenue. But back then, there was a air of confidence in the television world.

How to Improve Your Social Media Targeting


Movies and television. Technology (by brand and behavior) -> (Consumer electronics & accessories, Gaming consoles, video games and accessories, Music, Online behavior, Television & video, Video, Wireless).

Mary Meeker on the rise of the internet for marketing and public relations

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4 Internet advertising set to pass television. Global spend on internet advertising is set to overtake television advertising in the next six months. It’s a key reason that digital advertising is growing so strongly. Internet usage, planning tools, paid and social mashups, human computer interface, and social business are highlights of Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Report.

Wendy Glavin and CommPRO Report on the Livestream: Breaking Down the State of the Media in 2017


Rallies against Kellogg’s after it pulled its advertising from Breitbart. Automobile companies (and the military) are the largest advertisers on television. We knew the four horsemen for our brand strategies, advertising, public relations, lobbying and pack funding.

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Is Customer Experience the Next Killer App?

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A great example: the television remote control – the dreaded clicker. Everyone in service businesses talk about it. Amazon.com lists more than 100,000 titles on the topic. Sometimes it seems like it’s a quest that challenges every business owner in America.

9 Content Snacks from the Story of Content Marketing

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Advertising was fabulous at getting our attention, this burst of disruption. Content marketing preceded advertising, when you go back in history, the first ads really were content that was connecting with people around value.

A Story About Two Guys Living On The Same Street: The ‘Publics’ In Public Relations And Why It Matters

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needless to say, they both belong to a demographic which is very attractive to lots of advertisers. He’s an early adopter who streams his television, listens to podcasts and consume his news via his friends’ feeds. And of course, to most advertisers — you are.

The five biggest tech trends for millennials in 2016

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Battle has been joined between cord-cutting services and cable television. Sling TV--owned by DISH—offers an alternative to cable television. Many online television providers are launching their own app to accommodate digital viewers who prefer watching TV online.

Journalism and News Trends for PR Pros


Subscriptions and advertising are down for most media, and there is no single model that can replace them across the sector. Uncertainty about revenue, new publishing models. The revenue model for journalism is at best in flux, and at worst, in chaos.