Here’s how consumers will choose local businesses in 2020

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How Beauty Brands Will Win in 2019


Consider the evolution of New York Fashion Week. Opening a new sustainable HQ or lab may warrant a press trip or “field trip” for aspiring young female scientists at local schools. 5WPR News Beauty & Fashion Public RelationsBy Alise Edgcomb, Vice President, Beauty & Wellness. If 2018 taught us anything, it was to toss the template. Natural hair and pink hair, naked skin and 90’s glitter, ingestible beauty and high tech devices all trended simultaneouly.

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Powwowing With Pepco on Social Media

Waxing UnLyrical

Waxing UnLyrical personal, possibly poetic, musings on public relations, media, communication, and everything in between About Shonali Powwowing With Pepco on Social Media September 28th, 2010 Tweet I haven’t been the biggest fan of my local energy company, Pepco, recently.

Guest Post: PR in the U.S. is as Heterogeneous as Europe

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I thought that might be an old fashioned view, but it’s not. The local experts we spoke to described New England reporters as ‘distrustful of PR efforts’ and ‘bordering on cranky’. Journalists need super-local content or a story – no matter how strong – will not make the cut.

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Behind the Headlines with Crosby Noricks


Crosby Noricks is the founder and director of PR Couture , the leading source for fashion and lifestyle communicators and the author of Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR. Further, just last month, in light of their 10-year anniversary, PR Couture announced the creation of their very first inaugural award program, the 2017 Bespoke Communication Awards (the BCAs) , to celebrate excellence among those working in fashion and lifestyle communications.

Dolce & Gabbana apologizes for riling Chinese consumers

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The fashion brand is struggling after a boycott by Chinese retailers, consumers, celebrities and influencers. The backlash came after Dolce & Gabbana released an ad promoting its upcoming fashion show in Shanghai. Canceled fashion show and apology.

How to Care for Your Key Customer: The Journalist


If you own a local clothing store, listen to your customers: What do they want more of? Fashion writer and media consultant Lorraine Sanders talks content, consulting, and creative collaboration in PR Advice From a Serial Journalist.

In a quick marketing move, ASOS turns typo into ‘limited edition’ offering

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ASOS, an online fashion and beauty retailer in the United Kingdom, is reaping the benefits of a last-minute pivot after it found a typo on 17,000 of its bags: Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. I work in fashion as well.I

6 PR Tactics For Back-To-School

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B2S initiatives can support diverse categories, including personal finance, fashion, health and safety. It’s often helpful to include start dates in pitches that are localized to a particular city or state. Certain times of year are associated with major public relations efforts.

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4 tactics for courting international journalists

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Keep the journalist informed of local launches. Or was this fashion designer born and raised in Australia and in now causing a stir amongst the industry in London? In our global economy, business concerns span time zones and even hemispheres.

17 more Minnesota-based Instagram influencers to watch

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A few weeks ago, I shared a post featuring 10 local Minneapolis influencers I’d be connecting with if I were a Minnesota-based brand. Here are 17 more local influencers to consider as part of your influencer strategy from local PR/social media pros around town.

Influencer Engagement: Finding a Fit

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As a first step, we reached out to Jenn Im, Korean-American fashion and beauty vlogger, and fashion designer, best known for her YouTube channel, previously titled ClothesEncounters. manual social media searching, local news, niche publications, community events, etc.,

How To Engage Millennials In Corporate Social Responsiblity

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The trick to keeping a program fresh is to vary the PR tactics, like tapping a new media spokesperson, increasing fundraising or volunteerism goals each year, or localizing the story in key markets. If in doubt, start local and expand as time and resources allow.

Instagram aims to be a social media destination for news

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Whether it’s behind the scenes at the NBA Finals, on the runway with the latest fashion trend at a favorite club with a local band, people are capturing moments large and small on Instagram.

Start Collecting Those 2015 Editorial Calendars, PR Peeps

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After all, if your client manufactures solar panels, and the local business journal will be doing an issue that June on green heating and cooling alternatives for businesses, the editorial calendar helps you pitch that outlet in a timely fashion, increasing your chance of success.

Marketing Mix: The Secret Sauce

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This is often through “earned media” as your public relations team will leverage relationships, the news cycle, the local, regional or national media landscape and key messaging to secure media opportunities.

The Shocking Beef about Feeding the Content Monster

Sword and the Script

And we haven’t even begun to list the local favorites. There’s a new positioning on the burger business every year: fresher, healthier, old-fashioned, or eco-friendly to name a few. by Frank Strong. The burger business tells us a thing or two about content marketing.

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How good PR waxes and wanes around the eclipse

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A local middle school ordered 1,300 pairs of solar eclipse viewing glasses that it can’t use because the school board is mandating that all students stay indoors.

My A List is better than yours


They’re the in-crowd who get invited to glitzy launches, wear the latest fashions, walk the red carpet and appear in the social pages. They know that the guest lists for the events below are likely to be very different: Launch of a new fashion line. Local, state and federal politicians.

Check out Geek Art & Design at Creative Tech Week NYC

Flack's Revenge

My local tech networking and meetup wanderings took me to a cool destination last night – the opening party of Creative Tech Week , at the Clemente Center on the Lower East Side.

What PR Can Learn From The Oscar Nominees

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In the case of the Day-Lewis character, it seems to be a combination of face-to-face meetings at his opulent home/studio combined with intimate fashion shows.

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Using monitoring to help run a grassroots advocacy PR campaign

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The goals can be varied: sometimes a company needs to reach out to a locality to explain the need for something like physically expanding a headquarters that could interrupt the normal course of business and traffic in the surrounding area for an extended period.

7 Important Principles Of Media Coverage Every Business Needs To Know


Large news corporations assign journalists to beats: food, technology, health, fashion, municipal politics, entertainment and more. 3: Find the local angle. If you work in Toronto and you’re pitching a story to a reporter in Vancouver, find the local angle.

What PR Professionals Can Learn from Being Reporters First


Before I discovered PR, I was dead set on becoming a fashion journalist. Even while working at small, local publications, I never had an empty inbox. Until I took my first college course on it, I didn’t even know what PR was.

7 summer story ideas reporters will love

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Even if it’s something as simple as seasonal fashion, reporters know that publishing about an already trending subject will earn lots of attention for them, too. Local Businesses.

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4 reasons to work with influential social media users

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From small local businesses to the biggest international brands, the use of bloggers and internet celebrities continues to increase. Brand managers are continually finding ways to partner with influential social media players and integrate them into their campaigns.

The Top 50 #GoldenGlobes Social Influencers on Twitter


All the hottest fashion trends at the #GoldenGlobes HERE: Fashion news, up-to-the-minute show coverage, plus exclusive party photos and trend forecasts. News, fashion, beauty every day from Britain’s favorite women’s monthly magazine. CjozfeeXKo #fashion #entertainment. Local. Fashion news, style advice, beauty tips & shopping picks from the @Telegraph. Telegraph Fashion (@TeleFashion) January 10, 2016.

5 ways in-house video can boost your PR efforts

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If customers see that your brand actively cares for local causes, volunteers at the local homeless shelter, or organizes a charity event, their trust will deepen. No matter your topic, old-fashioned sales decks can become prosaic.

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Winning the Client Game: Lessons from the Ballfield

Shift Communications

A good old fashioned, weekly pitch strategy and calendar will go a long way here. If a tech reporter at the NY Post is unresponsive to your pitch, see if there’s a more local approach with the metro reporter… and so on. I admit it: I have a lot of baseball on my mind these days.

How PR pros can find niche groups for support and networking

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Are most of your clients in beauty or fashion? Meetup is a good resource to find where local communities gather in real life.). PR can be a tough business.

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Getting Placements in a Non-Stop News Cycle

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If you are in the fashion world, looking to establish a position as a trend setter, offer a side-by-side analysis of who wore it best. Create Hyper-Local Relevance. When the news cycle is not ripe for a program, we look for ways to bring the story down to the local level.

A telecom company holding a red carpet PR event? Verizon kinda pulled it off.

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Why not open the list up to all sorts of local “influencers?” Simple idea, but a really nice way for the Verizon folks to get those local store employees more engaged with media and local influencers.

A tipple of Irish inspiration for writers and communicators

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Branson, the show’s beloved “ left-footer ” Socialist chauffeur, binds the cast together in artful Irish fashion. If you can’t make it to Dublin to escape a dreary rut, head to your local pub to enjoy a nice pint of Guinness, Harp or Smithwick’s.

Why a “One Size Fits All” Approach to Public Relations Doesn’t Work

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For example, if you work for an apparel company looking to drive holiday sales, you’ll use angles around the best gifts for the fashion-lovers on your shopping list, and include why your clothing/shoes/accessories are new and better this season. A potential B2B customer might be reading a trade publication, while a customer looking to try a new restaurant is probably reading the local news in B2C PR.

Top 10 PR Influencers You Should Follow on Twitter

Critical Mention

Founder of West Levy PR , New York-based Heather West knows the fashion and and non-profit spheres as they relate to PR inside and out. In the PR world, connections are crucial. And what better place to make those connections than on Twitter?

Qualify Hard; Close Easy: Leads in Unscripted Marketing Links

Sword and the Script

So I turned to a local repair shop to see what could be done. That day, I became a lead and one that converted the old fashioned way: retail foot traffic. Content, Local Search and Leads.

The Instagram Revolution for Small Business

The Proactive Report

Of course photography-rich businesses have benefited – like the fashion world – but many other companies have found success in the space too. The internet is everywhere – the mobile revolution has put the Internet into the hands of your customers anywhere, anytime.

How I research influencers *without* using influencer management tools

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It’s just good, old-fashioned hard-core research. For example, let’s say you were researching local food influencers here in Minneapolis.

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Asda newsdesk story discovery supports authentic PR engagement

Stephen Waddington

We do it through a combination in-house developed software and good old-fashioned storytelling and journalistic skills. million people – and was followed up by local media in news articles that were largely a cut-and-paste of the full story on the Asda news and blogs page.

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Why PR peers should play nice

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We talked about the dos and don’ts of fashion week. A lot of firms specialize in advertising, technology, local news, or entertainment, so if my tech friend comes across a fashion account, we’ll split it or she’ll just pass it along entirely, and vice versa.