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How does a CEO’s Personal Brand Impact Corporate Reputation?


Today, corporate reputation is directly impacted by and intertwined with a CEO’s personal brand. Brand and corporate reputation are now a key drivers of business performance – meaning that the desire for positive stakeholder sentiment has surpassed the importance of profit margins. How can a CEO affect corporate reputation?

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Quick Summaries to 5 Surveys of PR and Corporate Communications

Sword and the Script

CEOs and business leaders are increasingly recognizing the value of corporate communications; investors say comms can increase company valuations. This week I paused to catch up on reading several other PR and corporate communications surveys that I haven’t had a chance to read yet and summarize them here for you.

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Future of Corporate Communications study finds CCOs investing more in technology

Stuart Bruce

The Edelman 2023 Future of Corporate Communications survey found that half of respondents see themselves as strategic advisers to or partners to their company’s leadership … © Stuart Bruce - Future of Corporate Communications study finds CCOs investing more in technology was first published on Stuart Bruce's Stuart Bruce the PR Futurist (..)

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Corporate Activism Brings Benefits and Pitfalls, Report Finds


For businesses, societal discord presents risks to corporate reputation, employee recruitment and organizational morale. The USC report, “ The Future of Corporate Activism ,” calls professional communicators “pioneers in this unfamiliar territory.”. Sometimes, however, such campaigns lack substance.

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3 lessons corporate blogs can learn from personal blogs

Communications Conversations

Corporate blogging has never been bigger. According to the annual University of Massachusetts study of how Fortune 500 companies are using social media, a whopping 77% of companies are using a corporate blog. Those blogs probably drive organic traffic to their corporate sites (a huge goal, I’m sure).

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Corporate Reputation Never More Important, Nor More Fragile, Report Finds


Factors that influence corporate reputation are more complex and varied today than even five years ago. Communicators and investors agree that customer surveys are an important way to measure corporate reputation, the report finds. According to the study, business performance remains a significant factor in corporate reputation.

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No, DEI Isn’t Dead. But No One Wants To Talk About It.

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Only 20 percent of the 600 leaders surveyed said they plan to cut back on DEI in 2024. Forty percent view understanding and promoting diversity and inclusion as among the most important leadership attributes for those in their position. So, corporate leaders are now less likely to use acronyms like DEI, or, heaven forbid, ESG.