Measurement needs rebranding

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As I pondered my metamorphosis, it occurred to me that many folks feel about measurement the way I used to feel about dogs (and yes, how many people feel about cats). Good, relevant, and regular measurement provides that data.

Measuring consumer attitude shifts, as brands keep navigating tricky territory during COVID

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Brands are striving to assess the consumer landscape sensitively and accurately, but with sentiment shifting quickly, it’s difficult to adapt new strategies on the fly. The study measures […]. Public Relations PR measurement


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Consumer brands must tap technology to stay relevant post-pandemic

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Traditional brand experiences are being replaced by virtual interactions and activations—but consumers desires haven’t changed. Shuttered doors and social distancing have forced a reexamination of traditional brand experiences.

How to measure your organizational authenticity

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Here’s how to measure your outputs. And for brands, authentic is a lot easier and less stressful than the other options. The problem with invented indexes like these is that they may or may not be appropriate to your market, your audiences, your industry or your particular brand.

Why brands must focus on their relationship to consumers’ needs

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For organizations eager to build a bond with consumers—and reap the wonderful rewards that spring from establishing genuine connections—it’s going to take a heavy investment in integrated communications. To survive this turmoil, PR pros and brand managers will develop new muscles.

#16: How the consumer driven news cycle changes PR measurement


How has the consumer changed the news cycle and impacted PR measurement? Communications methods & measurement standards. The consumer-driven news cycle & PR measurement. The effect of brands helping during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Measuring consumer behavior shifts, driven by changing attitudes on what’s essential

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Brand marketers are well aware that success in 2021 depends on keeping ahead of (or at least keeping up with) wildly fluctuating consumer priorities and attitudes necessitated by the state of the ongoing COVID crisis.

How we should re-imagine what we honor—and measure

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When the PR industry measures the wrong things, it fails to demonstrate its real value and claim its rightful place at the decision-makers table. All of which will change what they measure, reward and honor. And, of course, measure. Re-imagine measurement.

How to measure the trust that today’s audiences require

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Trust has never been more important for engaging your many stakeholders—from employees to investors and consumers. Paine offers a series of phrases you can use in surveys (using a Likert scale) to measure respondents’ implicit trust of your message and organization as a whole.

Measuring Earned Media Quality to Prove the Value of PR – Edmunds


Edmunds is not just a category-leading brand in the automotive industry; it is also a top media publication that caters to both consumers and businesses. Measured their “COVID-19 Response” strategy; focusing on a combination of press coverage quality and performance against competition.

Driving brand performance in disruptive times—measuring and managing winning brands

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Do brands really matter in a world of endless choice, transparent product ratings, and intelligent decision-making assistants? The post Driving brand performance in disruptive times—measuring and managing winning brands appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

How Edmunds measures the quality of earned media

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A look at how the consumer car shopping website quantifies media coverage. As the pandemic started to take shape, there were a lot of questions about how the automotive industry was being impacted and consumer uncertainty about car buying and financing.

Consumers expect Black Lives Matter actions, not talk—why aren’t brands communicating plans?

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The post Consumers expect Black Lives Matter actions, not talk—why aren’t brands communicating plans? Public Relations branding

3 approaches to marketing measurement

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As competition swells and consumers are inundated with more marketing content, more channels and more choices, marketers face growing pressure to prove that their campaigns are making an impact. The good news: Marketers can transform every customer connection into an opportunity for growth by updating measurement strategies, says Karen Sauder, vice president of sales at Google. Sauder offers three recommendations for improving marketing measurement.

Comfort of consumer goods drives brand intimacy during COVID

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With our increased reliance on grocery shopping due to quarantine measures, the consumer goods industry is playing a vital role during the pandemic. The consumer goods industry ranked fifth out of […].

A New Era for Measuring Communications Campaigns


We all know it’s important to measure our PR campaigns. However, according to Muck Rack’s 2020 “State of PR Survey,” 64 percent of public relations pros still struggle with quantifiable measurement — a 1 percent improvement from last year’s findings.

Even though consumers stay in “ethno-racial corners,” they want brands to share values

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Cross-cultural knowledge and insights provider EthniFacts recently released findings from their syndicated 2020 PICAT (Personality and Intercultural Affinity) study, a bi-annual national survey of American consumers that measures attitudes and behaviors through a cultural lens.

Report: Consumers want to be entertained on social media

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A new study from Sprout Social reveals that PR has a lot to offer online campaigns, including understanding the target audience, content generation, brand visibility and more. The study asked 1,000 social media marketers about their current campaigns and goals and then asked 1,000 consumers whether brand managers were satisfying their desires. Most marketers say brand awareness remains the top goal for their social media outreach efforts.

10 Most Common Media Monitoring & Measurement Mistakes – And How to Fix Them Blog

Although more companies and nonprofit organizations now use media monitoring and measurement, many don’t gain its full benefits. Not monitoring variations of brand and product names. But many consumers refer to a company by its nickname, like WallyMart or Wallyworld.

Why and how you should measure brand perception

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Business is built on customer relationships, and brand perception sets the tone. Today’s consumers share their opinions and experiences widely, and their peers trust them when it comes time to buy or pass. Companies, of course, want to cultivate a positive brand perception among their target consumers, but it’s a tricky goal. As Brandwatch points out , companies don’t control brand perception—consumers do. The basics of brand perception.

How to Measure your Digital PR Campaign


As consumer trends continue to shift away from traditional brick-and-mortar shopping to online shopping and social media activity, a strong, targeted, and effective digital marketing plan is becoming more important than ever. Brand Mentions.

What Communicators Need to Know About Measurement Right Now


Here, Weiner, author of the just-published “ PR Technology, Data and Insights ” (Kogan Page), discusses acting on issues at the speed of business, combating misinformation and taking the first steps to measurement. . Measurement” is the most basic… it’s another word for “counting.”

Corporate sustainability goals measurement—delivering tangible results remains a challenge

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The post Corporate sustainability goals measurement—delivering tangible results remains a challenge appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations PR measurement

Make PR Measurement A Priority

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New technologies are helping make the measurement of public relations results easier, less time-consuming and more meaningful. More PR agencies today are designating a measurement guru on its team to own analytics. Although many companies retain a PR firm to increase awareness, which at its most basic can be measured by volume and tone of coverage, PR can do so much more. Advance legwork can improve the odds of achieving measurable impact.

How and why you should be measuring reputation in 2020

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Consumers are choosing everything from cars to chicken sandwiches based on corporate values. Yet for all the talk of corporate purpose, and the reputational benefits earned through its pursuit, there is a lack of guidance on how to measure reputation’s existence and value.

Cruise industry cooperates with CDC, consumers buy more from brands they trust, and tobacco companies respond to proposed menthol ban

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MEASURED THOUGHTS. In a new study by Morning Consult , 90% of consumers surveyed across 15 global markets said they would buy more from a brand they trust, while 82% said they are more willing to forgive them if they make a mistake or something goes wrong.

Activation Delivers Consumer Value


Ideally, getting the brand’s customers into a zone and feeling they got value from the product are the best of both worlds. It also increases the potential to up-sell and/or cross-sell consumers and get them to advocate on behalf of the brand.

How to measure the impact of communications during COVID-19

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It enables an organization to stay in touch with community stakeholders and participate in the conversation around an all-consuming crisis. A good measurement strategy is based upon expected outcomes. Measurement and PESO.

America’s most trusted consumer brands for 2019—see all the winners

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In an age of endless options, consumers often base their trust on the real experiences of other consumers. A new study from market research firm BrandSpark International examines 61,000 top-of-mind opinions to identify which brands Americans trust most across 118 categories in which consumers are regularly faced with purchase decisions, including 75 newly-measured ones. Public Relations branding

Brands make Earth Day pledge to measure emissions, social media content falls short on accessibility, and NBC condemns anti-BLM email

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Tesla said it obeys decisions of government departments, respects consumers, and actively cooperates with all investigations. Also remember that, though the standards of communication your brand sets in various markets may differ, your stakeholders remain globally connected.

4 ways to measure brand journalism results

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For decades, impressions and advertising value were the staples of PR measurement. Brand journalism , in which businesses discover and create their own news content, can help an organization achieve its PR objectives. This is the single mandate: Put your goals and measurement techniques in place before starting your campaign. Here are four options to consider when assessing results from your brand journalism content: 1. Traditional PR measurement.

Why Message Optimization is Key to Brand Success


Successful brands put a lot of thought into their messaging, how they want to deliver those messages and through which channels, and how they want to evolve them over time. This is a great example of how we often have preconceived notions of how consumers search. Measure how much.

Brand 295

Marketing Tools to Measure Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Influencer marketing campaigns are making waves as a marketing strategy since it provides third party credibility and brand awareness to the right audiences. An influencer can enhance a brand’s visibility and social reach, usually beyond the capabilities of traditional media outlets. Tapping into influencer marketing requires some planning and dollars so it’s important that our influencers are making a positive impact on the brand in terms of return on investment.

Tools 65

Kentucky Derby launches equity initiative, consumers buy more from environmentally friendly brands, and Grammys eliminate secret nomination committees

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Yet, Asians are invisible in media and ignored by brands. The sale will see online media brands under the former Yahoo and AOL umbrellas like TechCrunch, Yahoo Finance and Engadget go to Apollo at much lower valuations than they commanded just a few years ago. MEASURED THOUGHTS.

Is brand purpose overblown?

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Consumers say they want companies to act ethically, but not many are willing to alter their purchasing habits — or sacrifice comfort for convenience. There is a growing body of research that says consumers care about their world and the impact businesses have on it.

Brand 143

Why We Need a New Way to Measure Earned Media


While those of us in marketing or PR are quick to applaud technologies that allow us to do more, reach more, or earn more, we don’t seem to have the same attitude about updating our measurement tools and processes. Many public relations professionals continue to measure media exposure based on what the equivalent costs in advertising would be. And yet, that’s not a precise measure when it comes to earned media. How Mature Is Your Earned Media Measurement Strategy?

Bringing PR Measurement Into the Digital Era


Read on to learn more about how PR can bring measurement into the digital era. At Origami Logic , we recently conducted a survey of marketers with Brand Innovators and the results showed that companies innovative in the area of marketing performance measurement are striving to get a cross-channel perspective of campaign performance. The Benefits of PR Measurement Across Channels. This approach, however, is time-consuming and error-prone.

3 key metrics for measuring event marketing performance and ROI

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Event marketing has emerged as an effective strategy for strengthening customer relations, generating goodwill and building a trustworthy brand image. For this reason, it becomes imperative to measure event marketing performance as it plays a major role in determining the overall success of an enterprise. Besides, events are a great opportunity for consumers to interact […]. Marketing Public Relations measurement

How marketers are wooing consumers with augmented reality

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In consumers’ eyes, augmented reality (AR) is the touchstone for innovation. In addition, 44% of consumers want AR to improve shopping experiences by portraying products in real-life settings. However poor AR content can hurt consumer perceptions. Measure results.

Direct to Consumer Public Relations Guide: How to Market Directly to Consumers with PR


According to a recent study by IAB, named the rise of the brand economy in the 21 st century, the future of retail will be painted by direct to consumer relationships. The biggest problem is that many companies don’t know how to get started with direct to consumer PR. Understanding the Value of Direct to Consumer. The first step in taking advantage of the direct to consumer model is understanding what it is that makes this sales model so effective.