Accused former FIFA exec cites The Onion in defense video

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Warner argued that the corruption investigation was the result of “embarrassment” after losing a bid to get the 2022 World Cup, which was awarded to Qatar. If you’re planning a video to straighten out the facts in the wake of a crisis, be sure to check your sources.

10 skills the PR pro of the future will need (revised)

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Almost four years ago, I wrote a post titled “10 skills the PR pro of 2022 must have.”

What the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Means to You

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The carryforward is capped at 80% of taxable income (90% after 2022) or the carryover amount if less. On December 20, 2017, Congress passed the largest piece of tax legislation in many years. It makes dramatic changes for individuals and businesses.

Nike, other brands pulled into FIFA crisis

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Work conditions in Qatar in preparation for the 2022 World Cup have been called into question , with statements from sponsors including Visa, Coca-Cola and Adidas.

10 essential skills for the future of PR

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In 2012, I wrote a post titled " 10 skills the PR pro of 2022 must have." A lot has changed over the past four years. In Internet years, that's an eternity. It was based on trends I'd seen with clients, tidbits I'd picked up in talking to industry friends and bits of information I'd stowed away from online articles and posts. Here's a new list of skills for the PR pro of the future (with notes about what's been updated and deleted from that initial list in 2012).

FIFA: Arrests are for ‘the good of football’

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According to its descriptions of the people arrested, those involved with CONCACAF and CONMEBOL were also deeply involved in the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids.

Sponsors to FIFA: 'Reforms should be subject to independent oversight'

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FIFA’s past actions have only served to laugh in the face of those principles with its glaring lack of female leadership and accusations of deplorable working conditions in 2022 World Cup host country Qatar.

Coca-Cola, Visa, Adidas release statements on Qatar World Cup

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It’ll be seven years before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar kicks off, but the event has generated quite a bit of controversy already. World Cup organizers contend that no one has died in the process of building arenas for the 2022 event

PR's responsibility to the public

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and that ratio will increase by 2022, according to the U.S. People who don’t understand PR tend to conflate it with media relations. Though earning coverage is just one of many PR activities, the profound changes shaking the news business are good news for public relations.

Know Your Options as a PR Consultant

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Category: Flack Me Summary: For those choosing to go into PR—and many are, with PR projected to be one of the top 10 occupations by 2022, the career options are plentiful. PR pros can work for corporations, agencies, nonprofits, start-ups, or small businesses. They can specialize in a variety of areas that fall under PR, from producing content to crisis communications to media relations and more

9 Predictions for 2018

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Today I sit down with Bill D’Alessandro to make some predictions for 2018. We make some bold eCommerce predictions about: What retail companies will go bankrupt in 2018. How Amazon may make getting your FBA inventory into retail shelves incredibly easy.

10 Skills the PR Pro of the Future Will Need

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Almost four years ago, I wrote a post titled “10 skills the PR pro of 2022 must have.” ” It was based on trends I’ve seen with clients, tidbits I’ve picked up in talking to industry friends and little bits of information I’d stowed away from articles and posts I’ve read on the interwebs. Four years later, a lot has changed. I mean, four years isn’t that long in human years, right?

Starbucks to hire 240,000—and, possibly, you

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Starbucks is also making good on its promise to hire 10,000 refugees by 2022: It announced partnerships with the UN Refugee Agency, International Rescue Committee, Tent Foundation and No one Left Behind to help meet its goal.

3 lessons from McDonald’s vow of healthier kids’ fare

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Today, we are announcing our new 2022 global #HappyMeal goals. It wrote : By 2022, McDonald’s restaurants will add new Happy Meal offerings, reformulate or remove offerings from the Happy Meal section of the menu board to meet these goals. McDonald’s says it wants to get healthier.