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PRSA Colorado’s PR Paid Forward Program Connects Comms Pros With Nonprofits


The long-term trend undercuts corporate volunteer programs and nonprofit organizations that depend on volunteers. But even amid these sharp declines in volunteerism nationwide, the PRSA Colorado Chapter has seen an increase in volunteers for its community program called PR Paid Forward.

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Marketing and Communications are Essential Nonprofits’ Success

Landis PR

When I read the opinion piece in the Chronicle of Philanthropy titled “ Marketing Helps Nonprofits Reach People in Need. Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, without communications and outreach to communities, no one — especially those who stand to benefit most — will hear about a nonprofit’s work and services.”.


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Why Strong Communication is Critical to Nonprofit efforts

PRT Submitted Articles

Mission-driven organizations provide care, intervention, enrichment, inspiration, and critical resources to every community. You or someone you love has been impacted by organizations working to make their community better, solve an intractable problem, and build momentum towards a bigger future. We need mission-driven organizations.

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Nonprofit Communications Support *Pro Bono*

Reputation Us

We’re NOW accepting submissions for the 2015 Nonprofit Challenge – CLICK HERE for details The end of the year is quickly approaching and with that comes the conclusion of LTPR’s 2014 Nonprofit Challenge. The post Nonprofit Communications Support *Pro Bono* appeared first on LTPR.

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Winning PR Strategies For Nonprofits

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

” This is particularly true when a team works for a nonprofit that is tackling a persistent social problem or seeking the cure for a disease. Just like seasoned corporations and tech start-ups, nonprofits need to illustrate their story with compelling data that demonstrates the results of their efforts. Numbers tell the story.

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Philanthropist Craig Newmark on Ethical Communication


The webinar’s moderator, Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA, is an adjunct professor of communication at the University of Tampa in Florida. In February 2019, he donated $10 million to Columbia Journalism School, to launch a new center for journalism ethics and security. He asked Newmark what had inspired him to support these organizations. “My

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How Collaboration Enriches Communication


As social and public-health factors intensify an already noisy communications environment for organizations, agencies whose communicators collaborate well to address such challenges help build lasting partnerships with their clients. The same goes for the medium used to communicate the message. Ask fearless questions.