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Ignoring Criticism and a Damaging Reputation

Ronn Torossian

SeaWorld found itself involved in a big crisis management mistake made by the Orlando Business Journal. The post Ignoring Criticism and a Damaging Reputation appeared first on. The post Ignoring Criticism and a Damaging Reputation appeared first on.

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5 PR crisis management mistakes you should avoid

Agility PR Solutions

No matter how big your business may be, no company is invulnerable to a PR crisis. An ever-present threat to your brand’s reputation and social standing, there are many rights and many wrongs when it comes to PR crisis management.


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Can PR Take Ownership Of Reputation?

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In business as in life, reputation is everything. Few corporate CEOs will deny that a company’s reputation colors every aspect of business, including marketing, talent recruitment, employee relations, shareholder relations, and the customer experience. And reputation’s value seems to grow as a company scales.

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Crisis Management for Influencers

Ronn Torossian

A brand must be prepared for a possible reputation crisis caused by its influencers or spokespeople. To be as prepared as possible, here are some steps to take should a reputation crisis occur. The post Crisis Management for Influencers appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

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Reputation Risk Insurance: Exercise Your Protection

Reputation Us

Risk and insurance professionals are putting increasingly less emphasis on physical assets, and more focus on intangible risks such as cyber threats, business interruption and reputational risks. Today, most corporations value brand and reputation ahead of property, plants and equipment.”. Recognizing The Big Risk. Animal abuse.

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5 ways real-time media monitoring can help you measure brand reputation


As prestigious a brand’s internal identity can feel to its workers, one unfortunate move externally can break its name down to nothing. Brands must be cognizant of their reputation, and the best way to do that is by using real-time media monitoring. . But just how exactly can you measure brand reputation with RTMM?

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The Importance of Social Media in Crisis Management


Social media is an increasingly important element in a successful crisis management approach. With the recent increase in the use of social media in crisis situations, organisations across all sectors need to understand the benefits of incorporating it into their crisis plan. What is Crisis Management?