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How to Build Brand Value  


But the task of building and maintaining a lasting brand value is a t ricky one, requiring careful strategy and dedicated execution. In this blog, we’ll outline clear tactics you can implement to build brand value by building stronger brand awareness, protecting your brand, and increasing your brand reputation.

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The Importance of Social Media in Crisis Management


Social media is an increasingly important element in a successful crisis management approach. With the recent increase in the use of social media in crisis situations, organisations across all sectors need to understand the benefits of incorporating it into their crisis plan. What is Crisis Management?


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What Is Crisis Management And Why Its Important?


Crisis management is something every company needs to implement as part of its business processes. Without a documented plan, how would you handle a crisis? If you think you could never be the victim of a crisis, think again. This quote could not be any more true for crisis planning. What is a crisis?

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#19: Building a framework for reputation management


Building a framework for reputation management: Christopher Rivera @ Samsung. Christopher Rivera, Director of Reputation & Risk, Samsung Electronics America. Chris Rivera has led as the Director of Reputation & Risk at Samsung Electronics America for more than three years. Real-time risk management | Jump to text.

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Why it’s important to prepare for a PR crisis


Brands and businesses know how important it is to protect their reputation. In the midst of a crisis, reputations that have been so hard to build can be easily destroyed and the effects can be hard to undo. It doesn’t take much to provoke a crisis, sometimes just a simple mistake on social media can be enough.

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5 Tips For Responding To Negative Online Reviews

The Hoyt Organization

This means that one of the first things potential customers will do is look up your business online. Negative reviews can hurt your brand’s reputation and turn away potential customers. It gives you insights into customer concerns and perceptions about your brand.

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2024’s Top 5 PR Trends: What to Watch


Social Media Engagement Since the ultimate goal of PR is to manage and enhance public perception and reputation, having a strong social media presence is key. The statistics are in and according to Wyzowl, 89% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video in 2023. and Salesforce.

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