Wed.Feb 22, 2023

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February is American Heart Month – Meaningful Ways For Your Brand to Get Involved 

Ronn Torossian

February is American Heart Month and a great time for companies to show their support for heart health. They can raise awareness about the importance of taking care of one’s heart and share some important American heart month facts. There are a few different ways that companies can join in on American heart health month […] The post February is American Heart Month – Meaningful Ways For Your Brand to Get Involved appeared first on.

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7 Skills PR Teams Can’t Do Without

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The practice of public relations has probably evolved more rapidly in the past several years than ever before. The core skills we need as PR professionals have also changed. While traditionally PR work consisted of press releases, pitching, and occasional damage control, today’s PR teams must have a diverse digital skill set, including SEO strategy, social media savvy, data analysis and more.

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The 2023 path to AI maturity: Many companies have reached the mature level—but at what cost?

Agility PR Solutions

Brands and businesses have evolved in their AI journeys, with nearly half (48 percent) of organizations where AI is in production or already a part of business DNA rating themselves at the mature level, new research from AI training data firm LXT finds. But to achieve this, nearly half are investing $76 million or more annually in […] The post The 2023 path to AI maturity: Many companies have reached the mature level—but at what cost?

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How Video Marketing Is Reshaping Content Strategies

Contently - Strategy

Video is now the main way people consume content online. Much of that video content is pure entertainment , but consumers are itching for branded videos. In fact, 91% of people say they’d like to see more videos from companies they support. In response, brands are investing more in video marketing content than ever to meet such strong engagement and potential ROI.

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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Launch Marketing: Launch PR Strategy to Maximize your Brand Post Launch


If you are planning to launch a new product or business, you need an effective public relations strategy to tell the world about your endeavor. You have more choices nowadays than ever before when it comes to choosing powerful PR tactics. You can use both traditional offline PR methods as well as online marketing. Let’s look at some of the best ways to leverage PR to make sure that your next product or idea is a success.

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Time for a New Website?

HMA Public Relations

Redesigning your business site is a big move that can yield big results. Discover the signs it's time for a new website in this blog post from Justin Liggin.

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10 shocking SEO facts you wish you’d known all along

Agility PR Solutions

Search engine optimization is an ever-evolving field that surprises us with new developments and changes. From the importance of voice search to the rise of artificial intelligence, the SEO landscape is constantly shifting and adapting. Despite its importance, many things still need to be clarified about SEO. So, in this article, you’ll learn about ten […] The post 10 shocking SEO facts you wish you’d known all along appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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What If You’re Not ChatGPT? A Guide to Tech Communications in 2023

Stern + Associates

ChatGPT’s sudden emergence into the limelight was enough to shock the world, giving observers a glimpse of the awesome power of novel technologies. While ChatGPT’s rise was a great moment of success for the brand itself and for the mainstream adoption in AI, the moment had another unintended consequence, as it thrust technology creators and brands into the public spotlight.

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No Bull: Everyone Can be a Better Writer


Here are two resources to get you started. By Jill O’Mahony Stewart, MS, MA By February, those New Year’s resolutions are mostly in the rear-view mirror. At Weight Watchers, we have a saying, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” But you don’t slim down without modifying your eating habits and increasing your activity. When it… Continue reading No Bull: Everyone Can be a Better Writer The post No Bull: Everyone Can be a Better Writer appeared first on Culpwrit.

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Are Your Impact Comms Resonating With Stakeholders?

Whether your organization is at the start of its sustainability and impact journey or years into it, many brands share a common concern: the uncertainty of whether they are sending stakeholders mixed messages. Creating content that speaks to your audience's “love language” can be a tricky dance. But, worry not! 3BL has put together tips to ensure that your content not only finds its rhythm but also resonates with your target audiences.

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Interview with Bronte Charles, Digital Producer and Journalist for NITV

Medianet Australia

Bronte Charles is a proud Bundjalung Mununjali woman, working as a Digital Journalist and Producer for NITV (National Indigenous Television) at SBS. Bronte is a graduate of Macquarie University, the first of her family to attend university, where she was the recipient of three scholarships, including the Omnicom Media Group Australia scholarship for Indigenous students.

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AI tool explosion set to disrupt public relations

Wadds Inc.

A CIPR report considers the future impact of AI on public relation practice. A report published today by the CIPR finds that the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on public relations has been limited in the past five years but is set the explode. It identifies more than 5,800 tools with applications in public relations workflow but until very recently limited application of AI.

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Pitches That Placed: How to Pitch Thought Leadership to Forbes


On this week’s Pitches That Placed, we’re highlighting a pitch that landed a placement in Forbes that highlights a CEO of a company they represent.

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PR Profile: Hannah O'Donnell, Founder and Managing Director of Straight Up PR

Medianet Australia

Could you tell me about yourself and your role at Straight Up PR?

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5WPR Consumer Culture Report 2024

5WPR’s fifth annual Consumer Culture report takes a look at consumer spending culture, the biggest influences behind buying behaviors, and emerging trends.

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Maximizing Your PR Potential: A CEO’s Guide to Mastering Public Relations on a Busy Schedule

Victorious PR

If you are a BUSY business owner who deserves to be in top publications, podcasts, and even on TV — but NO time to figure out how to get there, If you are sick and tired of potential clients going to the other guy because they have never heard of you… If you struggle for those leads to know, like, and trust you… AND you have a team with no PR knowledge, you need to watch this video.

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BSA 2022 – the Accountable Person regime and key building information

Practical Law Construction

A key concept introduced by Part 4 of the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA 2022) is the Accountable Person (AP). Required in relation to every occupied higher-risk building , the AP is the “dutyholder” who has responsibility for the fire and structural safety of the building during occupation. Part 4 provides an overarching skeleton framework for identifying the AP and the duties they will be required to undertake.

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Maximizing Your PR Potential: A CEO’s Guide

Victorious PR

There’s a lot that goes on when you’re running a company, and CEOs especially have to successfully juggle multiple roles if they want their business to take off. There’s a lot of pressure when the success of your company is dependent upon your strategic direction, and you may wonder if you’re making the right call when you have to forgo things like branding or public relations because that money needs to go elsewhere.

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How to track marketing campaigns from start to end

Agility PR Solutions

Marketers deal with an abundance of data. From building effective campaigns to tracking customer journeys and responses—there’s a valuable data point for almost every single thing. Something that can benefit marketing funnels and yield better results. In this post, we’ll dive deep into the heart of all data that marketers deal with, i.e., campaign tracking. […] The post How to track marketing campaigns from start to end appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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What Regulations Will Impact Sustainability Comms in 2024?

Navigating the waters of sustainability reporting disclosures and regulations can be intimidating, to say the least. With various measures set in motion in 2023 to keep companies accountable, there is a lot in store for brands’ impact communication in the upcoming year. 3BL is kicking off this January with our Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Capricorn Edition by highlighting the impact of: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Climate disclosure rules The European Commission