Swipe Right! How to Win Over Influencers, Journalists, and Bloggers

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One of the most difficult tasks for an up-and-coming marketer is building meaningful connections with influencers , journalists, and blogger; you need to manage to stand out from a crowd of thousands of people clamoring for the attention of the few who can boost your signal.

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How To Master Branding in 2018

Ronn Torossian

When it comes to creating the perfect brand, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy. Even if there was an ultimate guide to branding, the marketplace and its trends change so frequently that it’s difficult to keep ahead of an ever-evolving space.

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How to reduce brand dilution with better stories

PR Daily

How can storytelling help preserve your brand’s value? New research suggests you must protect your brand voice internally to stick out from the crowd. My company recently partnered with FocusVision to study brand dilution in more depth.

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How to Become a Media Darling

Flack's Revenge

Every startup wants to be the belle of the media ball. brands? oversight, have discretion about what they cover, the $1M PR question is how to become the object of a media love fest. The Power of Brand. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of. brand.

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Challenger Brands: Here’s How To Win At PR

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Regardless of the industry, a challenger brand can have a natural PR advantage. Challenger brands can shake things up through unique points of view, innovation or a better story. But many brands don’t have Casper’s $240 million venture funding.

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How to Apologize If Your Brand Messes Up


Southwest’s apology was immediate and sincere, while it took United three attempts to finally begin to get it right. The post How to Apologize If Your Brand Messes Up appeared first on Prowly Magazine. How To crisis communication how to PRMissteps will happen. Some do a good job of apologizing (Southwest) while others not so much (United).

#PRStudChat Discusses Personal Branding & How to Land A Dream Job

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In a few months, seniors will graduate and look forward to pursuing new opportunities in the workplace. What’s the best way to get noticed between now and then? Using social media to launch your personal brand and help you land your dream job.

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This is How to Build a Brand With Soul


Even though there’s more data to work with than ever, it’s still terribly important to stick to the soul of your brand. Musings branding

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How to Turn Your Personal Story Into a Compelling Brand


The most important part of branding is storytelling. You must cultivate a brand story that adds context and meaning to what would otherwise be dull facts and figures. Your brand story should be authentic, relatable, and deeply human. Click To Tweet.

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How to Find and Work with Brand Evangelists


While connecting with influencers in your industry is a great way to reach a lot of people quickly, don’t leave out a more obvious — and often more attainable — source to help with your marketing: Brand evangelists. Where to Find ‘Em. All you have to do is find them.

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How to coordinate brand voice across global branches

PR Daily

It’s important to have a unified voice, but courting an international customer base presents unique challenges. Here’s how to overcome them. The goal is for your content across every channel to still come across as yours to your audience, even if it doesn’t have your name on it.

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How to Use AI to Build a Brand Narrative


AirPR’s new Research Trends TM provides insight into how to build a brand Narrative. When your brand builds a clear narrative and fine-tunes messaging, it clears the way for reaching both your customers and other decision makers.

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How to Boost Your B2B Content With A Brand Journalist


A brand journalist creates content which is useful, because it is reader-focused; relevant, because is it rich in information; authoritative, because it is verified and confirmed by trustworthy sources. And this is exactly the content a B2B company needs to engage its customers.

How to Establish Brand Identity: Top Tips From Jeff Barrett


When you think about big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s or Walmart, your mind conjures up specific images and feelings. These brands work hard to give off just the right impression to their audiences. Want to better connect with your audience?

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How to get traffic to your website and blog?


This is the question you ask when your website is brand new, when you post the first article on your blog, or your Google Analytics results are illustrated by the ECG death line. Today I want to focus. how to Social Media Marketing

How to Recover From a Brand Crisis


Crises happen to every brand, no matter how big or small they are. Verticals don’t matter; a B2B brand is just as likely as a B2C or nonprofit to face a crisis at some point. When one happens to your brand, will you recover?

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How To Develop A Winning PR Strategy

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

In our business, it means the blueprint or roadmap for how we’ll achieve PR or communications goals. Many confuse it with tactics, but those refer to the concrete activities or actions we take as we follow the strategy. A common mistake is to try to target too many audiences.

How to Use Instagram to Tell Your Brand’s Story


Determining how to present your brand and who you will target can quickly help brands decide what advice, tips or trends are worthy of pursuing. Learn how to successfully use Instagram to tell your brand’s story with these five tips.

How to Handle a Negative Tweet About Your Brand


If you’re paying attention to what’s being said about your brand on Twitter, you’re staying on top of b oth the glowing reviews and the snarky complaints. But what can you do to turn the negative comments into something positive? Pull back on your urge to spit poison her way.

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How to successfully pitch podcasts

PR Daily

Podcast audiences are a great, captive resource for PR pros looking to expand their reach. How can marketers like you get your CEO or brand spokesperson interviewed on a podcast that’s heard by tens of thousands, or even millions, of listeners? How to make your guest appealing.

How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis


This month, AirPR hosted the webinar “How to Protect Your Brand in a PR Crisis.” From Facebook to Starbucks, no brand is safe from a communications crisis. How and when your brand responds to the press is crucial to saving your brand’s reputation.

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How Best To Twitter – Everything You Wanted to Know, But Didn’t Have Time to Find Out

PR Matters

Besides living our lives, there are millions of us who want to keep up with our activities on Twitter and to know we’re doing a good job about it. That is, in the most efficient ways to benefit and strengthen the relationships we foster in our social media communities?

How to communicate your brand story through micro-content

PR Warrior

When it comes to social media, let’s face it, it’s really easy to do stuff. The post How to communicate your brand story through micro-content appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. We’ve all been there.

How to Create a Keyword Library for Your Brand


Using keywords that will help the right people find your website is essential for every facet of your marketing strategy from search engine optimization to social media to blogging to PR. The additional data you record in your keyword library is up to you.

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How to Sway Audience Perception and Project Your Brand as an Industry Leader


The post How to Sway Audience Perception and Project Your Brand as an Industry Leader appeared first on Prowly Magazine. Business Magazine brand business business relations social media

Is poor communication diluting your brand story? How to get messaging on track

Agility PR Solutions

Brands and businesses may be paying a hefty price for not properly locking down their messaging. The post Is poor communication diluting your brand story? How to get messaging on track appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

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How to recover your brand reputation after an ugly lawsuit

Agility PR Solutions

Any type of lawsuit is going to be bad for your company. Even if the lawsuit is completely unfounded, you’ll have to spend time, money, and other resources preparing a defense for yourself—and your brand reputation may be impacted, even if you’re found not guilty of whatever you’re accused of.

“Push” or “Pushy” — Here’s How to Get the Most out of Your Brand’s Digital Notices

Ronn Torossian

We all get them, but how much thought do you put into the potential of push notifications to enhance or detract from your brand? Consider this: two of the most important dynamics in any brand relationship are number of connections and immediacy of action.

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How to successfully write your bio

Public Relations Sydney

You should be proud of your professional accomplishments and creating a bio which reflects this can not only assist your professional development, it can also help to promote your personal brand to your target audiences, including the media or conference organisers.

PR Strategy: How to Make Journalists Happy

B2B PR Sense

How can public relations pros and journalists work better together? Read on to learn how to adapt your PR strategy to the needs of journalists in your industry to get the best results. But consider how this number has changed.

Why Fake News Could Be a Brilliant Opportunity for Brand Engagement


Instead of relying on media which are distrusted, brands can become media themselves, give their audience the information it needs, and position themselves as an interesting, relevant, and credible source. How To brand journalism fakenews how to

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How to Make Podcasting Work for Your Brand


So why haven’t you started a podcast for your brand yet? At her recent “ How to Become a Podcasting Master ” webinar, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone , host of MarketingProfs’ Marketing Smarts podcast , discussed the reasons why you should create a podcast for your brand and how to go about doing it.

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How to nail your next Instagram campaign

PR Daily

The popular image-sharing platform is a powerful tool for marketers looking to retarget online visitors and develop new audiences. Here are some important points to consider. Yet, there is a right way and a wrong way to handle your Instagram marketing strategy. Brand awareness.

How Can Brands Earn Trust in the Fake News Era?


We buy based on the content that we find and consume and based on the experience that the content and the brand provide. This is why fake news is such a problem for brands. The post How Can Brands Earn Trust in the Fake News Era? How To fakenews how to PRIt’s false content, and as such it diminishes consumer trust even more. appeared first on Prowly Magazine.

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How to Pitch Better Brand Stories


As a former TV reporter and anchor, one of the most common questions I get asked is, “How do I get on TV?” My answer sounds simple, but there is a lot to it: Find your brand’s newsworthy story. If you want earned media, you need to have a newsworthy story to tell. .

How To Woo Consumers: 7 PR Tips For Brands

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Can public relations help consumers fall in love with a brand? There are specific steps marketers must take to achieve full customer engagement. Make consumers love your brand. Define your brand’s “type.” The same goes for a brand courting a customer.

How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps


How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps. What just a few years ago seemed to spark disbelief, hardly surprises anyone anymore. Also, it comes as no surprise that more and more brands choose to focus their campaigns around digital influencers. The post How To Collaborate With Influencers In Six Simple Steps appeared first on Prowly Magazine. How To how to influencer marketing PR

How to Build Brand Awareness & Thought Leadership

Contently - Strategy

In 2010, Michael Dubin used to work at Time Inc., By 2017, he’d built a billion-dollar brand. How Dubin pulled it off is the stuff of marketing legend. ” The video only cost a few thousand dollars to produce, but it caught mainstream attention.

How Email Autoresponders Can Help Grow Your Brand


The post How Email Autoresponders Can Help Grow Your Brand appeared first on Prowly Magazine. How To email marketing how to PR

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How to Get Your Brand Noticed in a Crowded Market


You’re in a busy market, and not sure how to stand out from the crowd. What do you do when you don’t have the loudest voice, the biggest network or the most money to throw at marketing? Let’s discuss the best strategies to get noticed by the right audience for your brand.

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