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8 Keys to Reaching Gen Z on Social Media

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Category: Flack Me Summary: Publishers and brand managers are already trying to pinpoint what catches the attention of a generation that’s yet to come of age

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Trust and Online Reputation Management

The Proactive Report

Online PR Reputation Management online online reputation management ORM reputation reviews The 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer showed that there has been a considerable jump in trust for the opinions of “people just like me.”

How To Socialize Your Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

I’m often asked how organizations should go about beginning to socialize their crisis management plan throughout the depths of their organization. How do you go about socializing your crisis management plan?

Community Management: Quit Herding Cats


If media relations is an arm of public relations, community management is another. But how do you manage that community? These five tips hold the answers: Want to learn more about community management and its role in PR?

You Can’t Freeze Time, But You Can Manage It

Solo PR Pro

However, this post from Solo PR Pro Premium member, Daria Steigman has timeless (ha, ha, get it) advice on managing time. This column is about time: How we claim it as business owners, and how we can manage it to keep ourselves from being overwhelmed or letting critical tasks and projects slip through the cracks. Because there is no unified system of time management, I thought I’d give you nine tips from my own experience. By Daria Steigman, Steigman Communications.

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The PR Pro’s Role in Reputation Management

Solo PR Pro

Reputation management has been a recent topic of discussion in our Solo PR Premium Member Facebook Group (Shameless plug, if you’re a solo, this alone is well worth your membership – join us! ). What steps are you taking to oversee your client’s reputation management?

Important Crisis Management Strategies for Managing the Zika Virus

Melissa Agnes

As the Zika virus continues to spread, what are the major crisis management risks that healthcare organizations and government agencies should be thinking about? This is something we must always be mindful of when it comes to crisis management and crisis preparedness.

Six Time Management Tips for #PR #Agencies

PR Expanded

With that said, here’s a handful of tips on how to better manage your time and, perhaps, trick your clients into thinking you have magical powers. Time management isn’t just about making more time available, it’s about organizing your business so that employees can focus on billable hours.

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2017 Crisis Management That (Mostly) Worked

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Armchair PR experts get lots of mileage from critiquing crisis management by major brands and businesses this time of year. But in the spirit of fair play, here are some examples of reputation management that succeeded in 2017.

Managing Crises with Visual Content

Melissa Agnes

Underestimate it and you may find yourself managing a very unwanted and would-have-been-avoidable situation. The post Managing Crises with Visual Content appeared first on Agnes + Day. Crisis and Issues Management Crisis Communications Food for Thought

Online Reputation Management Guide for 2015

The Proactive Report

Online PR Reputation Management In his article for Forbes, Jonathan Salem Baskin points out that most crisis do not erupt overnight: C ontrary to the notion that reputations can be ruined in an instant, most crises are months or years in the making.

5 “Must Include” Items for your Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

I often get asked the following question: What should we include in our organization’s crisis management plan? The crisis management levels that all incidents should be categorized into. Your action plans are basically a crisis management check list for your crisis team.

Crisis & Reputation Management Top Financial Services Concerns

The Proactive Report

Management quality. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT. One aspect this report does not address is the Online Reputation Management that results from negative media coverage being indexed and ranked by the search engines and people sharing this content and adding comments on social media.

Managing Media Relations for a Publisher; Off Script No. 32: Rachael Wolensky of ALM

Sword and the Script

Her mother introduced her PR manager who talked to her about relationship building and the thrill of getting a big story for her company. It’s not part of reputation management for the business but for you. The post Managing Media Relations for a Publisher; Off Script No.

The Role of Technology in Social Media Management

The Proactive Report

As the digital world continues its headlong rush into the future, with new tools and toys popping up all the time, managing a brand’s social media program has become a very time-intensive activity. MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PR CAMPAIGNS.

Online Reputation Management: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

B2B PR Sense

And that means that, as a business, online reputation management should be a top priority. With the right reputation management services, you can change and improve how the world perceives you as a brand. 7 Tactics to Ensure a Standout Online Reputation Management.

The Role of Social Media in Crisis Management

The Proactive Report

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Yang Cheng, Assistant Professor of Public Relations, Department of Communication at North Carolina State University, on her research paper about the role of social media in crisis management.

Free Issues Management Response Flow Chart (For Your Use)

Melissa Agnes

Effective issues management is a hot topic these days, which makes sense considering that every week presents us with another organization in need of putting their issues management to practice. Guide your team to effectively manage any type of issue that may arise online.

Should You Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media?


The main objective here is to ensure your social media thrives, and if you’re getting in your own way because you don’t have time to manage it yourself, hiring a social media manager could be the best thing you do for your company. Why Do I Think I Want a Social Media Manager?

Leadership Training for Frontline Managers

Ron Torossian

Large companies should know that frontline managers should be given training and authority to act. Frontline managers are those noteworthy souls who, in most cases, oversee others efforts in a management role yet are given no authority to make policy or decisions.

How To Manage Controversial Issues

Melissa Agnes

Controversies are amongst the most difficult types of negative events to manage effectively. The crisis ready formula for effective management. Fortunately, there is a 4-step Crisis Ready formula for effectively managing the majority of controversial issues.

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Crisis Management for Influencers

Ron Torossian

The post Crisis Management for Influencers appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. A brand must be prepared for a possible reputation crisis caused by its influencers or spokespeople. To be as prepared as possible, here are some steps to take should a reputation crisis occur. Alerts It’s a simple and easy step, but oftentimes, one that gets forgotten. Find an alert system that works for you.

4 Reasons Your Assistant Shouldn’t Manage Your Social Media


Can’t my assistant manage that for us? Not to say that your assistant would deliberately sabotage your reputation, but if she’s not trained in managing social media, she could inadvertently cause your brand harm. Click here to manage crisis communication in a social world!

Crisis Management Concerns That Leave You Vulnerable

Melissa Agnes

’s Emergency Management Conference, where I put city officials through a simulated earthquake exercise. Information and best practices when it comes to hashtags and dark websites in crisis management. Crisis management concerns that absolutely need to be addressed.

38 Things PR Professionals Wish they Could Get Senior Management to Understand about Corporate Communications

Sword and the Script

The question we asked was as follows: “What is one thing you wish you could get senior leaders or senior management to understand about communications that you don’t think they understand today?”. Open-ended questions can sometimes be the most insightful part of a good survey.

Make Issues Management an Integral Part of your Corporate Culture

Melissa Agnes

But what about the incidents that occur that senior management never hears about? Air Canada recently went through such an occurrence – and their senior management team has no idea. Senior management may, but senior management isn’t always on the frontlines interacting with customers.

What are the Attributes of a Good Crisis Manager?

Melissa Agnes

I often get asked “what makes a good crisis manager?” For example, let me share a story from my youth that has translated into me being good at my job today… One of the attributes that make a good crisis management professional.

What To Look For When Engaging a Crisis Management Professional

Melissa Agnes

When you hire a crisis management professional or firm, whether prior to or during a crisis, expectations of both parties need to be clear. Surprises are not something you want to experience while managing a crisis, the crisis will present you with enough of those on its own!

5 Steps to Developping a Cyber Security Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

In fact, I’ve helped many organizations think through this risk and develop internal processes, protocols and a crisis management playbook that has provided them with an additional layer of protection and preparedness for this risk, which has proved to be highly beneficial.

The Biggest Crisis Management Lesson from the Jian Ghomeshi Scandal

Melissa Agnes

Editor’s note: This post discusses this scandal from a crisis management standpoint only. As the details continue to come out, there is a major crisis management lesson that needs to be learned from this scandal: The truth cannot be hidden.

Successful Crisis Management Reaches the Heart Before the Mind

Melissa Agnes

Never underestimate the power of emotion in crisis management. Emotion is often underestimated in crisis management. The power of inherent emotion in crisis management. So then how do you manage an emotionally impactful crisis?

The Importance of Adaptive Response In The First Moments of Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

If you’re in law enforcement or emergency management, I highly recommend the listen. Prioritization / Triage – ranking and managing various problems by severity and urgency. Not that those forms and lists don’t have a place in crisis management.

Issue Management: The Importance Of Choosing Your Lens

Melissa Agnes

Issues manifest all the time in business, and the way we manage our issues does one of two things: Chips away at the brand’s credibility and the trust its stakeholders have in it, over time; or. Crisis Ready Issue ManagementImage: Konontsev Artem | Shutterstock.

The First Step in Successful Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

I was recently asked what the first step in successful crisis management is, and I thought what a great question! In this week’s #crisisready video, I discuss what the first step in successful crisis management really looks like.

How To Convince Management To Invest In A Crisis Plan

Melissa Agnes

I get asked this question often: “How can I convince management that it’s in our best interest to invest in a crisis plan?” The two best ways to sell upper management on a crisis plan. Read: What To Look For When Engaging a Crisis Management Professional.

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When Is It OK to Implement an Offensive Crisis Management Strategy?

Melissa Agnes

What is the goal of crisis management? The goal of crisis management is to salvage your organization’s reputation and bottom line when presented with a bad or threatening situation – or so says the majority of people.

Wells Fargo’s Crisis Management Fail

Melissa Agnes

As a result, they’re faced with one of the most difficult crises to manage: a crisis of corporate culture. In this week’s #crisisready video I highlight the bank’s two biggest crisis management fails.

The Magic Formula for Managing Stress in a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

Not to mention that, as a study recently confirmed, stress is contagious , which makes it even more important to effectively manage in a crisis. Whether you want to hear it or not, the secret to managing stress in highly and negatively impactful situations is to be as prepared as possible.

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7 PR Tips For Digital Reputation Management

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

One foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management. The growth of social and digital media, of course, presents both challenges and opportunities for reputation management.

The Correlation Between Corporate Culture and Successful Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

Your corporate culture directly impacts your organization’s crisis management. Successful crisis management has a lot to do with an organization’s corporate culture and the mindset it instils in its team members. The same goes for issues management.

The Secret to Upper Management Success

HMA Public Relations

What is the secret to upper management success? The post The Secret to Upper Management Success appeared first on HMA Public Relations.

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?


Depending on how carefully that person has managed their online presence, there may be a selection of social media profiles, news reports, press releases, and website articles to browse through. Why is Online Reputation Management Important? Online Reputation Management really matters.

Using Lean Management to Communicate in a Great Way

Ron Torossian

Lean management is a holistic approach to running a company and how your organization can benefit from this style of communication. Once you, as CEO, are convinced of the value of lean management, then the shift to it begins to happen.