9 steps for developing your internal communications plan

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Here is a nine-step approach to creating your internal communications plan: 1. Measure your activity. Measurement transforms internal communications from a shot in the dark to an effective management tool. simple, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely.

Corporate communicators struggling with internal measurement—here are the obstacles

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A large majority (84 percent) of communicators want to implement some form of measurement to determine employee engagement, but they say they often lack the budget and technological resources to do so, according to new research from internal email comms firm PoliteMail Software. The post Corporate communicators struggling with internal measurement—here are the obstacles appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations measurement


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How internal communications will change again in 2021

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Think multi-channel and measured. RELATED: Attend our Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Virtual Conference ]. Executives demand more from communications measurement. However, internal communications is most often devoid of such metrics and data.

How employee resource groups enhance internal comms efforts

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As organizations grapple with racial and social justice issues facing the world, employee resource groups can be a great way to help advance DE&I both internally and externally. The post How employee resource groups enhance internal comms efforts appeared first on PR Daily.

How to measure your DE&I efforts

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So how can organizations set measurable, provable goals and start to make a difference? To have measurable goals, your framework needs to take quantifiable outputs into consideration from the beginning. What can be measured?

What are the key skillsets for internal communicators in 2021 and beyond? 6 comms pros share their views

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If you have no framework by which to measure or gauge such things, here are 13 factors that affect mental health at every company. Bolster your skills and learn from industry experts at Ragan’s 2021 Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Conference.

How to reimagine your measurement toolkit for the ‘next normal’

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In order to prove your value as a communicator in the future, your measurement will have to be more sophisticated and take advantage of these emerging tools. Sadly, none of those wonderful benefits are measured by what most people use for metrics these days.

Chats with Chip: Ryan Williams on Internal Communications and Measurement

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The most recent episode of Chats with Chip featured a conversation about internal communications and measurement with Ryan Williams , a partner with Tekara Effectiveness. Ryan, who has 20 years of experience in this field, illuminated trends, difficulties, and advantages of formulating a regular plan to measure and implement internal communication tactics. Despite the positives of internal communications strategies, Ryan recognizes the difficulties.

What will internal communications look like in 2021?

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Katie Liston, head of marketing for Contact Monkey, shared some key findings from a recent global survey of internal communicators. With the events of 2020 reshaping so much of the employee experience, it’s no surprise that the internal communications world was transformed as well.

5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

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Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards. In 2017 McKinsey found that only 17% of companies report investing in some form internal communications technology. Internal comms should be easy on the eyes.

How Edmunds measures the quality of earned media

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James-Armand explains the goal, strategy and how it measures success below. One of our most effective levers is our team of internal experts which has earned a reputation for being a credible, reliable resource to other media outlets who frequently quote their opinions and commentary.

How internal comms and PR can collaborate and harmonize

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If you trust your internal communication team to support a business initiative internally, why stop there? Getting approvals from internal stakeholders. Look internally. Look no further than the other side of the aisle to the internal communications team for help. Internal comms is a content factory that specializes in creating and publishing content that supports your PR goals. Having processes in place, from idea generation to publishing to measurement.

COVID-19: What?s changed (and has not) about internal communication

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Reliance on managers by leadership, human resources and communicators is more important than ever when it comes to internal outreach—even if they have had limited or no experience keeping a remote team engaged. How are you keeping a pulse on the organization and measuring the success of your communication efforts? The post COVID-19: What’s changed (and has not) about internal communication appeared first on PR Daily.

3 Steps to a Data-Driven Internal Communications Plan in 2021


As you think about your internal communications plans for 2021, you must first recognize the challenges and changes that occurred in 2020. While this is not always possible due to resources, you might try teaming internal communicators up to examine each other’s area of control.

Covid-19 Recession Places Renewed Emphasis on PR Measurement & Evaluation

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Economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic increases the importance of PR measurement and evaluation. Signs of Improving PR Measurement. The survey indicates growing appreciation of PR measurement. Yet relatively few PR pros say measurement is one of their common activities.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communication


Here are five key takeaways from IPR’s white paper about how to improve internal communications: 1. Treat your internal publics like your external publics. “Internal communications should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all proposition.” But when you want to get information out internally how do you do it? The point that IPR makes is that we spend much more time personalizing our messaging externally than we do internally. Measure.

Offer strategy to leaders, not measurement datapoints

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Dissatisfied with your ability to measure effectiveness and return on investment? Forty-four percent of respondents are dissatisfied with their ability to measure communications’ effectiveness, Ragan’s State of Communications 2020 survey of nearly 800 professionals. Digital measurement leads. Website traffic, including clicks and time spent, is a measuring stick for 60%, and 51% keep an eye on the number of social media followers.

A New Era for Measuring Communications Campaigns


We all know it’s important to measure our PR campaigns. However, according to Muck Rack’s 2020 “State of PR Survey,” 64 percent of public relations pros still struggle with quantifiable measurement — a 1 percent improvement from last year’s findings. Surprisingly, MuckRack’s report revealed that more pros reported measurement as a challenge than COVID-19-related issues including losing clients/revenue or placing coverage during this news cycle.

To rev up internal engagement, think like a marketer

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Applying tactics that range from launching an intranet campaign to reorganizing the newsletter, Ellie Mae boosted internal engagement. Run your internal comms like a marketer” is a rallying cry seldom heard across the land. Yet Sara Karam Holtz, director of internal communications at Ellie Mae , is doing just that—drawing on her background as a marketer to better reach her internal audience. We were able to measure what worked and what didn’t.”.

How to measure PR

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If the title ‘How to measure PR’ got you hooked and you came here in search of the silver bullet that will tell you how to measure exactly how successful your PR is then you’re going to be disappointed. And there is definitely no silver bullet that will measure the ROI on your investment in public relations. Measuring the ROI of PR is a myth. Don’t ask how, but ask why you measure PR. Measuring ROI is a myth.

How a PR Pro changed the measurement landscape

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Within a week I’d put together a business plan for a company built around measurement. I handed in my resignation, and launched the Delahaye Group, which was essentially the first company focused entirely on measuring PR. Over time, as the role of our clients expanded to include events, analyst relations, internal communications and social media, we had to continuously reinvent ourselves and figure out how to measure each new technology or discipline.

Communications Careers: Measuring Progress in Steps Through Peaks & Valleys

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I recently read an inspirational tweet about progress being measured in steps. This is important because the measure of achievement is not about becoming a CEO, it’s about feeling that you’ve got to where you wanted and fulfilled your potential. CommunicationsMatch Measuring Progress PR Success public relations Simon LockeA Guest Post Simon Erskine Locke, Founder & CEO of CommunicationsMatch TM.

Survey: Measurement, storytelling cited as top weaknesses

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From PR pros to internal communicators, tracking one’s impact is a top concern. A wide range of communicators—from public relations pros to human resources specialists—perceive measurement as their major Achilles’ heel. A Ragan survey of 576 communication professionals reveals that most place measurement at or near the top of their weaknesses. Among PR pros, 50% confessed that measuring their impact was a weakness. Internal communicators.

Monday Roundup: Internal Communications

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It’s impossible to communicate your brand’s value and mission to the general public without first communicating it well internally. So how can you gain cohesiveness in your organization through internal communications? The new ‘ABCs’ of Internal Communication: 3 steps to becoming a business communicator. The case for internal communications. Building Your Business With Internal Collaboration. Measuring employee engagement in internal communication.

5 blunders to avoid with your internal podcast

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What metrics can you use to measure its success? Despite a wide variety of preferences, the largest segment of employees favored podcasts that provided insights from company leaders or “deeper discussions” of internal news. Whenever possible in business, you should seek to measure your performance in the hopes of identifying problems and making organizational improvements. The post 5 blunders to avoid with your internal podcast appeared first on PR Daily.

AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper M3 tool lets PR professionals benchmark their comms measurement

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Measurement Maturity Mapper (M3) is a fantastic new tool from AMEC (the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) to help public relations professionals benchmark how they do their communications measurement and evaluation. I was lucky enough to… Continue Reading → corporate communications Measurement and Evaluation public relations

16 stellar blogs and websites to fuel internal communication success

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FREE REPORT: Benchmark your internal comms efforts against your peers ]. This digital employee engagement platform is built for HR and communications teams to increase productivity and accurately measure outcomes. Backstitch’s writers cover a broad range of internal comms-focused topics, including legal tips and specific how-tos that might make your job easier. Institute of Internal Communication. Internal Communications

Storytelling, PR, and Measurement

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” Today, policing can be found through the organizations that are measuring the paid, earned, shared, and owned results of their public relations efforts. PR practitioners now must be able to work with big data and possess the skills needed to measure what matters in order to ensure that their stories are engaging and also truthful and transparent. So it seems 50% of PR pros are not measuring, but in all reality they should be. Start off by only measuring what matters.

The VR/AR Measurement Challenge

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As communicators begin to test the waters to see how and when they might use VR and AR technologies as part of their public relations plans, that persistent question has started to surface: “How the heck are we going to measure this?”. I’m sure that there are people out there who argue this is putting the cart before the horse—we need to understand the useful application of VR and AR before we can even think about tying it to business goals and determining how to measure it.

One Thing you CAN’T Measure in PR

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PR measurement has evolved, with the addition of solutions such as SeeDepth and AirPR. And international initiatives such as the Barcelona Principles aim to take a fresh look and improve the craft (see this Cision blog post ). Yet there is one thing that is impossible to measure – and is ignored at our own peril. Don’t we just care about coverage, website traffic/conversions, i.e. things that can be measured? You can’t measure this kind of impression.

PRSA 2016 International Conference: Be Aggressive, Be Audacious, Be Bold


The PRSA 2016 International Conference in Indianapolis brought together some of today’s top thought leaders in the field of communication– and then some. In addition to finding and establishing relationships with the right influencers, Sullivan also emphasized the importance of metrics and tying measurable objectives to these relationships in order to ensure you’re getting a clear ROI out of your influencer campaigns.

Measurement Mavens: The Team that Created the Internal Communications Measurement Standards

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The Measurement Maven of the Month Award this month goes to the team that created the internal communications measurement standards. You can read all about their work in our article “The Best New Thing In the World: Internal Communications Measurement Standards.” The post Measurement Mavens: The Team that Created the Internal Communications Measurement Standards appeared first on Paine Publishing

Measurement experts: Solid metrics and trust go hand in hand

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The key to the ‘next normal’ is measurement, as usual.”. At PR Daily’s Media Relations & Measurement Virtual Conference on May 14 , Paine, founder and CEO of Paine Publishing, offered her observations on metrics—what has changed and what remains constant—in a tandem presentation with Johna Burke, global managing director of AMEC. With regard to measuring content, she equates sharing with trust. Also: “Measure the outcome, not the media,” she advises.

How to Best Measure Your PR Success

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PR teams have long deplored the challenges of how to best measure your PR success and effectively report program results. Yes, it can be difficult to understand how to justify your team’s hard work to management, or to measure PR’s contribution to the bottom line. With a variety of measurement categories available, it can be challenging to select the right mix. But, don’t forget about measuring the quality of coverage. How does one measure the quality of coverage?

3 Ways to Measure Employee Communication

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Your average internal communicator is lonesome. There’s a magazine and intranet to write for, multiple special projects, and internal social media. That, my friends, is why employee communication measurement is in the state it is in. I know the rationale: Not a numbers person, got into this field to write, my boss doesn’t care about measurement, leadership understands our value, etc. Measurement is absolutely essential. Measure what you are covering internally.

Measure Your PR Like a Super Sleuth


Master PR measurement? What does Nancy have to teach us about PR measurement? It’s actually two ecosystems, the one internal to your organization and the one external. Internally, PR intersects with marketing, sales, production, upper management, et cetera. It’ll come in handy when it comes to measuring PR against program and business objectives. The same principle applies to PR measurement. Use it to improve efforts and measurement.

How Humana measures the benefits of its enterprise social network

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Measure the impact of your enterprise social network ,” Smith explains how to establish ROI. RELATED: Join the live webcast of our sold-out Role of Internal Communications in Building an Innovative Work Culture Conference. ]. The post How Humana measures the benefits of its enterprise social network appeared first on PR Daily. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Social MediaYou know you are making a difference by opening up discussion in a social channel.

Why Metrics Matter: Day One at the AMEC International Summit


This week hundreds of communication professionals have jetted off to London for the 8 th annual Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) International Summit. This year’s theme, “Making Metrics Matter: Taking Measurement Mainstream,” highlights why metrics are imperative to success and how to make measurement relevant to any company or organization. Without the right metrics, you haven’t got good measurement.”.

Inside Innovation: Smoking Gun PR’s innovative approach to PR measurement

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How refusing to offer AVE’s led to two global AMEC awards and very happy clients On May 17th, 2017 AMEC announced the winners for their International Communication Effectiveness awards. The award winners are all leading the way in modern PR measurement but when we saw that Smoking Gun PR from Manchester, UK won two awards we had to get in touch and find out their secrets. How did you measure the effectiveness of the campaign?

Report: Measuring PR’s value remains communicators’ top challenge

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Muck Rack’s “The State of PR 2019” report revealed that measurement remains PR pros’ biggest challenge with 72% saying they struggle to measure the business impact their efforts produce and 65% saying they lack quantifiable metrics for their campaigns. Along with measurement, nearly two-thirds of PR pros (61%) grapple with finding and engaging relevant journalists, and the same amount feel pressured by shrinking budgets.

Report 131