Thu.Sep 22, 2022

3 Streaming Trends PR Pros Should Watch

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Streaming is booming. From the powerhouse Netflix, to more niche apps like horror channel Shudder, Connected TV (CTV), and Over the Top (OTT) usage has become a part of everyday life. There are now well over 200 streaming services available today with 85% of U.S.

How to truly encourage work-life balance

PR Daily

Getting the message across is half the battle. In the wake of the COVID pandemic, employees across all industries have called for an improved sense of work-life balance.


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5 ways real-time media monitoring can help you measure brand reputation


As prestigious a brand’s internal identity can feel to its workers, one unfortunate move externally can break its name down to nothing. Brands must be cognizant of their reputation, and the best way to do that is by using real-time media monitoring. .

8 takeaways from Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Pre-Conference

PR Daily

Insights from the first day of Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Conference in Walt Disney World. Three days of insights, networking and a little bit of pixie dust started at Walt Disney World Wednesday with the pre-conference workshops for Ragan and PR Daily’s Social Media Conference.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a PR Crisis

Any brand is vulnerable to bad press, so we compiled key strategies into our PR crisis management guide. From managing your team and crafting your responses to keeping tabs on the conversation, this guide is for anyone tasked with brand management.

What is the metaverse, why does it matter and how does it work?

Stuart Bruce

When Facebook changed its name to Meta last year, it catapulted the metaverse into the mainstream news agenda. But what is the metaverse? Or should … © Stuart Bruce - What is the metaverse, why does it matter and how does it work?

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3 ways to avoid a PR nightmare

Agility PR Solutions

Public relations problems could be catastrophic for a business. There’s an obviously good reason why so many huge corporations have to invest a ton in PR. Cultivating favor from current and prospective customers is critical to a business’s ability to generate revenue.

6 keys to creating non-cliché content marketing

PR Daily

Be part of the 1%. The problem with so much of content today? Frankly, it’s cliché. Nothing is less differentiating or exciting than stale content repackaging well-trodden ideas. Audiences know it, too.

3 in 4 consumers use mobile ads to discover new apps—what marketers need to know

Agility PR Solutions

Newly released research from app economy platform ironSource provides data around the app discovery habits of consumers, and dives into which types of ads are preferred, how often they use their downloaded apps, why they use their apps, and more.


Global PR Podcast Sheds Light on a Variety of Topics

HMA Public Relations

From ESG to sustainability to creative compensation, the PRGN Presents podcast features a wide range of topics and offers insight from PR professionals from around the globe. Find out more on how to listen in this post from Abbie Fink. PRGN Public Relations podcast prgn podcast prgn presents


How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

How to maximize your marketing on Shopify

Agility PR Solutions

The e-commerce platform Shopify has made it incredibly easy for practically anyone to create their own digital store and start generating sales. All that a business owner needs to do is ensure that there is an audience that wants to purchase the solutions that the company will provide.

How conflict can add news value to your brand’s story

Axia PR

Earn more news media coverage by pitching stories with conflict. Everyone loves drama. Yes, even you. Look at the news — story after story includes some sort of physical or emotional conflict, from sports rivalries to company comparisons to celebrity face-offs.

More than 6 in 10 organizations don’t collect enough data to improve customer experience

Agility PR Solutions

New research from conversation intelligence firm CallMiner identifies how organizations today are collecting and acting on customer data to effectively overcome challenges, maximize opportunities and drive better experiences.


This Week in PR Ethics (9/22/22): Misinformation, NyQuil, Conflict of Interest and Walking the Walk

Ethical Voices

This week there were quite a few ethical issues. TikTok was involved in two, including it suggesting misinformation to promoting unhealthy viral challenges. Another common theme was where do you draw the boundaries when it comes to student loan forgiveness to public/work-life boundaries.


2022 Media Database Buyer’s Guide

To maintain accurate contact information for journalists and influencers, a homegrown database doesn’t cut it. Cision created the go-to guide for selecting a new media database. Download and learn how to choose the right media database for you!

Cold, colder…

Maxim Behar

Autumn is coming, and before that - as you well know - it was summer. What comes after autumn, you know even better. And because we are already informed about everything and at any time, we know that in Germany, in Great Britain, in Spain or Belgium.


Maxim Behar on the life of Elizabeth II

Maxim Behar

Host: Mariana Hill and Maxim Behar are now in the studio to look back at the years of Queen Elizabeth, while also looking to the future of the monarchy now in the hands of King Charles III. Let's start with this. What will you remember her by?