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How to Distribute Press Releases Like a Pro

Business Wire

Developing a marketing strategy is a multifaceted process that requires careful planning and consideration. It begins with thoroughly analyzing your target audience, market trends, and competitors. Defining clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) helps you measure the success of your strategy. Understanding your audience’s needs, preferences, and behaviors allows you to craft targeted messaging.

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Podcast listeners pay more attention to ads than other media consumers

Agility PR Solutions

Unless they’re watching the Super Bowl, a great many viewers and listeners tend to tune out ad messages on TV, radio and other media with audio—and increasingly so in this age of hyper-skeptical consumers. But new research from digital audio industry resource Sounds Profitable finds this isn’t the case with all audiovisual media—podcasts have not […] The post Podcast listeners pay more attention to ads than other media consumers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Social Listening vs. Social Monitoring – What’s the Difference?

Buchanan PR

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash In the dynamic world of digital communication, harnessing the power of social media is a critical element in any successful public relations and marketing strategy. It’s important for brands to have a pulse on their digital audiences, helping to generate an understanding of online public perception and engagement. In order to capture this information, many digital specialists turn to social media listening and social media monitoring.

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Semantic search vs. keyword search: Which is better for your SEO?

Agility PR Solutions

Wondering about the relative merits of semantic search vs keyword search? When it comes to optimizing your SEO strategy, it’s vital to be aware of how these two processes work. Understanding how search engines negotiate today’s online environment is the key to reaching potential customers more effectively. This article explains what keyword-based and semantic search […] The post Semantic search vs. keyword search: Which is better for your SEO?

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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Public Relations Guide To Utilizing Google Alerts

The Hoyt Organization

It’s vital to know if consumers are talking about your brand online and what they’re saying about it. This lets you monitor customers’ sentiments about your brand, identify potential issues, and engage with customers. To keep track of customer sentiments, rankings, and keywords PR professionals use several tools at a go, which can be tasking.

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Marketing for Memorial Day

Axia PR

Understand the meaning of Memorial Day so your company doesn’t make a faux pas. Companies often view national holidays as a way to connect with consumers and tie themselves to a national story. Sometimes this is done tastefully; other times, however, it leaves the consumer with a bad taste in their mouth. Due to current trends in our culture and marketing saturation, the original purpose of a holiday can be overlooked.

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Wadds Inc.

A call for fresh, bold thinking to reimagine Britain’s future and its role in the world. A new book will explore the future of Britain through the perspective of corporate communications and public relations practitioners. Our vision is to help frame policy that will contribute to the future of the UK economy and society. The project's working title is Renewal.

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From Crisis Point to Turning Point

Maxim Behar

“The Global PR Revolution” is delving into ethics, morality, accuracy, and transparency — but the fact is that the gist of our job has always been to tell the truth, and this is what we’ve been doing in our everyday lives. Nothing proves this point better than the giant scandal that shocked the UK, South Africa, and the entire global PR community, culminating in September 2017, just as I started and restarted this book: the Bell Pottinger case.

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Journalist Spotlight | Interview with Jason Blake, Digital Editor for Limelight Magazine

Medianet Australia

Medianet is joined by Jason Blake, Digital Editor of Limelight Magazine. In the interview, Jason delves into the changing landscape of arts writing and his curatorial process in editing Limelight.

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Are Your Impact Comms Resonating With Stakeholders?

Whether your organization is at the start of its sustainability and impact journey or years into it, many brands share a common concern: the uncertainty of whether they are sending stakeholders mixed messages. Creating content that speaks to your audience's “love language” can be a tricky dance. But, worry not! 3BL has put together tips to ensure that your content not only finds its rhythm but also resonates with your target audiences.

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The Legendary Prince with a Spanish Passport and Bulgarian Heart.

Maxim Behar

By Simona Dimitrova, 24 hours Daily, Sofia, Bulgaria "It was my second or third meeting with King Simeon II in Madrid, with whom we became close friends after first meeting him in 1992, and since then, I have interviewed him several times before. I was telling him what was going on in our country what are the news, how is doing what and also – how impatient people are waiting for him.

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How ESPN, LADbible, and more achieve success with their Facebook Pages


News engagement levels on Facebook have fluctuated significantly over the last few years. That’s true of what’s successful on the platform too, with the type of publishers and content seeing the most success on Facebook is different in 2024 to what we saw in, say, 2020. Hard news is taking a backseat for now, and while there’s a fair amount of news publishers that still drive a lot of public interest on Facebook, entertainment and sports content are currently the platform’s star performers.

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The art of crafting a perfect apology in public relations

Agility PR Solutions

Because of how interconnected the world is nowadays with instantaneous communication channels, a single misstep can rapidly spiral into public relations crisis. With social media and the internet growing every day, customers and others can share their opinions with huge audiences in an instant. In this environment, knowing how to properly apologize in public is […] The post The art of crafting a perfect apology in public relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Why has Sydney Sweeney become the most divisive woman in Hollywood?

Mark My Words

L:ondon Evening Standard The tug of war yielded no clear winners and only one clear loser: Sydney Sweeney. Or had she really lost? She was still at the centre of the conversation, after all. This isn’t the only time Sweeney has unwittingly become the centre of a political storm. The actress was lambasted by the Left last year after she attended a birthday party for her mother where guests were pictured in Make America Great Again-styled caps.

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5WPR Consumer Culture Report 2024

5WPR’s fifth annual Consumer Culture report takes a look at consumer spending culture, the biggest influences behind buying behaviors, and emerging trends.

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Election 2024: A Guide for Building Stability in Unstable Times

Stern + Associates

From AI-generated deepfakes to the spread of misinformation online, the 2024 election cycle is proving to be confusing and disruptive, no matter where in the world you’re voting. With 65% of CEOs indicating geopolitical concerns are among the top disruptors they expect to face over the coming 12 months, and climate issues, DEI’s validity and questions about democracy itself not far behind, business leaders have much to consider as they make important decisions for their employees, organizations,