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Effective Crisis Communications Strategies for Travel and Tourism Companies

Ronn Torossian

When a crisis occurs, the reputation and viability of travel and tourism companies can be severely impacted. Effective tourism crisis management and crisis communication strategies are essential to manage these […] The post Effective Crisis Communications Strategies for Travel and Tourism Companies appeared first on.

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Crisis Management: Challenges Affecting Crisis Communication


Creating an effective crisis management plan can be a hard task for any communication team. Not only because of risks associated with crises—including everything from the damage of reputation to loss of key customers—but because creating a detailed plan for an unknown event is a challenge.


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Crisis Communications: Preparation and Management Essentials


A crisis situation can disrupt operations, damage reputations, destroy shareholder value, and trigger other threats. However, if you have the proper crisis management plan in place, it is easier to effectively manage a crisis and protect your brand reputation, ultimately safeguarding your entire organization.

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16 PR Crisis Management Examples: What (Not) to Do


Crisis management examples show that some brands handle these crises well, while others… Not so much. Today we’ll make sure you fall […] The post 16 PR Crisis Management Examples: What (Not) to Do appeared first on Prowly Blog.

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ICON 2023 Q&A: Talking Crisis Communications With Amazon’s Barbara Agrait


16, she shared her international perspective to students in a session titled “Diverse Roots, Universal Impact: Humanizing Reputation and Crisis Communications.” ” Beforehand, Agrait talked with PRsay about crisis management. You should do trainings, mock [crisis situations] and exercises.

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Crisis Communications Expert Shares Invaluable Insights on Software Spotlight Podcast

David PR Group

In today’s fast-paced digital world, crises can strike any organization at any time, putting reputations and bottom lines at risk. He shared real-life examples of crises he has navigated, highlighting the importance of effective communication, quick response, and a well-crafted strategy.

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PR Crisis Management Guide (w/ Strategies and Examples)


At a time when crises arise on all sides – from your company actions to TikTok challenges – formulating crisis management strategies in public relations is a must.