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Corporate Communication: Create Opportunity out of Crisis

Ronn Torossian

Crisis communication is a subspecialty of PR, and it’s designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Crisis communications aim to help an organization minimize damage to its reputation from negative publicity during a critical event or situation.

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Biggest corporate crisis

Mark My Words

Horner was interviewed by the press, calling the claims against him a mere “distraction”, in a strategy that crisis comms pro Mark Borkowski referred to as “Horner playing hardball”, and cautioned could cause further problems for Red Bull.

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How does a CEO’s Personal Brand Impact Corporate Reputation?


Today, corporate reputation is directly impacted by and intertwined with a CEO’s personal brand. Brand and corporate reputation are now a key drivers of business performance – meaning that the desire for positive stakeholder sentiment has surpassed the importance of profit margins. How can a CEO affect corporate reputation?

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Five trends shaping the future of the corporate communications function

Wadds Inc.

A new report identifies five critical trends to future proof the corporate communications function. The corporate communication function is at the forefront of this challenge. This paradox is at the heart of corporate communications and media business models. It comprised Prof. Stefan Stieglitz, University of Potsdam; Prof.

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Supercharge Your ESG Content This Libra Season

Throughout Climate Week, a feeling of urgency on tackling the climate crisis was palpable. Yet, questions continue to linger about corporate progress. Are we truly moving the needle or are we stuck in a cycle of empty statements and a flood of reports and guidelines?

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Corporate collusions, crisis communications and regulations

Agility PR Solutions

Recently, the car corporations Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz, along with the parent company Daimler, were fined $1 billion by the European Union because they had spent years colluding on ways to slow down the deployment of technology that would allow for cleaner emissions.

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Navigating the new era of corporate communication: AI as the catalyst of spokesperson excellence

Agility PR Solutions

In an age where every statement can be amplified across the globe in seconds, and the line between a company’s success and crisis often hinges on the effectiveness of its communication, the stakes have never been higher for corporate spokespeople.

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