Crisis management—navigating the new frontier of corporate cybersecurity

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The world of crisis management has changed dramatically, and continues to swiftly shift as what constitutes a crisis and how organizations respond both continue to evolve. The post Crisis management—navigating the new frontier of corporate cybersecurity appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Analysis Public Relations crisis

5 “Must Include” Items for your Crisis Management Plan

Melissa Agnes

I often get asked the following question: What should we include in our organization’s crisis management plan? While a crisis preparedness program is far more extensive than simply the plan (the plan being but one component – albeit a very important component – of the program), following are 5 sections I highly recommend should be included within any organization’s crisis management plan or playbook. 5 important elements to include in your crisis plan.

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Behind the Scenes: Tactical Crisis Management Lessons from the Frontlines

Melissa Agnes

Discover how utility company, Alectra, successfully manages issues and crises as a regular course of business—and how their learnings and successes can be implemented into your crisis ready program. A look at Alectra’s post-crisis debriefing structure and processes.

Wells Fargo’s Crisis Management Fail

Melissa Agnes

It’s clear that Wells Fargo has proven to NOT be crisis-ready for multiple reasons. As a result, they’re faced with one of the most difficult crises to manage: a crisis of corporate culture. In this week’s #crisisready video I highlight the bank’s two biggest crisis management fails. Take a look: What do you think of Wells Fargo’s crisis response?

The Correlation Between Corporate Culture and Successful Crisis Management

Melissa Agnes

Your corporate culture directly impacts your organization’s crisis management. Successful crisis management has a lot to do with an organization’s corporate culture and the mindset it instils in its team members. For example, an organization that has a corporate culture of “no comment” – and thus a mindset of no comment – will inevitably resist communication for as long as possible in a crisis.

Is the Best Defense an Offensive Crisis Management Strategy?

Melissa Agnes

I recently published a blog post discussing when it is OK to implement an offensive crisis management strategy. ” While this little saying is well known and has its purposes, I’d like to examine its implication and particular relevance in your organization’s crisis management. Before continuing to read, if you’d like to know my stance on when it is and is not appropriate to take an offensive position in crisis management, click here.

When The Crisis PR Guy Is The Crisis

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There’s not a major corporation today that doesn’t have a small army of PR and reputation experts helping it navigate a tricky media and government relations landscape. This is the most important part of protecting a corporation from reputation damage that starts inside.

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Why You Should Put Internal Communications First During a Crisis

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As brands navigate their way through a crisis, communications teams take center stage. Executives PR & Comms Corporate Comms Crisis ManagementWhen organizations have to figure out what to say—and fast—they call upon their communicators to help them… Read More >>>.

How Well Do You Know the New Rules of Crisis Management?


Corporate malfeasance. From a crisis management point of view, 2017 had it all! Why new rules are needed for crisis management. As creators of the award-winning digital crisis management platform, “In Case of Crisis,” we talk regularly to crisis management practitioners. It is not that all the tried and trusted tenets of crisis management have fallen by the wayside.

2019 Corporate Crises: Failure To Plan Is Planning to Fail

Reputation Us

Already in 2019, corporate crises appear to be increasing and getting nastier than 2018. According to The Holmes Report , last year brought an increasing penchant for corporate scandals. So how does a company handle a corporate crisis in today’s world? Two years ago, Forbes published its “ 13 Golden Rules of PR Crisis Management.” We’re rethinking corporate crisis. CRISIS SIMULATION. AD HOC CRISIS SUPPORT.

The art of winning new business and crisis management: A Q&A with Clyde Group Partner Aubrey Quinn


After ranking up a litany of industry awards and nominations in such a short period of time, we wanted to check in with Aubrey Quinn, Partner and Managing Director, to learn more. Aubrey Quinn (Partner & Managing Director, Clyde Group): Thanks for connecting with me today!

Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

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Tom Mueller, who interviewed over 200 corporate whistleblowers for his book Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud , proclaims this “the age of the whistleblower.”. Then there are those responsible for risk-management processes that failed.

TCIP #052 – A Crisis Management Case Study with Monika Lancucki

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #052 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Monika Lancucki. When the company Monika Lancucki worked for went into receivership, they knew they were in for a crisis management challenge. In this episode of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, Monika shares her story of how her and her team managed this crisis in real-time. How to prepare and manage a corporate crisis involving receivership.

Crisis Management Lessons: What Do Ryan Lochte and Paula Deen Have in Common?

Melissa Agnes

Important crisis management lessons to learn (and implement). Crisis management lesson for the professional: Think before each action. Having these lines drawn now will go a long way in both your crisis management and crisis prevention. For example: Personal misconduct can be one of the messiest types of crises to manage. This is a crisis scenario that involves emotion, one way or the other.

Crisis Management in a Post-Truth Era

Return on Reputation

These days, it seems like no one is safe from a crisis arriving suddenly and unexpectedly. If the goal is to bend but not break in response to any given crisis, speed is where communications teams most frequently snap. You can build a long and beautiful crisis plan, and have best-in-class systems for customer engagement on social media. The post Crisis Management in a Post-Truth Era appeared first on Return On Reputation - MWWPR.

How Coca-Cola's op-ed hit the 3 O's of crisis management

PR Daily

Coca-Cola is embroiled in a slow-moving but nevertheless monumental corporate crisis. The article appealed to me as a consumer, but more as a crisis communicator. That’s because the column covered what I call the three O's of crisis management. Litigation often clouds corporate response to criticisms and allegations, but in most cases owning up to some part of it helps a company’s reputation in the long run.

New Fronts in Crisis Management

Flatiron Communications

The politicization of the low income worker has made such corporate malpractice a talking point wherein the lowest wage workers are cast as takers, moochers or worse, union members. I was surprised by just how little public attention was given to office supplies chain Staples after President Obama “shamed” its management during a recent interview with Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith. A string of bad stories in and of itself literally defined a crisis.

From classroom to boardroom – crisis management lessons from the auto industry

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Aaron Shardey gained a first class honours degree in public relations at London College of Communications this Summer with his undergraduate dissertation offering case study research into crisis management in the automotive industry. More recent ones show the effect of technological innovations, (including emergence of social media), that have increased the global reach and potential magnitude of many crisis situations.

Samsung PR disaster or crisis management? When it all goes up in flames.

Norton's Notes

This shows you how important a corporate reputation is to a company listed on the stock market – maybe its why we are seeing more PR professionals on boards. Indeed, as the FT points out , Samsung’s response, however dithering it seems, is actually pretty quick by corporate recall standards and should be seen as a bold step. And here in this reference lies the crucial point: Consumers often have short memories if crisis management is executed brilliantly.

Crisis Marathon “Mile Marker:” The Gettysburg Address

Reputation Us

The largest crisis in our country was the Civil War. In all its simplicity and brilliance, President Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address will forever be the gold standard for providing strong, succinct and powerful words during a crisis. Fast forward to 2020 when corporate and nonprofit leaders struggle to know what to say, how to say it and inject a degree of empathy and vision into their vernacular.

Top 10 Influential PR Businesses to Follow in 2020

Critical Mention

Powell Tate partners with organizations across sectors — global corporations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and foundations, coalitions, national trade associations and government agencies.

Transforming the Word “CRISIS” from Negative to Positive

Melissa Agnes

He began the message with the sentence: “Why CRISIS is a bad word,” and followed it up with the following wordplay – People: C reate their problems; R eact by blaming others; I nfer that all will be okay; S ecure themselves behind false claims; I ndependent they become instead of working as a collective; and. But this isn’t the connotation of the word “crisis,” is it? Which play on the word “crisis” best represents your organization?

Crisis 160

PR Lessons From The Bungled Equifax Crisis

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Public relations people like to talk about anticipating or “getting in front of” a crisis; in fact, for a taste of a real-life crisis simulation, check out this stress-inducing story by The New York Times ‘ Sapna Maheshwari. Sometimes it’s a struggle just to mitigate the damage in the days and weeks after a crisis blows up. And what can we learn from how Equifax handled the crisis? This is what top PR professionals and crisis experts are paid for.

Crisis 136

Corporate Reputation And The Whistleblower Culture

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Tom Mueller, who interviewed over 200 corporate whistleblowers for his book Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud , proclaims this “the age of the whistleblower.”. When Fowler originally complained to Uber’s HR department about inappropriate overtures from her manager, her experience was dismissed because the manager was, you guessed it, a “high performer.” Then there are those responsible for risk-management processes that failed.

Top 7 Communication Resources

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PR Week webinars also cover topics such as how to network, tips on managing your employees and how to increase productivity levels. Books, webinars and podcasts have risen in popularity now that more people are spending time indoors.

4 Corporate Communications Lessons From Hurricane Harvey


Nearly six months after Hurricane Harvey slammed Houston late last August, we Houstonians can look back and derive important lessons about preparing for a major natural disaster and managing its aftermath. As a corporate communicator who, like others, nervously and helplessly watched the water rise, I learned about the parallels that can be drawn between the historic flood and how companies respond to their own crises. Adversity is a great teacher.

Communicating Post-PR Crisis


Any business knows that no matter what’s going on and how well they are on top of everything, a crisis is never expected. However, how well the business can respond during a crisis always reflects on the public’s perception of the organization in the future, whether in a positive or negative light. The key factor in determining how this reflects on a business in the aftermath of a crisis is how they communicate with the audience once the crisis is over.

Three Steps to Successful Crisis Communication

Melissa Agnes

Crisis communication is one of the most important aspects of your crisis management. In fact, whom you communicate with in a crisis, along with when and how you communicate with them, can mean the difference between successful crisis management and crisis management failure. So if this is the case, how can you ensure effective and successful communication with your stakeholders in a crisis?

How to Mitigate the Transference of Stress During a Crisis

Melissa Agnes

” This is important for leaders to realize prior to experiencing a crisis. Because successful crisis management often requires an appearance, in some capacity, by the organization’s leadership. And while we’ve always known this, the fact that recent studies prove that stress is contagious , means that stress risks having more of a negative impact on your crisis management than perhaps previously anticipated.

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Top Ways to Improve Brand Reputations

Critical Mention

Even negative mentions can be eye-opening and give companies a heads up on a developing crisis or areas where they can improve their service. . Organizations and businesses must find ways to keep audiences engaged with their brand.

Successful Crisis Management Reaches the Heart Before the Mind

Melissa Agnes

Never underestimate the power of emotion in crisis management. Emotion is often underestimated in crisis management. And yet, it’s one of the most powerful aspects of a crisis. For example, fail to judge or appreciate the negative emotion stirred by an incident or an issue, and you can very quickly find yourself dealing with a viral crisis that continues to spiral beyond control. A recent example of this was the Ebola crisis of 2014.

Review: ReputationDefender’s New Personal Branding Solution

Melissa Agnes

Investing in your professional online reputation is an important Crisis Ready strategy—and ReputationDefender has launched a service to help make this process easy for you. Most online reputation management companies focus solely on helping their clients fix their online reputations.

Brand 158

TCIP #058 – Helping Law Enforcement Implement a Crisis Ready Culture with Brian Willis

Melissa Agnes

Welcome to episode #058 of The Crisis Intelligence Podcast, with Melissa Agnes and Brian Willis. When it comes to crisis management, law enforcement has one of the most challenging tasks. Not only does their crisis management involve real dangers and the important mission of keeping their communities and themselves safe and out of harms way, but it also includes a need for effective and nearly instantaneous communications.

Crisis 133

COVID-19 Crisis Presents New Responsibilities for Company Communicators, Edelman Research Finds


And 62 percent of respondents trust their employers to respond to the crisis effectively. Seventy-four percent of all respondents are concerned that false information is being spread about the virus, and nearly 60 percent worry the health crisis is being exaggerated for political purposes.

Critical Mention Names Vishal Padhye Chief Technology Officer

Critical Mention

His leadership has resulted in the improvement and modernization of over 160 globally-distributed datacenters, using configuration management, distributed networking, datacenter infrastructure management and hardware lifecycle management. Press Releases Corporate Communications Crisis Management Earned Media International Licensed Content media contact database Media Relations Online News Monitoring Partnerships Technology

Are you Crisis Ready? An interview with ACI Specialty Benefits

The Stalwart Blog

Dave Oates: Welcome to another Public Relations Security videocast where we talk with experts in and around Southern California and all things related to risk management and crisis communications. Dave Oates: Give us a little bit of background on your services, the company, and how you play into managing risk for organizations. So maybe talk a little bit about that Crisis Ready package and how are you positioned to helping organizations do that?

Critical Mention Launches Media Contact Database, Expands Earned Media Suite

Critical Mention

Press Releases Corporate Communications Crisis Management Earned Media Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram International Licensed Content LinkedIn Media Relations Online News Monitoring Partnerships Print Radio Technology Television Twitter YouTubeNEW YORK — Critical Mention, the leading earned media platform, today announced the release of its Media Contact Database.

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The Value of a Crisis Simulation

Melissa Agnes

While your team gets to the route of the problem, the clock continues to tick and the news of the crisis continues to spread. Your crisis team is under pressure to work together efficiently to: Get to the route of the crisis (determine what happened, why, how, when and where); Communicate appropriately and in real-time with your key stakeholders; and. The reality is that a crisis is a nightmare. Crisis simulations are the best way to test your plan and team.

Crisis 181

7 Tips for Picking the Right PR Media Database

Critical Mention

Media Contact Database Corporate Communications Crisis Management Facebook Influencer Marketing Instagram LinkedIn media contact database Media Relations Twitter YouTubeA media contact database is an essential tool for PR, communications, investor relations and marketing professionals looking to reach out to media contacts and outlets.

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Never Good For Branding (or customer use) When Your Product Unpredictably Bursts into Flames

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I’ve been following the Samsung PR crisis. Branding Business Communications PR brand brand communications business publication corporate branding corporate crisis management crisis PR emotion in storytelling Note 7 PR problem pr crisis Problems with Samsung Note7 Samsung branding Samsung communications crisis Samsung Note7 Samsung Note7 fire Samsung PR crisis Samsung reputation management search engine optimization

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