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How an Influencer Marketing Agency Can Help with Video Strategy

Konnect Agency

As social media platforms continue to emerge and evolve, each innovation drives industry trends, and advertisers must quickly adapt to create and maintain relevancy with consumers in order to keep their brands top of mind. TikTok is well-known for it’s short-form, highly authentic, and oftentimes humorous content. Final Thoughts.

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Top Five Books Every PR Pro Should Read

Critical Mention

The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly. When done well, digital tactics can not only be highly entertaining but also have the ability to create a lot of engagement and even go viral. by David Meerman Scott.


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Top Tips For Small Businesses Considering Social Media Advertising


Social media has the ability to create a channel of communication between a brand and the target consumer and in doing so it can nurture customer relationships – optimised ad campaign strategies can support this. Keep an eye on all things relevant for your brand. This is not to say you should jump on every trend that goes viral.

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9 Social Media Trends Every Marketer Must Know For 2021: A Conversation with Arik Hanson


From TikTok, LinkedIn and Twitter to Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook – if you’re in marketing, you’re eager to predict how your brand can more effectively use social media in 2021. You’re seeing brands forced to use more user-generated content.” Leveraging a viral social media moment has to start with listening,” says Arik.

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The Well Written Press Release Series #11: Socialize It


It is, after all, where an estimated 52% of people get their news, where things go “viral”, and where your brand ambassadors can help you most effectively, by sharing with their own friends and family. Pinterest: This platform is all about the imagery. So now, it’s worth getting it out there, for all the world to see.

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NewsWhip’s Benedict Nicholson on Social Data to Boost PR

Flack's Revenge

This engagement comes across the social spectrum, and can be anything from a reaction/share/comment on Facebook, to a Twitter influencer share, to a pin on Pinterest. So within a matter of minutes of publication, we’ll have an idea of what’s pre-viral, as it were, what everyone’s going to be sharing in the next few hours.

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The importance of a social media strategy #engaging

Engage PR

in the next five years (1* Chief Marketing Officers Survey, 2014 ) social activity is becoming more integral to brand perception and business performance. And if you’re not listening or acting on these conversations then not only are potential opportunities being missed but brand reputation is at risk.