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The importance of a social media strategy #engaging

Engage PR

in the next five years (1* Chief Marketing Officers Survey, 2014 ) social activity is becoming more integral to brand perception and business performance. And if you’re not listening or acting on these conversations then not only are potential opportunities being missed but brand reputation is at risk.

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Paid vs organic social – what’s the difference?


Similarly, each brand will have a type of audience and message that must be considered when developing a paid social campaign. Organic social media refers to freely shared material (posts, pictures, videos, memes, and Stories) that all users, including brands and businesses, publish on their social platforms and brand’s social pages.


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5 HUGE Misconceptions About Facebook’s Value to Your Business


Brand interactions are tertiary. The average person may spend 40 minutes per day on Facebook AND never engage with a brand or business. AND the top three reasons people “Like” a brand on Facebook are: Coupons. Social care (customer service). Product research. Sounds reasonable, right? Just kidding.

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What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing


Your teacher today will be America’s #1 Online Brand Strategist, Professor Taylor Swift (Cue: Insane, utterly-abandoned shrieking, evolving into wild explosive screaming and rhythmic chants of, ‘Taylor, We Love You!’) Lesson #2 - Keep Your Brand Name Simple. Welcome to your Taylor Swift Master Class in Social Media Marketing!