How To Get The Best From Your PR Agency

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Bringing on an external PR agency , or really any outside firm, is an investment of time and budget for any company, no matter its size. Naturally, things will go better for both parties if the agency team gives their all, and the client manages for the best possible outcomes.

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Why NOT to change your branding

Ronn Torossian

It’s a new year and many people might be considering shaking things up with new branding. Clients usually come to PR firms, especially around this time of year, for help creating a new logo and developing a new brand identity. Brand PR PR Agency Public Relations

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3 Things a PR Agency Can Offer Every Client

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The post 3 Things a PR Agency Can Offer Every Client appeared first on Ronn Torossian 5WPR Founder Blog. Brand PR PR PR Agency Ronn Torossian BRANDING Public Relations

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5 Reasons PR Agency Relationships Fail

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Nobody enters into a PR agency partnership thinking it will fail, just like no one gets married thinking they may one day divorce. But when client-agency partnerships end prematurely, there are often avoidable factors involved. Why do some agency relationships fail?

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What The PR Agency Isn’t Telling You

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Any good public relations agency should want to have an open conversation about what clients can expect for their investment. But even the best agencies don’t always spill the tea at the very first meeting. What might the agency not want you to know?

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Can A PR Agency Be Too Loyal?

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How can you be persuasive with others if you yourself aren’t convince of a brand’s worth? Like most career PR agency people, I always drink the client Kool-Aid. I’d never use “xerox” as a verb after having represented a competitive brand of copiers.

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How To Thrive At A PR Agency

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For anyone building a career in public relations, there’s no better environment than a PR agency. If you wind up in a specific sector, like technology or healthcare, an agency is a solid starting point. Agency experience is useful no matter where a PR career goes.

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The Long-Term Benefit of a Modern and Agile Brand; Off Script No. 36: Greg Kihlström, Author of The Agile Brand

Sword and the Script

He transformed that appreciation into his own digital agency business, and even a few books. He is Greg Kihlström and his latest book is The Agile Brand: Creating authentic relationships between companies and consumers. 2) Do customers really want relationships with brands?

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How PR Agencies Set Budgets And Billing

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For any brand or business looking to bring on a PR agency , the cost of a quality public relations program is a key factor in the decision. Yet we’re sometimes reluctant to talk about how agencies set their budgets. When might agencies charge more?

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Programmatic pressure—B2B brands lag behind agencies in execution

Agility PR Solutions

New research from commercial data and analytics firm Dun & Bradstreet shows growing spend on programmatic ad buying and a continued dependence on data in the programmatic space—and also highlights key differences in the maturity of agencies versus brands when buying ads programmatically.

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15 Top Questions To Ask During A PR Agency Search

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Selecting the right public relations agency is a bit like dating, and it can be fraught with some of the same perils and challenges. It helps to break down the PR agency search process into key phases and to articulate questions to elicit the best responses.

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Five Questions For A PR Agency

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For any organization in initial conversations with a public relations agency, there are many questions to be asked. PR agency questions: To ask or not to ask? Ideally, your budget fits somewhere in the middle or even a bit above the agency’s client budget median.

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The PR Agency Review Process is Broken

Ishmael's Corner

The typical process that guides a company in evaluating PR agencies and ultimately choosing a winner is broken. thesis really tell you about a given agency? In many agencies, the people who handle the RFP gauntlet have no relationship to the actual account team.

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Agency Culture: Interview a Coworker


Google has been working on a new algorithm that will pick up brand mentions and people associated to them, all without needing an actual link. Agency Life 5wpr agency interview seoTell Us about Yourself.

Hospitality PR: A Guide to Expanding Your Brand’s Reach

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Uber CEO Hopes to Remake the Brand’s Reputation

Ronn Torossian

Last year, London’s transport regulation agency revoked the company’s operational license, resulting in a hotly-contested court case. The post Uber CEO Hopes to Remake the Brand’s Reputation appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog.

Why People Believe Brands Should or Should Not Take a Political Stand

Sword and the Script

A few weeks ago, we published results to a survey of 263 respondents – Should Brands Take a Public Stand on Politics? Businesses and brands shouldn’t be affiliated with political parties they should remain neutral.”. PR brand safety brands political communication surveys

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Avoid These Five Costly PR Agency Mistakes

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” Most critical is securing mutual agreement on achievable PR goals against which the brand and team can create programming, and to put them in writing. This caution applies equally to the PR agency team and the brand.

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How to Grow an Agency

Shift Communications

Now that we’ve popped the champagne and cut the cake, it feels natural to consider not just HOW MUCH we’ve grown, but HOW we’ve grown – and more importantly, what does that suggest for mid-sized agencies in an increasingly competitive market?

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Why Successful PR Agencies Invest In PR Tech

Mindful Marketing

Brands now know that they can in fact “measure PR” and the discipline of data-driven reporting is expected. The good news for PR agencies it that there are many tools to help deliver such reports with deeper insights in less time. By Christine Perkett.

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7 Tips: What PR Agencies Want From Their Clients

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We had nice comments on a previous post from the PROI Worldwide meeting, What Clients Really Want From Their PR Agencies , so it inspired me to look at the flip side of the client-agency relationship. Agencies need information to do our job.

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5 PR Agencies You Should Follow on Twitter

Critical Mention

With 120,000 agencies just in the United States, the competition is steep. If you’re knee-deep in agency life (or you want to be) here are some agencies that will inspire you and keep you up-to-date with the latest in PR around the world: Golin.

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Supporting the Brand Building for a Country, Not an Assignment That Comes Along Every Day

Ishmael's Corner

France’s international economic development agency, Business France, selected us to promote the country’s tech industry (Le French Tech initiative) in the U.S. I rarely use the blog as a forum to address Agency business, but I’m making an exception today.more.

What Clients Should Expect From A PR Agency

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And we’ve written about what agencies need from their client partners in order to be successful. The chief parameters of the client-agency relationship are covered in the letter of agreement, and planning documents will further outline expectations.

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How I Started One of the Top B2B Agencies

B2B PR Sense

Over 20 years ago I built my company, Marx Communications, which now rates as one of the top B2B agencies in the industry. The focus of my agency has always been B2B public relations. This is a global network of elite boutique agencies, with 37 members that span 13 countries.

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Mastering Influencer Marketing

Ronn Torossian

Brand PR Public Relations Ronn Torossian BRANDING Insights MARKETING PR Agency StrategyInfluencers are people who have a large following on social media and who’s knowledge and opinion has a large bearing on their followers.

For PR Agencies, Does Cannes Really Matter?

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The other reason is that for many PR agencies, Cannes simply hasn’t been on the radar, except when a client is a sponsor or honoree. It’s also worth noting that, while PR agencies took home fewer honors this year, public relations as a category is stronger than ever.

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What PR Agencies Can Learn From Advertising Week

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“It’s up to both brands and media companies to find exciting ways to get consumers excited about ads in the same way they do every year on Super Bowl Sunday.” The post What PR Agencies Can Learn From Advertising Week appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Should Your Business Hire A PR Agency Or DIY?

Mindful Marketing

Hiring an agency can seem pretty cool – having a dedicated team of professionals promoting you and your business all day sounds nice, right? So when is the right time to hire a PR agency? There are a plethora of tools to make it easy until you reach the pivot point to needing a full blown agency. Because they are one person, they can’t typically cover the gamut of all PR programs like an agency can. What do we need and expect from an agency?

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Why Your First PR Job Should Be At A PR Agency

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Here in New York, some set their sights on a media or fashion brand to learn those businesses while also gaining experience in external communications. On the corporate side, staff learn public relations as it serves the organization, but at an agency, it’s the core business.

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PR Agency: Multi-National versus Boutique


That was many years ago and here I am today running my own PR agency. My first assignment was assistant product manager on Becel Margarine , a heart health brand with an active public relations program managed by the client team and Burson-Marsteller. Boutique PR Agency: The Pros.

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Brand PR: Amazon ad pushes into the political fray?

Ronn Torossian

The post Brand PR: Amazon ad pushes into the political fray? Media Relations Public Relations 5WPR CEO MARKETING PR Agency PR Tips Ronn TorossianMaybe the concept began as just another “clever” sight gag. Two aging religious leaders, a priest and an imam are sharing tea time.

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6 Things Your PR Agency Can Do Beyond Media Relations

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But there are some important value-adds that PR partners can bring to a relationship that help elevate a company or brand. Brand perception audits. The post 6 Things Your PR Agency Can Do Beyond Media Relations appeared first on Crenshaw Communications.

Don’t Ask Your PR Agency These Questions

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It’s not enough for a prospective agency to look good “on paper.” In our experience, though, some questions are more likely to elicit stock answers that don’t really reveal how an agency team would approach a client’s opportunity.

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Identify Your Target Audience and Use Influencers to Boost your Reach

Ronn Torossian

Brand PR Business Featured Public Relations Ronn Torossian 5WPR 5WPR CEO BRANDING Insights MARKETING PR Agency PR Firm Social Media StrategyIf you want to maximize sales and get the most out of your marketing budget, you need to define your target market.

How Agencies and In-House Teams Bring Out the Best in Each Other


There’s a new trend in the creative world — more companies are building their own in-house teams for a range of creative work that used to be assigned to external agencies. For one, agencies (particularly large ones) tend to be slower than in-house teams.

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Five Tips to Differentiating Your Brand


Brand differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more brands hit the market. Knowing how to promote a brand in a way that sets them apart in their market space, speaks to consumers and helps them succeed is my focus as the owner of Strong Marketing.

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PR Tactics To Differentiate Your Brand

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Good public relations can be an essential way for a brand to stand out from the pack, especially in the B2B/ technology sector. 6 PR tactics to differentiate your brand. A company can set itself apart by speaking in a distinct brand voice.

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Nominate your colleagues, team or agency for an ACE Award

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The post Nominate your colleagues, team or agency for an ACE Award appeared first on PR Daily. There’s still time to show your teammates that their hard work is appreciated. Enter Ragan & PR Daily’s 2018 ACE Awards by Dec.

[Guest Post] Top 5 Tools Agency Owners Must Embrace for the Digital Future

PR Expanded

Advertising agencies created ads for multiple outlets, public relations handled media inquiries and proactively sought after coverage, marketing agencies did a variety of things, but generally focused on brand identity and creative attention-garnering activities.

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