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Earning media coverage is harder than ever

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Rethink media relations’ role in your communication strategy. Earning media coverage for your company is more difficult than ever. Newsrooms are smaller and journalists cover multiple beats and report for multiple platforms. Additionally, there are more opportunities for advertising.

Ditch these superfluous lead-in phrases

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Needless introductory verbiage just wastes time—the reader’s and your own. Save yourself the keystrokes, and say what you mean to say. Many writers don’t get to the damn point. Instead, they galumph along, adding meaningless keystrokes, padding their prose.

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PR for Healthcare needs to be ‘On Demand’ As Consumerism Drives the Industry


We live in the era of convenience. With big wigs like Amazon, Google and Apple setting the bar at an all-time high, consumers now have expectations to match. These days, we can accomplish nearly everything from the ease and convenience of our smartphones.

Are thought leadership media opportunities in the business media drying up?

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Ten years ago or so, thought leadership opportunities in the business media world were somewhat prevalent. You could pitch bylined ideas to publications like Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Fortune and, given you were somewhat competent, you had a chance.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

A lesson in PR ethics, courtesy of ‘The Great Hack’

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The Netflix documentary explores the depth of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its long-term repercussions. The author extracts key takeaways for industry professionals. .

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Infographic: Have you checked all your SEO boxes?

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For the uninitiated, SEO can be confusing, but this checklist will help you stay on top of all the necessary steps. . PR pros have to be concerned about where their clients show up in Google search results.

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With Echo’s growing popularity, Amazon moves into voice dominance

Agility PR Solutions

Alex, are you listening? Yes, voice is becoming a serious marketing strategy—but that voice is most likely to be Amazon’s.

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LinkedIn offers audience insights, BuzzFeed’s quirky style guide, and Avenue closing all its stores

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Also: Instagram opens AR filters to all users, popular social media platforms by industry, and U. of Michigan trolls Ohio State over ‘The.’.

Time for holiday marketing prep—consumers are shopping earlier

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Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Share your internal storytelling prowess

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Submit your best internal content, campaigns and intranets to Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards. Don’t miss the Oct. 4 deadline. The post Share your internal storytelling prowess appeared first on PR Daily. Ragan Awards

This month in bad PR pitches

Muck Rack

This month in bad PR pitches

Proactive vs Reactive Crisis PR – Which strategy to employ

The Stalwart Blog

I got introduced to a CEO of a nonprofit last week that’s dealing with what could be an impending crisis. Now, the nonprofit hasn’t done anything wrong, but their affiliation with a national organization that’s in hot water has the CEO concerned.

Return on Experience—how retailers can keep pace with rapid rise in CX expectations

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Hey brands, we can’t stress this enough: Retailers are struggling to retain their customers because consumers today increasingly have zero tolerance for a poor retail experience—and that’s what many of them are getting.

You Should Really be Using Instagram Stories in Your Marketing Mix

Waxing UnLyrical

Guest post by Alex Slichnyi. During the last couple of years, several trends have impacted the way businesses carry out social media marketing. Generally speaking, marketers tend to focus on high-quality images and videos, alongside posts that have the potential to go viral.

Sending Deskless Workers Relevant Communications That Make Work Better


Limeade was a proud sponsor of Connect 19 — the PRSA Employee Communications Section’s annual conference. Despite the traditional image of an employee at a desk in an office, a significant proportion of today’s workforce is deskless.

PRBC – the b?r?o?a?d?w?a?y? ?m?u?s?i?c?a?l? Briefing Book Podcast

PR Breakfast Club

We’re about two weeks away from the 10 year anniversary of the launch of PRBC. Definitely means it’s time for something new… And so – as you might expect – a podcast.

How to get your news in the local press

Action PR

Imagine you’ve got some great news to share with your local area. Maybe you’re opening a new gym, or you’ve completed an impressive refurbishment. Perhaps one of your facilities members has achieved something amazing, or you and your colleagues have raised a great amount for charity.

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What role does Facebook play in workplace friendships?

HMA Public Relations

Are you friends with your coworkers or employees on Facebook? A recent study by the Institute for Public Relations found that being friends on Facebook helps strengthen relationships at work. Read more! The post What role does Facebook play in workplace friendships? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. Featured Public Relations Abbie S. Fink coworkers Facebook HMA Public Relations Institute for Public Relations The Institute for Public Relations

Celebrating the great British summertime with Cartwright and Butler’s poshnic event


At Prohibition we always look to create engaging content for clients and thrive at the opportunity to produce an integrated campaign that celebrates a brand.

3 Tips for Getting Media Attention in 2019

CivicFeed Insights

With the news cycle moving faster than ever, it’s become more and more difficult to get media attention. Gone are the days when sending an announcement to a press release wire and hoping for pickup was a viable strategy. With this in mind, here are a few tips for getting attention today: Become your own media outlet. Developing a strong owned-content strategy is crucial.

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