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5 Best Practices for Internal Communications In the Wake of the SVB Crisis

Ronn Torossian

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, a PR crisis can happen to any brand, no matter how big or small. In times of crisis, internal communication is crucial for brands to ensure that their employees are well-informed, and aligned, and can support the company’s efforts to manage the situation.

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PR and the International Crisis: 3 Lessons from the Smolensk Crash


What happens when two countries in an international crisis present to the world two drastically different versions of the same event placing blame on one another?

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Book Review: Communicate in a Crisis

Stephen Waddington

A review of Communicate in a Crisis by Kate Hartley. When is a crisis a major threat, and when is it just a Twitter storm? Communicate in a Crisis by Kate Hartley sets out to answer that question. No-one should be surprised that “perma-crisis” was declared Oxford English Dictionary word of the year 2022.

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3 Steps for Effective Crisis Communications Management


A communications crisis can be one of the most difficult situations in your career. Crisis preparedness, internal education and having the right tools can aid you before a crisis hits. Crisis situations require research so that you can address the circumstance thoughtfully, and multi-channel rapid response.

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International Women’s Day: When Good PR Backfires

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

The tweet that launched a whopper of a PR backlash for Burger King on International Women’s Day wasn’t really that bad. The salutes to women by Burger King and other brands on International Women’s Day come after a very rough year. On International Women’s Day, there was plenty of worthy recognition.

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The Importance of Crisis Planning for 2022


We have experienced firsthand how a crisis can significantly and quickly impact business operations. Companies can prepare by evaluating the crisis process, team, tools and resources they have in place. A clear organizational purpose, mission and values provide guidance and establish a strong foundation to support crisis responses.

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How to prepare for a PR crisis


The best way to prepare for a crisis is to invest in a crisis communications response and management program. In a time of crisis, communicators need to act decisively and quickly with transparent responses. However, with structure, you can put together an effective crisis communications plan. Listen, listen, listen!

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