15 Simple Small Business PR Strategies That Will Save You Money

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As a small business or startup, you know how quickly expenses can pile up. Thanks to a number of online tools and resources, small business PR does not have to break the bank. Small Business PR, Meet Budget Friendly Strategies. Influencers can facilitate greater reach of your content, improve quality, and inspire more buyer engagement --Lee Odden. Would you like to tap into the millennial market of business decision makers?

Infographic: Why content marketing is a must for your small business

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If you could conjure something to buoy your business, would you? Content marketing is a potentially powerful tool—especially for small businesses without robust advertising budgets. Of course, content marketing can be a massive waste of time, resources and energy, but according to this infographic from Muffin Marketing , it can “drive traffic to your website for years to come.”. Great content boosts your SEO, too.

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How to Unlock Your Small Business PR Potential with Owned Content

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Owned content is an exciting prospect for any B2B small business. With the right small business PR program, it's like clay in your hands -- you can mold it to take virtually any form you desire to reach your specific goals. Want to show the evolving side of your small business? What Is Owned Content, and What Makes It Different? Hubspot defines owned content as “content you’re in full control of. Infographics.

How to Get the Most Out of Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy

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B2B content is the word du jour withmany companies having invested int their own B2B content marketing strategy. Today, it's s no longer a matter of companies implementing content within their marketing plan. The issue now is using that content to its fullest potential. Many companies have tackled the need for content with full gusto, pumping out top-notch content as if their lives depended on it. Create a Content Management Strategy.

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12 Months of Content Marketing

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Generating a stream of interesting and engaging ways to reach your audience through content marketing can be a pain. as an offer, use this month to brainstorm the kinds of content — like an ebook, whitepaper, special report or discount — that people will gladly trade their email to get. February: Strategize Your Blog Content for the Future. A lot of businesses come up with blog topics in the moment rather than planning in advance.

4 ways to improve content marketing efforts

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Content marketing has been, and will likely continue as, one of the most effective tools for businesses of any size to drive brand awareness. As Google and other search engines continue to refine their algorithms, businesses need to quickly step up their game when it comes to content marketing. The four steps below will help keep you on your game when it comes to content marketing: 1. Use data to drive content marketing.

How much should you spend on content marketing?

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How much should you spend on content marketing? Business 2 Community features a Point Visible infographic that sheds light on this thorny financial decision that almost every organization must address. Citing a survey of marketers nationwide, the infographic states that 75 percent of respondents plan to increase their content marketing budgets in the next 12 months. The infographic’s lead-in article includes further budgeting tips.

Repurposing Content: How to Revive Your Old Content

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Repurposing content is like restoring a classic car. The same can be true with your B2B content marketing and B2B PR strategy. Many people hesitate to repurpose content, for fear that the topic is out of date or that it will displease their audience. Do a Content Audit.

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Ben & Jerrys, Eddie Bauer join Facebook boycott, Google employees urge company to stop selling to police, and GNC might close 1,200 locations

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Also: Google reveals rising search trends for small business support, a social media manager’s relatable frustration over current crises, WFH risks to avoid, and more. Marketing and advertising agencies are also jumping on the bandwagon, with some urging their cliients to pause their Facebook ads in July and issue statements that support the iniative. This week in Search: People everywhere are asking “how to start a business” in record numbers.

How to Conquer the 10 Hurdles to Successful B2B Marketing Strategies

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A lot has changed in the realm of B2B marketing strategies over the past year. New technologies have entered the market. Executives have new demands on marketers. Hubspot’s recently released State of Inbound report has provided us with key data that reveals what challenges are top of mind for marketers in 2017. 10 Hurdles That Today’s B2B Marketing Strategies Face. Actively participate in your content creation. Infographics? Content marketing?

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Country Time bails out lemonade stands, Headspace offers first Snapchat ‘Mini,’ and KFC prepares for 3D-printed chicken

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Kraft Heinz’s drink made headlines in previous years for offering small business loans to children entrepreneurs operating lemonade stands. An economic relief program to help the smallest of small businesses: lemonade stands. Databarracks created an infographic that showcases how to communicate during crises, which divides messages into six categories, then matches them to the proper spokesperson, audience, channel and format: Image courtesy of Databarracks.

The Simple Truth Behind Measuring Content Effectiveness

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How to Find Your Most Popular Content… So You Can Create More! One simple task that significantly improves the success of your content marketing is the ability to identify what pieces of content are driving results and which are not. Once you know which ones are resonating, you can CREATE MORE content centered around high-interest topics. If your online marketing isn’t designed to drive traffic, you have a problem. Content Marketing

How To Create Great Content With Your Data


One of the challenges facing content creators is how to create consistent, meaningful content. All of us experience spammy weekly (or daily) emails of irrelevant content, and perhaps wonder if some of our content is received so unfavorably. Keeping content fresh and relevant for readers can be difficult. One way that some businesses create compelling content is to anonymize and aggregate some of their customer data.

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7 PR Blogs You Should Be Following

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Adjusting to new trends is part of the business for PR professionals. PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds. Not only does the site provide great advice to PR pros, its team also disseminates current PR and marketing news updates involving today’s top businesses. Building brand awareness is essential for businesses to succeed.

Study: Producing engaging content is marketer's biggest challenge

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For any company considering a content marketing strategy, one question persists: Does it work? Two recent studies seek to answer this question and shed light on content marketing best practices. They also show which channels tend to be most effective for marketers seeking to get their message across. A second study that Score.org published dives into content marketing best practices for small businesses.

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What content should be made into videos?

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Small budgets can make a big video impact. If you’re ever looking for the industry standard in video-based content marketing for small businesses, check out the Chicago Music Exchange. Granted, not every business will be as naturally suited to creating videos with high visual and sonic quality, but any organization can achieve its version of viral success. Filmora’s infographic explores: · What content should be shared in video. ·

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Public Relations Tips: Grow to New Heights Fast in 2020

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Your small business may feel like a tiny sapling under a canopy of tall trees. How do you bring attention to your business? There are so many other businesses out there, and people only have so much attention to give. You may have heard experienced business owners talking about the power of PR to bring a business into the light of consumers’ attention. PR helps small businesses build brand awareness and credibility.

5 ways to squeeze every drop out of a tight marketing budget

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Being a marketer with big plans and a tiny budget is often frustrating. Lack of cash is certainly a limitation, but it shouldn’t prevent you from summoning plenty of marketing magic. You can connect with your customers in meaningful ways and boost sales without a large marketing budget. Here are five effective marketing strategies to lean on when money is scarce: 1. The essence of marketing is to “know your customer.” Enhance email marketing. Marketin

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Effective marketing strategies for startups

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Of all the reasons that startups fail, the lack of a market and poor marketing are consistently among the most prevalent and addressable. Going to market, communicators for startups can look to the following tactics to raise brand awareness and attract consumers: 1. Email marketing. Video marketing. Content marketing. Social media marketing. Affiliate marketing.

Online Reputation Management: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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And that means that, as a business, online reputation management should be a top priority. They rely heavily on a business's reputation. And in the same study , 97% of people looked online to find out more about local businesses. Create Content. Infographics.

30 jobs in the PR and marketing world

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As content marketing’s importance expands, opportunities abound for marketers with writing and editing chops. From a recent LinkedIn report : You likely don’t need convincing that content marketing is vital to the success of an integrated, full-funnel marketing strategy. Content marketing is helping fuel the success of businesses of all sizes, in many industries. And that success is being spearheaded by sophisticated marketers.

What is Thought Leadership & How to Hone Your Skills

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It's a question that has troubled business owners and entrepreneurs for years. Through their content and presence they command authority on industry-related topics. The market is flooded with self-proclaimed “experts” and “gurus” -- whether they have the goods or not. One photo is sometimes all it takes for people to draw conclusions about you and your business. Take this example from author and content marketing strategist Robert Rose. Its content.

Paid Media: How to Best Amplify Your Content

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While earned, shared, and owned content have become an integral and respected part of today's content strategy, paid content still has a bit of the aura of a shyster. Modern media, however, has transformed paid content from an underhanded trick into a valuable resource that seamlessly fits the needs of today’s business owners. Paid media is content that you pay to promote. Influencer marketing. Handpicked Related Content.

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The Power of a Good Story: What’s Your Company Narrative?

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Content marketing may change its tactics as audiences tire of the existing ones, but telling a good company narrative will never go out of style. It’s the story of why you got into business, and how you want to change the world. Content marketing is the perfect springboard for your storytelling and, in fact, these stories can make your brand all the more appealing. The business owner.

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10 Expert B2B Inbound Marketing Tricks You Need to Be Using Right Now

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Are you looking for ways to improve your B2B inbound marketing? Whether you're debating which inbound marketing services to use, or how to fine tune your inbound marketing approach, these 10 tricks can help you reach that goal. Instead of fighting for attention amidst the annoying noise of banner ads and other push marketing techniques, B2B inbound marketing brings potential customers to you. Inbound marketing services may include: Blog posts.

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Create More Content…. Without Actually Creating More

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I’m all about integration and, as a small business owner, making the most of assets that dip into my not-so-bottomless well of time, energy or money. I do this to promote each new piece of content. Maybe these great infographics will inspire you.

Everything You Need to Know About Earned, Owned, Shared & Paid Media

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By the same token, some think PR is synonymous with marketing. These are also the questions that your content needs to answer. First of all, let's break them down into four simple categories: earned, owned, paid, and social content. How to Create an Effective PR Content Strategy. Only 37% of B2B businesses have a documented content strategy. This leaves the other 63% of businesses without a plan of action to guide their content creation.

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101 articles to help your 2017 PR, monitoring, and measurement planning

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Luckily, these industries promote content production, which provides seemingly endless information about trends, capabilities, and new products. 6 Do-It-Yourself PR Tips for Small Businesses by Rich Kahn for Entrepreneur. How to Use Content Marketing for a Successful PR Campaign by Erika Taylor Montgomery for PR News. How a Small Brand Used Google Analytics and a Blog to Grow by Seth Arenstein for PR News. How Can PR Benefit Small Businesses?

The Top 50 Social Media Influencers on Twitter


For content generation and syndication. How to Balance Ethics and Reality in #Influencer #Marketing [link] pic.twitter.com/BWn4QG8m0s. — Branding, Social Media, Marketing, PR & Professional Coach. 68% Of Marketers Want To Know How To Create Better Visual Content [link]. Content marketing influencer, social media marketing strategist & speaker. Digital Brand Manager for USC, digital strategist, marketing consultant, public speaker.

Searching for Marketing Inspiration? Check out these 55+ Inbound Marketing Resources [UPDATED]

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We originally published a blog in 2015 listing 40+ inbound marketing resources. We’ve added even more to the list, so read below for an update with even more resources for marketers. As marketers, we spend hours researching the top trends and tactics to prove top-notch ROI and success. You know the drill: You turn to the top content marketing influencers, blogs, publications and resources for a reinforcement. PR 20/20’s Guide for Top Marketing Resources.

Finalists named for the 2015 PR Daily Awards

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Best Cause-Related Marketing. Three Square Food Bank and The Firm Public Relations & Marketing, Go Orange Day 2014. Best Content Marketing/Brand Journalism. 451 Marketing for Urbini, Bidding Mom Voyage to Moms Worldwide. Bayer CropScience/Porter Novelli/Mastermind Involvement Marketing, #Thankful4Ag Campaign. Best Event Marketing. Best Infographic. ICMA-RC, ICMA-RC Awards Infographic. Best Publicity Stunt/Guerilla Marketing.

5 Things to Know About Branded Content

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If I’m right, branded content is going to have its heyday in 2017. I think we’ll see brands who formerly invested in traditional advertising start to pour dollars into relevant, useful content in an effort to connect with their customers. So if you’ve been using them in your marketing strategy, it’s time to let that go in favor of more effective branded content. Branded Content is Just Going to Get Better. Branded Content will Create Content Brands.