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Prepared Leaders See Crises As Opportunities, Not Organizational Disasters

Stern + Associates

How do leaders create workplace cultures that inspire true inclusiveness and make all employees feel like they belong? How can organizations turn everyday crises into opportunities? Simmons University President Lynn Perry Wooten , Ph.D.,

How to keep perfectionism from holding you back

PR Daily

Perfect is the enemy of great. I’ve spent my career in marketing and communications positions. Striving to make everything perfect is a mindset I’ve always firmly held onto.

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New study: 2022 paints a different picture for agency new business—here are the challenges

Agility PR Solutions

The previous two years saw many small and mid-sized agencies growing or regaining lost growth from the previous year, but this year finds agencies with a more challenging landscape, according to newly released research from marketing-focused outsourced business development firm RSW/US.

Study 131

The one big reason users still log into Twitter

PR Daily

TikTok isn’t everything. Twitter is no longer the shiniest social network on the block. The president no longer communicates his every thought in 280 characters or less. All the kids want short form now or to snap a photo of what they’re doing in the moment.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing a PR Crisis

Any brand is vulnerable to bad press, so we compiled key strategies into our PR crisis management guide. From managing your team and crafting your responses to keeping tabs on the conversation, this guide is for anyone tasked with brand management.

PR pros want to change the future of their field—how AI can improve journalist relationships

Agility PR Solutions

New research from AI-driven PR pitch platform PRophet reveals that the vast majority of public relations professionals (94 percent) want to be a part of changing the future of their field—and over nine in 10 (92 percent) believe AI has the potential to transform the way PR is conducted.

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3 tips for generating leads using social media

Agility PR Solutions

Aligning PR and social media campaigns allows you to reach your target audience and generate positive brand awareness. Effective social media campaigns also help to maintain a solid, organic pipeline of leads you can convert to loyal customers.

Chief Trust Officer? You Better Believe It!

Reputation Us

We’ve been advocating that companies hire a Chief Reputation Officer (CRO) for years— but don’t just take our word for it. This past July, the World Economic Forum declared a Chief Trust Officer to be the next C-Suite role that every company needs. We can’t help but see the parallels.

Despite Twitter backlash, the Patagonia climate action resonated where it mattered


Patagonia has always been at the forefront of corporate climate activism, and that continued last week when Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard transferred ownership of the company he founded to a charitable foundation and pledged that all profits from the company would go towards fighting climate change. . Patagonia praised for climate efforts.

How company executives can become powerful keynote speakers with Michael Port from Heroic Public Speaking

Axia PR

In this episode, Michael Port, CEO of Heroic Public Speaking, joins host Jason Mudd to discuss the art of public speaking. Tune in to learn how to express yourself onstage, the different types of speaking events, the four categories of a keynote speaker, how to prepare a speech, and much more!

How Startup Leadership Can Inspire the Team to Deliver Results and Become Great

Inspiring the team to do their best, break through barriers and achieve milestones is the core responsibility of the startup leadership. Inspiring people to do great requires installing confidence and the ability to learn from setbacks and failures.

Is Your Authenticity Showing?

HMA Public Relations

Whether it be a business leader or a celebrity, individuals get the most out of a role when they invest time or money into an authentic project they are truly passionate about. Read more on why it's important to show you care in this post from Alison Bailin.

Coffee with a Journalist: Lisa Martine Jenkins, Protocol

The TypeBar

Our guest today on Coffee with a Journalist is Lisa Martine Jenkins from Protocol. Lisa is a senior reporter at Protocol covering climate. Click below to follow Lisa Martine Jenkins on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Is It Plagiarism or Jumping on a Trend? The Ethics of Social Media Content

Contently - Strategy

For today’s content creators and content marketing teams, unique original content is always the best route to take. So, what does plagiarism look like in today’s world?

5 PR Controversies That Made Us Cringe – Lessons on Handling a PR Disaster


When a PR disaster strikes and hits all the headlines, it stands out particularly strongly for PR professionals.

2022 Media Database Buyer’s Guide

To maintain accurate contact information for journalists and influencers, a homegrown database doesn’t cut it. Cision created the go-to guide for selecting a new media database. Download and learn how to choose the right media database for you!

04 Advantages of Press Release Distribution for Startups

Mediagraphix PR

The post 04 Advantages of Press Release Distribution for Startups appeared first on MediagraphixPR. PR Blogs PR pr agency Press Release Startups

Maxim Behar Meets with Eliana Pichardo, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Dominicana

Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar, PR expert, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc., and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles, had a meeting with Eliana Pichardo, First secretary responsible for culture and media of the Embassy of the Republic of Dominicana in Ankara, also covering Bulgaria.

In 2022, the funding news of your cleantech startup may not be guaranteed

Agility PR Solutions

Climate tech startups raised $53.7 billion in 2021, with nearly half ($22 billion) going to the transport sector, for technologies like lithium-ion batteries or electric aviation.

Maxim Behar Congratulates the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia for The National Day

Maxim Behar

Maxim Behar, PR expert, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc., and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles, had a meeting with H.E. Khalid bin Kamal Faqeeh, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Bulgaria. The official meeting was on the National Day of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Cision's 2022 Global State of the Media Report

For Cision’s annual State of the Media Report, journalists shared their top priorities and what PR and communication pros can do to improve their relationships with the media. Read the report and learn how to create stronger media partnerships.