How To Safeguard Your Digital Reputation

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The foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management, and it’s important now. But the shutdown also threatens brand health, and not only due to lost business. Our new all-digital workstyle can impact brand and personal reputation, and not always in a good way. COVID shutdown raises reputation risks. Here’s how to protect your brand’s reputation and thrive even during the COVID era.

Can PR Take Ownership Of Reputation?

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In business as in life, reputation is everything. Few corporate CEOs will deny that a company’s reputation colors every aspect of business, including marketing, talent recruitment, employee relations, shareholder relations, and the customer experience. Reputation Dividend Report calls reputation a “cornerstone of corporate value” and quantifies the dividend that corporations with a five-star rep enjoy. How PR and reputation intersect.

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Top Ways to Improve Brand Reputations

Critical Mention

Organizations and businesses must find ways to keep audiences engaged with their brand. One of the key ways reputable companies grow their brand is by pointing out the relevance and similarities between their brand and their audience.

With economic crisis on horizon, CEO confidence in corp. image and brand reputation dips

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As brands and businesses continue to battle through the COVID fallout, fears of an imminent economic dip remain on CEOs’ minds, according to new research from the Worldcom PR Group, which recently released its Confidence Index (WCI) monthly report for June 2020. Public Relations branding

3 Proactive Ways to Protect Your Brand Image and Reputation


Slander against brands and bad press isn’t rare. The media often sensationalizes negative news, thus threatening a business’s reputation, user base, customer trust, and bottom line. Remember the moral protests that tarnished the reputation of the Beverly Hills Hotel?

Uber CEO Hopes to Remake the Brand’s Reputation

Ronn Torossian

The post Uber CEO Hopes to Remake the Brand’s Reputation appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. The past two years or so have been a rough road for ride-sharing company, Uber.

Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors

Ronn Torossian

Reputation management is no easy feat for any company. As a result, many companies turn to a more subtle form of brand management, which involves creating new brand ambassadors. The post Reputation Management: Making Employees Brand Ambassadors appeared first on 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian Founder's Blog. Brand PR Crisis PR Pubilc Relations Ronn Torossian

Reputation management for individuals: how to monitor your personal brand


We're in the information age that brought back the importance of reputation. Let's see how you can manage personal online reputation No matter how much time passes, it's still important what you've posted on Twitter and what has been written about you.

IT’S BACK! Reputation Revolution podcast is relaunched

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I’ve relaunched my podcast REPUTATION REVOLUTION. Reputation Revolution explores how motivated individuals can strategically build visibility, influence and trust in today’s reputation economy. Reputation Revolution podcast is relaunched appeared first on PR Warrior | Trevor Young. Personal branding Podcasting Thought leadership Reputation Revolution podcast

The Importance of Building Brand Reputation in Today’s Social World

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We’ve seen in recent months, and even in the last few years, just how bad things can get for brands on social media. This is all part of the importance of having a concrete plan for a brand’s social networks. Breakenridge moderates an NYU Public Relations and Social Media Twitter chat on the Reputation Task Force. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a number of great teams as we’ve built and maintained the reputation of brands on social networks.

Managing Brand Reputation in an Online World

Meltwater - PR

Last month Meltwater Canada hosted a client event in Montreal, during which communication professionals had the opportunity to hear from industry experts on the topic of managing brand reputation in… Read More >>>.

IT’S BACK! Reputation Revolution podcast has been relaunched

PR Warrior

I’ve relaunched my podcast REPUTATION REVOLUTION. Reputation Revolution explores how motivated individuals can strategically build visibility, influence and trust in today’s reputation economy. Reputation Revolution podcast has been relaunched appeared first on Digital Citizen. Personal branding Podcasting PR Warrior Thought leadership Reputation Revolution podcast

7 solid tips for using online reviews to manage your brand reputation

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Every brand in the modern era needs to think about their online brand reputation. The post 7 solid tips for using online reviews to manage your brand reputation appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations reputation

Consumers stop using online brands because of poor reputation—how to clean up your act

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The swift rise of “cancel culture” means the online and social brands we frequent and follow need to watch their step—more and more consumers have stopped or will stop using their services because they don’t like the way they are treated. Public Relations branding

7 best online reputation management tools for your business


In this article, we gathered online reputation management tools that will help you take care of your brand and save it from possible troubles

3 fundamentals for boosting your brand’s reputation with customers

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Your business will be a lot more successful when you have a solid reputation. Unfortunately, errors and mistakes happen, and your reputation may have taken a hit for your past transgressions. The post 3 fundamentals for boosting your brand’s reputation with customers appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations brandingBe glad to know there are ways in which you can improve your standing with your customers and the broader public.

Fix (or Establish) Your Brand Reputation

Shift Communications

Brand reputations can make or break a company; a few bad reviews or questionable comments on social media could turn away customers instantly. Of the many things that play into a brand’s reputation, there are a few that you have control over: customer service, your online presence, and corporate social responsibility. People trust online reviews and peer recommendations more than advertising and brand content.

Why food/hospitality brands must shore up reputation management

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As customers interact with—and review—brands across a growing number of third-party sites, new research reveals reputation management is the key area of focus for the food and hospitality sector, with 66 percent planning to focus on “collecting customer feedback” and 51 percent planning to enhance their ability to monitor and respond to online reviews. The post Why food/hospitality brands must shore up reputation management appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

Reputation gone north—Canadian brands using CR to build connections 

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In its newly released rankings, the global reputation research […]. The post Reputation gone north—Canadian brands using CR to build connections appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

Wegmans tops brand reputation list

PR Daily

Which major brand has the best reputation, according to the Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient ? Wegmans, a grocery chain with a scant 85 stores, is this year’s reputational champ. It’s not Amazon, Apple, Google or any of the world’s largest retailers from a revenue standpoint. Harris extended its list to 100 companies this year, up from the 60 companies it considered in the past.

7 PR Tips For Digital Reputation Management

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One foundation of a good public relations campaign is reputation management. Whether for a brand or an individual, most good PR people spend their time helping internal or external clients create a positive perception among key audiences or building a specific kind of reputation in the marketplace. The growth of social and digital media, of course, presents both challenges and opportunities for reputation management.

Rebuilding Your Reputation: From White Collar Crime to Industry Thought Leader

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What does it take to become one, and how can you be more effective with your communication, whether it’s for your professional brand or your business? Should I align my work and brand with someone I had never met before, and I’m only first learning about his story?

Brands Bring Substance To COVID-19 Response

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The COVID-19 pandemic has upended long-planned marketing and PR campaigns for nearly every major brand. Early into the social distancing phase several brands quickly acknowledged the situation through visuals. But the most PR-powerful gesture may have been by Yum Brands.

Brand 244

Away CEO Steph Korey Needs a Lesson in Reputation Management

PR News

Away continues to experience a public failure that undermines its stated values as a community-focused global travel brand. It's painfully clear that the luggage company's senior leadership, especially its co-chief executive Steph Korey, needs a lesson in reputation management.

Report: The best (and worst) brand reputations

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According to Virgin CEO Richard Branson, “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.”. It’s tough to sum up the importance of brand reputation in a single quote, but this comes close. Your reputation as a company can be the difference between Fortune 500 and, “We’re laying off 500 more employees.”. Harris Poll has recently released its latest list of the companies with the best and worst reputations.

How brands can nurture and grow a positive reputation

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A business reputation is one that is hard won, but can be lost in a matter of minutes, especially in today’s digital world where consumers are constantly connected. One wrong move online and your brand can take a serious hit. Analysis Public Relations branding

Online Reputation Management: How to Make Your Brand Stand Out

B2B PR Sense

And that means that, as a business, online reputation management should be a top priority. With the right reputation management services, you can change and improve how the world perceives you as a brand. Why is Your Online Reputation Important?

How CSR plus PR adds up to a brand reputation boost

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In today’s climate, brands attract consumer loyalty—and do well—when they connect values to action. Public relations comes into play here as a powerful tool to bring awareness to CSR efforts and build brand reputation. The strategic communication of a CSR story can shed more favorable light on your brand than ever before, resulting in a lasting impression. Not only will people notice (just ask Volkswagen ), but such disingenuity can devastate a brand’s reputation.

Report: PR pros aim to increase online reputation monitoring

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What consumers say about your organization can quickly spread through digital channels, affecting your brand image. What people say about your organization can either bolster or erode your brand reputation, especially in the digital media landscape. Where an organization’s announcement or tweet can go viral in a matter of minutes, more PR pros are tapping into monitoring their organizations’ online reputations—including communicators of smaller organizations.

The Chief Reputation Officer (CRO): A New Seat At The C-Suite Table

Reputation Us

Having a favorable reputation has been proven financially valuable and overall critical to an organization. Statistics from our 2019 survey on the Importance of Corporate Reputation quantify this. 93 percent of participants of the survey indicated reputation is important when choosing among products or services of similar quality and price. But who oversees a company’s reputation? Enter the Chief Reputation Officer or CRO. Reputation: Like A Priceless Asset.

4 Reputation Threats Organizations Should Monitor in 2020


For organizations of all sizes, the ability to identify, understand and manage an increasingly complex array of reputational threats will be integral to success in the years ahead. With that reality in mind, here are four emerging reputation risks to consider: Targeted online attacks.

Purpose is a key driver of overall reputation—which brands have found theirs?

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Consumers are increasingly demanding that the brands they do business with take stands on societal and cultural issues and get more involved in improving their communities—and this new sense of involvement and opinion has become a major factor in brand reputation.

Book review: Reputation Management by Tony Langham

Stephen Waddington

A book that provides a blueprint for modern reputation management. Reputation Management: The Future of Corporate Communication and Public Relations by Tony Langham is a guide to the importance of reputation for modern organisations. The reputation of an organisation has a direct impact on recruitment, retention, productivity, sales, and financial performance. Reputation Management is worth the cover price for these stories alone.

#Bendgate Bites Into Apple’s Reputation… For a Moment

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There are and always will be haters […] The post #Bendgate Bites Into Apple’s Reputation… For a Moment appeared first on LTPR. Reputation Social Media Apple bendgate brand reputation communication iphone iphone6 LT Public Relations LTPR Online Reputation oregon pr oregon public relations Portland PR portland public relations PR public relations reputation reputation management social media social media reputation

How and why you should be measuring reputation in 2020

PR Daily

This year, you’re probably wondering how you can renew your reputation, or how establishing your purpose can help you avoid social and moral disengagement with your customers and employees. Yet they seldom describe the mechanisms that brand managers can use to benchmark and track reputation.

4 essentials for protecting and enhancing your company reputation

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In today’s current economic climate, reputation is everything. The post 4 essentials for protecting and enhancing your company reputation appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Public Relations branding

Brand Clarity Comes Before Trust & Reputation

Rock the Status Quo

It carries the same theme of the peacock and our slogan, “we make brands more vibrant and visible online” – but with the help of my graphic designer, it will embody those ideas more beautifully than ever before. My favorite part of having this iconic animal as part of my brand is how people reach out to me all the time when they see something with a peacock on it. What is the who, what and why behind your brand – the passion driving it?

How to bolster your reputation online

PR Daily

A new survey from Clutch reveals many businesses aren’t proactive enough in protecting their reputation. The guide offers steps you can take immediately to safeguard your brand. How are you defending your reputation online? Getting happy customers to leave positive reviews of your products and services can be crucial to developing a strong online reputation.

Does brand reputation matter to Spirit Airlines?

PR Daily

The opposite of what PR folks paid to build positive brand reputations want to see. How could Spirit have such a negative reputation and still be in business? We''ve seen negative comments about airlines and brands before, but nothing like this (outside of maybe Comcast). After a little digging around it became clear what''s going on: Spirit doesn''t care about a positive brand reputation. And yet they seem to have a horrible brand reputation.

Report: Sporadic donations won't boost brand reputation

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A new survey from Aflac says that organizations that donate sporadically won’t boost their brandsreputations. Businesses give untold billions to charity every year. Though these donations are often done with altruistic intent, let’s face it: Sometimes the goal is to get into consumers’ good graces. Finding a balance between currying positive PR and simply donating to worthy causes for the sake of corporate social responsibility is not always easy.