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How to Build Brand Value  


But the task of building and maintaining a lasting brand value is a t ricky one, requiring careful strategy and dedicated execution. In this blog, we’ll outline clear tactics you can implement to build brand value by building stronger brand awareness, protecting your brand, and increasing your brand reputation.

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Brand Awareness, Brand Visibility, and Trust

The Proactive Report

Brand Awareness and Visibility In the digital age building brand awareness depends to a large degree on brand visibility. If your brand is not found online, your content and messaging is not seen by the people you want to engage with. What is the difference between brand affinity and trust?

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New research finds significant increases in brands being abandoned for poor customer service

Agility PR Solutions

Americans are very likely to abandon a brand after a poor customer service experience, affirms a new research report from cloud-based call center platform TCN—on the other hand, they are also very likely to recommend a brand after a positive experience.

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Cultural Diversity in Customer Service

Ronn Torossian

Cultural Diversity in Customer Service Cultural diversity is essential in today’s business world, especially in customer service. It refers to the presence of various cultures in a society, workplace, or customer base.

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6 tips for differentiating your brand by improving customer service

Agility PR Solutions

With many offering similar products and services at similar prices, one of the best ways to set your company apart from the competition is to offer excellent customer service. These six tips will help you improve your customer service: 1. Utilize automation […].

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Customer service PR: Negative interactions motivate consumers to consider switching brands

Agility PR Solutions

The firm’s new report, […] The post Customer service PR: Negative interactions motivate consumers to consider switching brands appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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Can Baby Brands Build Loyal Customers?


Customer loyalty is essential for baby brands in a competitive market. Creating a positive experience throughout the customer journey is crucial for building long-lasting customer relationships. Offering Exceptional Customer Service Exceptional customer service is crucial for building customer loyalty for baby brands.

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