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How to Make your Messaging Stick


Company, brand and spokespersons: Track soundbites for a company, brand or spokesperson based on what is resonating with the media, customers and other stakeholders to shape marketing, thought leadership and PR strategies for greater impact Create earned, owned and paid media campaigns based on soundbite performance.

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Women in Tech: Closing the Gap, One Byte at a Time

Stern + Associates

Inspirational Leadership Journeys to the Top of Robotics and AI What does leadership require in the fields of engineering, robotics and AI? Read on to learn the incredible stories of inspiring women scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders behind some of the most important advancements of the last decade.

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What Do Communicators Need to Know About Trust in 2021? Findings from the Edelman Trust Barometer

Solo PR Pro

There’s an overall feeling that societal leadership lies. But what is clear is that we are looking to our corporate leaders for guidance and leadership, now more than ever. This includes CEOs, Boards, journalists, pundits, etc. Key takeaways from the Edelman Trust Barometer 2021.