Brand journalism positions biotech leader

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The Norwegian woman suffers from alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, a rare disease that makes breathing feel like sucking in air through a coffee stirrer, CSL Behring—a biotechnology company—reports in its brand journalism site Vita. You think you’re getting strong with those visits to the gym?

Bill Gates’ Summer Reading List: PR takeaways from this year’s recommended books

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He believes humans will then move onto the next problem, leading to a small number of elites using biotechnology and genetic engineering to upgrade themselves, which would create a godlike species and abandon the rest of the population.

Health care pros grab a piece of the podcast pie

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Think of podcasting as simplified, audible storytelling. reports the global biotechnology company plans to cover topics from cancer to superbugs. Podcasting has been an easy yet oft-misunderstood form of broadcast communication. Not any longer.