Communications Week welcomes comms leaders to 2022 Advisory Board

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Jessica Kline has held various roles across communications in both information technology and biotechnology. Howard Mortman is communications director for C-SPAN, the public service providing television coverage of the U.S.

How Does a PR Newswire for Journalists Benefit the World?

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Some of the sub-categories of entertainment that you may be interested in hearing about include news and talk shows, movies, music, performing arts, television, and so much more. Are you a journalist or news organization wondering where to get your news?

Quick Tips for Pitching Fortune, Bloomberg TV and Other Business Media

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For instance, Bloomberg TV’s primary audience is the most affluent in cable television and includes people who make decisions about where to move money. For instance, panelist Aaron Task, the digital editor at Fortune, discussed how the magazine is branching out into other news areas, such as healthcare and biotechnology. Pitching the media often feels like preparing for a first date.