Internal communicators are the new influencers

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Did you know internal communicators have a super power? It’s true, and this fact puts the role of internal communicators as the new influencers in the spotlight. These advances in internal comms solutions have saved communicators valuable time and effort. Internal Communication

5 Benefits Of Interning At A PR Firm

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Guest post by Crenshaw Communications intern, Murphy Pressley. As an intern, I’m able to build my confidence and my resume at the same time, while also cultivating real-life networking opportunities. Here are key ways interning can benefit any student during their time in college.


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How To Make A PR Impact With International Media

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PR agencies are taking on international communications for businesses as they expand beyond our borders. Here are five areas to consider when pitching international media. . When looking for media to pitch internationally, it’s wise to include foreign bureaus of U.S.-based

Top Internal Communications Trends of 2022 webinar

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As hybrid and remote environments are poised to change the way we work forever, internal communicators must spend more time nurturing the employee experience to help build cohesion and encourage teamwork even in dispersed workplaces. Key internal measurement goals and KPIs for the year.

Are You The Next Intern for Crenshaw Communications?

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It is time for us to add an intern to our team! PR/Marketing Intern. Crenshaw Communications is seeking a paid intern to join our dynamic B2B technology PR team and to assist with our pro bono work for a leading marketing association.

International Women’s Day: When Good PR Backfires

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The tweet that launched a whopper of a PR backlash for Burger King on International Women’s Day wasn’t really that bad. The salutes to women by Burger King and other brands on International Women’s Day come after a very rough year.

Notes From A Virtual PR Agency Intern

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Guest post by Crenshaw Communications intern, Sarah O’Connell. Working from home might be a new experience for an intern, so it’s important to create a productive work environment for yourself.

How to analyze your internal comms strategy

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After 19+ months of disruption, crisis and resilience, internal comms has never had more value for the organization. FREE WEBINAR: Learn how to thrive as an internal comms pro in 2022. 16 from Staffbase titled “ How to Thrive as an Internal Comms Pro in 2022.”

2021 resolutions for internal communicators

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Here are a handful of resolutions to jot down to ensure you hit specific internal comms targets instead of wandering aimlessly. Internal communication is ultimately about building genuine relationships and understanding.

6 reminders for more inclusive internal comms

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Tim Brewer is a copywriter for Tribe , an Atlanta-based internal communications agency. The post 6 reminders for more inclusive internal comms appeared first on PR Daily. Diversity and inclusion Employee Engagement Internal Communications

Better Internal Comms Tips For PR Teams

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Sometimes, especially within public relations teams, we strive to make our external communications to journalists and executives look nearly perfect, while we use shorthand internally. Internal communication should be as important as external comms.

Top 2021 internal communication trends

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The post Top 2021 internal communication trends appeared first on PR Daily. Employee Engagement Executive Communication Internal Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry The WorkplaceHere’s what to expect—and prioritize—in what’s sure to be another turbulent year ahead.

Interns are a Bargain: Pay Them Fairly


Therefore, I decided to reprise the same headline plea… Continue reading Interns are a Bargain: Pay Them Fairly. The post Interns are a Bargain: Pay Them Fairly appeared first on Culpwrit. Advice from a Pro Intern Job Search

How to audit your internal comms in 7 easy steps

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The free webinar sponsored by Workshop offers templates and tactics for analyzing your internal messaging and benchmarking employee engagement. When was the last time you measured your internal communications? FREE GUIDE: Internal Corporate Communications: Email Best Practices ].

How to overhaul your internal comms strategy in 7 steps

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As any good therapist would say, start by looking inward—in this case, at your internal communications practices and strategies for reaching employees. FREE GUIDE: How to Run an Internal Communications Audit ].

Why it’s so critical to measure your internal comms

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Without an internal communications measurement strategy, you’re flying blind. Measurement also allows you to tweak and optimize your tactics so they better serve all your internal audiences. The post Why it’s so critical to measure your internal comms appeared first on PR Daily.

What makes a story resonate internationally

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His time covering international affairs (along with entertainment and a whole host of other topics) for the BBC led him to a realization and a transition to his current role. The post What makes a story resonate internationally appeared first on PR Daily.

Reach Journalists Outside the United States: Tips for Pitching Internationally from AFP and FPA | Business Wire Blog

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Public relations experts know the world is bigger than ever – which, on one hand, means more opportunity. But the world is also noisier. Media outlets are understaffed, and reporters are doing more.

How internal comms can encourage employees to rest and recharge

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If your organization wants to encourage employees to take time off during the holiday season—or at any point in the year—internal communicators play an important role in fostering a culture of rest. In this way, you can use your internal comms to foster a culture of rest.

5 steps to optimize an internal communications plan

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A guide from Firstup details an actionable process with seven templates to help with starting or updating an internal communications strategy. can be an overwhelming question when working on an internal communications plan. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Measurement

Top trends for internal comms pros to consider

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According to ContactMonkey’s annual survey, “ Global State of Internal Communications 2022 ,” employee experience is the most significant factor for comms pros to consider in internal communication employee strategies overall. The increasing prominence of internal comms.

Survey: Company leaders divided on who should oversee internal comms

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Who should be responsible for internal communications? A new survey from HarrisX and Ragan Communications shows that there’s a power struggle brewing regarding who, exactly, should bear the most responsibility for internal messaging. Internal Communications Research The Workplace

How to navigate PR during times of strained international relations 

Agility PR Solutions

Over the past two years, we have lived through a number of unprecedented, international crises. The post How to navigate PR during times of strained international relations appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

8 Tips for Maximizing Your International Press Release | Business Wire Blog

Business Wire

There is no doubt today that we are part of a global economy. With a click, we can purchase goods made next door or halfway around the world. For many companies, this provides exciting opportunities to enter into new markets faster than ever before.

For Chinese Enterprises and Startup Entrepreneurs, How to Pitch International Business Press | Business Wire Blog

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Therefore, reporting through influential international business media is generally recognized as one of the most effective ways.

9 steps for developing your internal communications plan

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Here is a nine-step approach to creating your internal communications plan: 1. Measurement transforms internal communications from a shot in the dark to an effective management tool. Create your internal communication plan and your calendar.

Interns should do more than work on social media

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The real problem is that many PR firms aren’t giving interns the opportunity to hone their pitching skills. It’s a challenge to involve an intern with limited to no experience in meaningful media outreach. One place interns have proven to add value is in building targeted media lists.

The internal comms maturity assessment: 4.93 out of 10

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The Staffbase internal communications maturity assessment results are in! This historic moment begs several questions: How effective are internal comms team at this pivotal juncture? Which aspects of internal comms tend to lag, and where the most opportunities to improve are.

4 tips for marking International Women’s Day

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How is your organization thinking about marking International Women’s Day (IWD) for 2022? How are we supporting women across seas/international waters? Brand messages for International Women’s Day are often focused on awareness.

18 internal communications strategies for 2020

Agility PR Solutions

When it comes to internal communications, this certainly holds true. The post 18 internal communications strategies for 2020 appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. How you communicate a message is as important as the message itself.

4 tips for creating an international public relations strategy

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Expanding into new, international markets can help you take a business to the next level. The key to successfully expanding a business into an international market is to build brand awareness.

3 tips for delivering results with internal communications

Agility PR Solutions

There are certain skills that anyone working on or in internal communications or public relations should have, and they’re the key ingredients to learning, growing, and strengthening a business that achieves success.

Celebrating International Non-Binary People's Day at Cision


How PR pros can be proactive allies to the non-binary community. US Blog

5 questions to ask before crafting your internal comms message

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The post 5 questions to ask before crafting your internal comms message appeared first on PR Daily. Employee Engagement Internal Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry The WorkplaceMind these guidelines to write more compelling memos, sharper emails and meatier reports.

The one PR to rule them all: Writing an international press release

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The post The one PR to rule them all: Writing an international press release appeared first on Agility PR Solutions. Press releases are far from dead. In fact, they are more effective than ever before.

The value of being honest in internal communications

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However, honesty isn’t just important when doing public relations; it’s also important for your internal communications as well. corporate communications internal communicationsHonesty is certainly the best policy when communicating within your company.

4 ways comms pros can bolster and burnish internal DE&I efforts

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I’ve recently had many conversations with colleagues and peers about how to write about diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in a firm’s internal communications. But working on internal DE&I content always reminds me to prioritize listening.

5 things I learned from engineering an internal comms turnaround during a pandemic

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I’ve held a lot of roles during my career, many of them at Philip Morris International (PMI), but nothing could have prepared me for the challenge of effectively communicating to our 71,000+ employees about our company’s historic transformation.

5 Ways To Raise Your Internal PR Game

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

Earlier this week, we made the case for raising your internal PR game. The technological and social changes over the past few years have both made internal communications more important, and also opened up opportunities to revolutionize it. 5 ways to raise internal PR standards. In 2017 McKinsey found that only 17% of companies report investing in some form internal communications technology. Internal comms should be easy on the eyes.

Internal communication critical to business transformation

Stephen Waddington

New research supports the assertion that internal communication has been critical to helping organisations transform during the COVID-19 pandemic. Internal communication and how organisations engage employees is a critical factor in successful transformation projects.