Wed.Dec 19, 2018

9 fantastic holiday gifts for PR pros

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If you’re looking for a last-minute present for the communicator in your life, consider this list of products and services that can help make his or her job easier. There’s still time to select the perfect gift for your PR-pro friend or family member.

Businesses make a difference by committing to societal impact—how yours can too

Agility PR Solutions

In case you missed it, company stakeholders have great expectations of brands and businesses these days—from implementing more diversity and inclusion in the workforce to speaking out on cultural and societal issues that concern them, consumers and employees have raised the bar for doing business with a company and working for them.

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3 things to consider when pitching op-eds

PR Daily

A thought piece from an expert in your organization can greatly increase your visibility and share of voice. However, pitching your writing takes skill. The decision to write an op-ed shouldn’t be taken lightly and requires a decent amount of forethought.

4 culture changes all businesses need to make to boost PR

Agility PR Solutions

People nowadays want so much more than just job security. They want to be happy in the environment that they spend 40+ hours a week in. They want to love their job. Businesses are learning that catering to these desires isn’t a waste of time.

Harness the Power of Influencers and Advocates

Learn how to find and use influencers and advocates to gain buyer's trust on your behalf.

5 lessons from YouTube’s most-hated video ever

PR Daily

The video platform’s annual roundup has drawn 9.7 million ‘dislikes.’ YouTube shrugs that it’s fine with that. What are the lessons for communicators who aren’t trying to irk their audiences?

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How modern speechwriters keep the craft alive and well

PR Daily

See how these savvy communicators are crafting addresses that enthrall audiences and inspire powerful change. What role does speechwriting play in a world filled with spur-of-the-moment tweets and off-the-cuff remarks? A much bigger one than you might think.

Do you prefer to read or watch the news?

HMA Public Relations

Personally, I prefer to read the news. Admittedly, that often means scrolling through the newspaper on my phone first thing in the morning, but it is […]. The post Do you prefer to read or watch the news? appeared first on HMA Public Relations. HMA Public Relations Broadcast Media news Newspaper

How to include far-flung and off-shift staff in company events

PR Daily

You can’t email cupcakes, and the pizza is cold (if there’s any left) when your third-shifters arrive, so try these three tactics to involve remote workers and others in workplace festivities. Employee events can build engagement and signal a shift in culture.

How to Cultivate Great Relationships with Media Partners


There’s a reputation out there that journalists sort of have a love-hate relationship with PR professionals. Sure, it’s a popular assumption, but when both parties know their job and do it right, the connection can be very positive for both sides. It begins with building and nurturing a relationship.

Top 15 Free PR Ideas to Grow Your Online Business

You've got a great idea, you've built your killer team, and you've maybe even gone through the first round or two of funding.

Influencer Marketing Strategies that are Particularly Useful for Small and Medium-sized Businesses


Big companies may often spend the equivalent of a small nation’s GDP just on market research and have a marketing department bigger than your entire office. The post Influencer Marketing Strategies that are Particularly Useful for Small and Medium-sized Businesses appeared first on Prowly Magazine.

5W Spotlight: Kelsey O’Connor


In this week’s 5W Spotlight, we sat down with Kelsey O’Connor, Account Director, to discuss her journey into the PR industry. Her advice for young talent making their way into PR? News…” Read the full interview below! What inspired you to get into PR?

58 people I’m thankful I had coffee with in 2018

Communications Conversations

Over the course of any year, I have coffee with a lot of people. I do it for a lot of reasons. 1) To get out of the house! Being a solo can get lonely!

2018 in Review: Looking Back on a Year in Issues & Trends


In creating the daily Issues & Trends newsletter, an exclusive PRSA member benefit, we here at PRSA’s publications department often share the media stories we find fascinating, informative and pertinent to the evolving communications profession. We also closely monitor I&T click- and engagement-stats to learn more about what you, as PR professionals, want to read about.

How to “Kill It” During Your Next Big Change

When it comes to change communication, employees need your help to understand what’s happening. Use these four steps to help employees navigate change.

Fighting Hunger with the Power of PR


This season, we joined up with one of our customers, The Central Texas Food Bank, in the fight against hunger to highlight PR's role in their strategy

Exploring teaching, research, and ethical practices in influencer marketing

Karen Freberg

It seems that the topic of influencer marketing seems to continue to grow and grow in the industry. I have noticed over the past few years, I have been doing more presentation talks, workshops, and consulting in this area than ever before. This will continue to be apparent as we enter 2019.

How Russia Used PR To Hack Our Election

ImPRessions - Crenshaw Communications

A remarkable aspect of Russian propaganda efforts around our elections is how well they follow the modern social media and public relations playbook. Maybe because the news has come out in steady drips over two years, I hadn’t put the full picture together.

Step by step guide to holiday marketing [infographic]

Agility PR Solutions

The holidays have officially arrived, and with it, the inevitable last-minute push to get products and services in front of the millions of shoppers who will be finding their way to stores this final shopping weekend before Christmas.

5 video lessons from organizations’ holiday greetings

PR Daily

Many PR and marketing pros are turning to interactive content and short clips to connect with their audiences. Consider these takeaways from Yuletide wishes. Forget the festive photo of your staff or that handwritten holiday card: This year’s trend is holiday video greetings.

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