Mon.Mar 27, 2023

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Five lessons from comms leaders on our digital world


In March of 2023, NewsWhip co-hosted a breakfast roundtable with PRWeek in Chicago to hear the thoughts of comms leaders from a variety of different industries on the challenges and opportunities presented by the increasingly digital world. Attending the discussion were NewsWhip CEO Paul Quigley, Kraft Heinz’s VP of global corporate comms and reputation management Alex Abraham, Baxter’s VP of external comms Lauren Russ, Horizon Therapeutics’ EVP of corporate affairs and CCO Geoff Curtis, Conagr

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The impact of social media on digital marketing strategies: A guide for PR pros

Agility PR Solutions

The impact of social media on digital marketing strategies has been a game-changer, altering the way firms interact with their target audience. With over 3.6 billion active users across the globe, social media has become a go-to platform for people to share, explore, and communicate. As a public relations professional, it is critical to understand […] The post The impact of social media on digital marketing strategies: A guide for PR pros appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.


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Becoming an Ally and Advocate for Black Women


As we transition from winter to spring and the frost yields to warmer temperatures, it can be exciting to experience longer days and see new life emerge. While I appreciate what warmth and light do for my circadian rhythms, I find myself focusing on other matters during this time. With Black History Month in the rearview and Women’s History Month upon us, looking at the intersectionality of being a Black woman, I realize that none of what I feel or do could ever be encapsulated within a set time

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World Autism Day: How Your Brand Can Show Support


World Autism Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about autism and promoting inclusion for those on the autism spectrum. It falls on April 2nd every year and presents a unique opportunity for brands to show support for this important cause. In this article, we will discuss some ways in which brands can effectively show support for World Autism Day.

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Peter H. Paulsen’s Inspiring Tale Continues to Resonate in 2024

Two years after its initial release, Peter H. Paulsen’s book, From Brick and Mortar to Prosperity, continues to inspire readers around the globe.

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How digitalization can help businesses achieve net-zero goals—5 key insights

Agility PR Solutions

The urgent but, for many, elusive net-zero transition goals that companies worldwide are striving to achieve can be aided by digitalization efforts, according to a new report by MIT Technology Review Insights, which explains how digital technologies play a pivotal role in decarbonization goals—and why a shift in organizational culture is needed to understand and address […] The post How digitalization can help businesses achieve net-zero goals—5 key insights appeared first on Agility PR So

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#MediaMonday – Michael Mallace

HMA Public Relations

The latest #MediaMonday feature comes to us from Michael Mallace, the general manager of 88.7 The Pulse, the radio station of the East Valley Institute of Technology. Meet Michael and learn more about his experienced career in radio in this blog post.

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5 tips for creating engaging interactive social media posts in 2023—and some great suggestions

Agility PR Solutions

If you’re a brand that uses social media platforms to promote your business, then you know the pressure to create content that is engaging, helpful, and relevant to your audience. This pressure mounts even higher as more businesses in your industry (your competitors) start hopping on these platforms and putting out content too. Now you […] The post 5 tips for creating engaging interactive social media posts in 2023—and some great suggestions appeared first on Agility PR Solutions.

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The ABC’s of ESG and Reputation. Corporate Care or Greenwashing?

Reputation Us

The rise of the awareness of ESG—environmental, social and governance—and its importance started to truly take form three years ago. While ESG has essentially been a part of many corporations ideology and strategy for decades, the term and customers’ familiarity became more prevalent in 2020 due primarily through heightened awareness of ESG’s importance to the world’s wellbeing.

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Audience hijacking escalates as a threat to brands and retailers—what marketers need to know

Agility PR Solutions

Is your B2C brand prepared for the online-purchasing disruption known as audience hijacking? This happens when digital shoppers are diverted from their online buying journey by unauthorized distractions that can be placed on a digital commerce site—an issue that is now a widespread phenomenon and, according to new research from consumer protection cloud company Akamai […] The post Audience hijacking escalates as a threat to brands and retailers—what marketers need to know appeared first on

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Are Your Impact Comms Resonating With Stakeholders?

Whether your organization is at the start of its sustainability and impact journey or years into it, many brands share a common concern: the uncertainty of whether they are sending stakeholders mixed messages. Creating content that speaks to your audience's “love language” can be a tricky dance. But, worry not! 3BL has put together tips to ensure that your content not only finds its rhythm but also resonates with your target audiences.

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Just Four Left: Vote Now! Socrates v Plato and Aristotle v. Kant

Ethical Voices

Unlike the men’s tourney, the favorites are the four left standing Socrates v. Plato Aristotle v. Kant Who will advance to the finals and be the Philosophy Madness Champion in 2023? Vote now!

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The Media Spin No. 1

Doctor Spin

1. Twitch cuts 400 jobs as part of Amazon’s latest layoffs Sad news. 2. In Sons Of The Forest, Everybody Loves Kelvin Yup, Kelvin (with an “L”) is fantastic. 3. Hacking AI in PR: using AI tools to write a press release Valuable tips (as always) from Stephen Waddington. 4. Facebook Is Working on a Twitter Clone That Nobody Asked For P92, huh? I won’t be holding my breath. 5.

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Susan Slusser – Meet the Media

Landis PR

Susan Slusser Happy Opening Day! As Major League Baseball opens the season this week, we invited award-winning journalist, Susan Slusser to be interviewed for “Meet the Media.” Susan covers the San Francisco Giants for the San Francisco Chronicle. She covered the Oakland Athletics for more than two decades, before she became the Giants beat writer in 2021.

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Rapid Response Strategies to Capture Media Attention

RH Strategic

Savvy marketers know it’s not always about making the news. Sometimes, it’s about making connections to it. Rapid response media, often referred to as “newsjacking,” is the practice of inserting a brand into the day’s top story. The value is in its ability to boost a brand’s status by piggybacking on breaking news headlines with.

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5WPR Consumer Culture Report 2024

5WPR’s fifth annual Consumer Culture report takes a look at consumer spending culture, the biggest influences behind buying behaviors, and emerging trends.

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PRGN: Harnessing the Amazing Power of PR Agencies Worldwide

Bianchi Biz Blog

Our Global PR Partners Give You Local Expertise Around the Globe Do you need to launch a new product in Brazil? Or open a new automotive manufacturing facility in Mexico? Or support your CEO’s speech at the Paris Air Show? PRGN has got you covered! Since 2014, Bianchi PR has been the Detroit automotive/mobility member of the Public Relations Global Network.

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