Should media relations wait during election season?

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Media relations is always challenging—but the 2020 fourth-quarter cycle may doom your client’s coverage. Building relationships with media gatekeepers. RELATED: Join us for our Writing & Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ].

How PR’s value transcends media relations

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Getting earned media hits is of great value to all organizations, but PR pros can do so much more to safeguard reputations and drive a conversation about their brand or client. You have to be a shrewd media manager—and show your value to the bottom line. The digital disruption driving this recalibration of the media industry was the focus of a fireside chat at a recent Ragan conference broadcast for our Communications Spotlight podcast. Better storytelling.


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5 keys to successful media relations right now

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The news media landscape remains in a state of flux, with the specter of COVID-19 still dominating coverage. RELATED: Learn how to plan and execute the communications needs that comprise the "next" normal ]. Think of your media relationships like you would your friendships.

4 ways OKCupid handles media relations during COVID-19

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Finding stories in your data can lead to big earned media wins. Michael Kaye, global communications manager for OKCupid, says the amount of the platform’s members reporting that they’ve gone on a virtual date rose 473% in April, compared with March—and the trend is still growing. FREE REPORT: COVID-19's Impact on Communications ]. Yet, successfully navigating media relations efforts during this time of uncertainty requires communications savvy.

Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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And communicators are doing a lot more of it, too. Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020. Social media is a crucial channel.

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5 storytelling lessons from Square’s COVID-19 campaign

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Storytelling has become a buzzword in business communications. It’s the superpower wielded by communications pros that is the catalyst for headlines, digital content, social media posts and so much more. Here are five storytelling lessons from Square’s efforts: 1.

8 rules to follow for media relations in 2021

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Experts share their inspiration and advice for finding earned media success in the coming year. So, what will be the key to success for earned media in 2021? I think that brands are looking for a way to cut through in a more meaningful way to get media coverage,” she says. “We

Learn how to come out on top in PR Daily’s Media Relations Awards

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Do you want to burnish your reputation for media relations expertise? You know that organizations face a variety of obstacles in getting their work covered by the news media. How can you capture an audience’s attention on social media when their feeds are oversaturated with ads? PR Daily’s Media Relations Award participants know the answers to these questions. ASCO’s annual survey serves as a powerful storytelling tool.

Clubhouse provides a fresh new venue for social media meltdowns

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With a new social media platform comes opportunity—and also risk. The lion’s share of crisis management today stems from conversations that happen online. Reacting in real time in front of a room full of media-savvy people can easily land them in hot water.

How to adapt your pitches during noisy news cycles

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Some humanity and creativity can help find success for your clients even when the media is overwhelmed by national news headlines. When it comes to media pitching, it’s been difficult to predict how or if the media will respond. Also, focus on human interest in storytelling.

3 common #PRFails that journalists want you to stop right away

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This free advice from the Twitter accounts of media pros is crucial advice for finding earned media success in the coming year. With earned media being given the same weight as technical SEO, you need to learn to do it right.

7 PR trends to follow for 2021

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million Americans unemployed and thousands more unable to work due to COVID-19, brands need to understand who they are communicating with on a human-to-human level. RELATED: Join us for our Speechwriters & Public Affairs Virtual Conference ].

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How the CIA hit its storytelling stride on Twitter

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The spy agency’s former social media director shares insights on tailoring fascinating content for a diverse audience of ‘skimmers,’ ‘swimmers’ and ‘divers.’. We can neither confirm nor deny the brilliance of the CIA’s social media strategy. Carolyn Reams, the intelligence agency’s former social media director, shared broadly applicable insights with the audience at Ragan’s 2020 Social Media Conference on Friday, March 13. Why should social media be any different?”.

Power Digital Marketing’s Sara Brooks: ‘You must continue to evolve’

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For this PR pro, the changes in 2020 included having her PR firm acquired and having a brand-new baby—all while facing the disruption of the COVID-19 crisis. RELATED: Ragan's Media Relations Awards will recognize the best campaigns and initiatives.

3 communications lessons from viral ‘Gorilla Glue’ videos

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A TikTok user recently captured headlines and dominated social media conversation for an unfortunate incident with the adhesive product. million views on Instagram within a week—with additional reposts and videos from social media users and news media outlets garnering even more views.

Viral 140

What inclusive language looks like for modern speechwriters

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Franklin is co-founder of Speechwriters of Color , an organization seeking to improve representation and reach for diverse communicators, and will lead a session on inclusive language in speechwriting at Ragan’s Speechwriting and Public Affairs Virtual Conference March 4.

How ‘Time’ uses captivating visuals to make a splash on social media

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The media company’s ‘Person of the Year’ franchise is a popular effort that drives web traffic, brand buzz and revenue. It’s also matured into outstanding social media engagement, partnership opportunities, products and more.

Are American audiences ready for sophisticated messages about gender?

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Later that year, the brand shared another ad, this time featuring a transgender man experiencing his first shave, which won some applause on social media. Focus on storytelling and education.

Film 101

Promoting tourism PR amid a global pandemic

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With vaccines making the rounds, how can communicators start to get the public excited about travel and exotic destinations once more? RELATED: Join us for our virtual Business Fluency Boot Camp for Communicators ].

4 PR lessons from ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

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RELATED: Join us Dec. 8 for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ]. Being open and transparent is a best practice for internal and external communications, but it’s even more important to build trust with employees and support them during continuing uncertainty.

Why the old crisis comms playbook should be thrown out

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Here’s why one crisis communications expert says there’s no going back to the old way of brand reputation management and crisis response. For crisis communications, it’s a data obsession that will deliver results in the future. Holistic crisis comms.

Crisis 125

Make kindness your top KPI for 2021

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Here’s how one communicator says companies should change how they thin about success and prosperity. Just a few weeks after joining SoundExchange in November of 2020 as its chief marketing and communications officer, I tested positive for COVID-19.

2 steps for using earned media to build brand authority

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Getting that third-party validation is PR’s superpower, but what are the tactics that will lead to great media placements? So how can you create an earned media strategy to elevate your B2B brand? Here’s how you can use content to acquire media coverage and build trust: 1.

Brand 143

5 Instagram lessons from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

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Managing social media for a government agency offers unique challenges, boosting engagement without ‘sexy’ content. The social media account isn’t filled with fast food puns or snarky quips. Looking for more tips and trends for social media content in 2021?

How to score a podcast interview for your client

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With exploding audience numbers, the digital audio format offers big upsides for organizations looking for an earned media hit. FREE DOWNLOAD: The Future of Media Relations Special Report ]. It’s important to treat this like you would a regular media placement.

3 ways PR pros can win with SEO and analytics

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Especially during COVID-19, SEO is increasing in importance, as organizations seek to reach their target consumers and stand out in a noisy and cluttered digital media landscape.

Why and how to infuse more empathy in your health care marketing

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It has me thinking about how most health care marketing and communications could really benefit from a much heftier dose of it. FREE DOWNLOAD: The Future of Media Relations Special Report ]. Caring for your fellow human beings is also what happens when you put the consumer first.

How COVID-19 made concise messaging even more crucial

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Much like it has with other trends heading into 2020, the global pandemic has ramped up transformation and forced communicators to innovate to find new audiences. For audiences exhausted after six months of crisis and information overload, you must be concise. RELATED: Join us Oct.

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How the pandemic has revealed a need for new comms skills

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McKinsey reported : Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them. So, what are the skills that have become crucial for PR pros over the last six months of intense crisis and disruption?

3 ways brands can support consumers’ mental well-being

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FREE GUIDE: The Communications Playbook for Healthcare ]. We are now, as marketers, all in the service industry when it comes to what we deliver to consumers via our marketing and media tactics.

Report: How 10 brands succeeded—and failed—to respond to Black Lives Matter

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that a majority of American consumers want brands to take a stand on racial justice—and more than sharing vanity images and messages of support on social media, but take action to address the blight of racism in U.S. This report is brought to you by Ragan’s Crisis Leadership Board.

Report 164

Report: Nearly 3 in 4 Americans report seeing disinformation weekly

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A lack of trust in digital media is causing some to avoid consuming news at all, and for the second year in a row, Americans said family was the most trusted source of new information, per a new IPR report. RELATED: Join us Nov.

Report 138

Twitter to flag misleading COVID-19 vaccine content, Instagram launches ‘Live Rooms,’ and Volvo pledges to go fully electric by 2030

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Hello, communicators: Many brand managers are ramping up content surrounding Women’s History Month, including United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women, U.S. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK.

Why brands must focus on their relationship to consumers’ needs

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Modern reputation and crisis management will demand that organizations do the tough work of learning what they stand for and how that should be expressed to a fractured marketplace. Crisis management in the coming months will require soul searching—and the sooner, the better.

Goldman Sachs chief calls WFH an ‘aberration,’ Zoom adds closed captioning, and McKinsey ousts global managing partner

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Hello, communicators: Zoom is introducing automatic closed captioning to all customers—including those with free accounts—starting in the fall, and has opened requests for users who need the service sooner. CRISIS LEADERSHIP NETWORK. EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS.

Digg 104

What Tesla’s move to eliminate its PR department means for the industry

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The electric car company may have closed its press shop, but the communications function remains vital. It apparently decided it no longer needs a good relationship with the media. Every company is now a media company. RELATED: Join us Oct.

8 trust indicators to look for in the media you pitch

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A media watchdog warns PR pros against working with misinformation sites. Election fallout and disinformation continues to dominate mainstream and social media. How to vet the best media targets for your message now—and bolster your own credibility to stay relevant? “Do RELATED: Enter Ragan's Workplace Wellness Awards to earn recognition for your healthy workplace ]. The post 8 trust indicators to look for in the media you pitch appeared first on PR Daily.

50 ways communicators can navigate the ‘new normal’

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Communicators stepped up big to keep the stay-at-home workforce connected. Now you’re communicating in a time of great change, from managing the unpredictable return to the office, the continuing impact of layoffs and budget cuts, and the urgent need to address racial inequality.

5 ways to be a great PR pro during the weirdest year ever

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RELATED: Join us Nov. 10-11 to find out what the future of communications holds ]. For example, your media database might spit out a list of 500 reporters to contact for your next announcement. Lisa Fels Davitt is founder and CEO of Succession Communications.

Energy 171

5 tips to increase trust in the COVID-19 era

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COVID-19, economic uncertainty and social justice movements have elevated truth and transparency as communication prerequisites. This is especially the case in social media, where misinformation is rampant. Let a sense of service guide your communications, especially on social media.