Ragan survey: Brand storytelling increases in importance

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And communicators are doing a lot more of it, too. Brand storytelling has dramatically increased in both importance and volume over the last three months, likely driven by the communications urgency of the pandemic and associated crises of 2020.

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The importance of solid messaging and storytelling

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, being able to deliver on communications goals has been a matter of life and death. In a morbid way, the pandemic has been a communicator’s dream. RELATED: Learn innovative strategies to ensure your content is resonating with audiences ].


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6 reasons your content marketing program is struggling

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Content marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways for organizations to communicate with their key audiences. Through content marketing programs, they can tell compelling stories, highlight their successes, and otherwise engage their current and future audiences.

5 storytelling lessons from Square’s COVID-19 campaign

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Storytelling has become a buzzword in business communications. It’s the superpower wielded by communications pros that is the catalyst for headlines, digital content, social media posts and so much more. Here are five storytelling lessons from Square’s efforts: 1.

Announcing PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards finalists

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The finalists in PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards know about the power of storytelling. Content Marketing Assets: Blog. iQ 360: For Communicators, By Communicators: The iQ 360 Blog. Content Series. Interactive Content.

6 ways to up your storytelling game

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You’ve transformed your communication department into a modern, digital newsroom, and your team is acting like the reporters they should be. Brand journalism helps organizations rise above the clutter of content on the web. Here are six reasons to take your storytelling to the next level—or maybe the one above that. This is a roundtable discussion among communicators who are doing brand journalism, or thinking about how to get started.

J&J recalls sunscreens over carcinogen concerns, content marketing strategies that work, and Amazon’s response to CPSC lawsuit

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Hello, communicators: Ahead of National Ice Cream Day July 18, several of the most popular purveyors of the frozen confection have launched promotional campaigns intended to capitalize on the holiday—and the summer heat—doing some good along the way.

Announcing PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards finalists

PR Daily

The finalists on this list represent the storytellers who know how to create content that stands out on the crowded content landscape. Their creative works led to success for their organizations and clients—and recognition as a finalist in PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards.

How the CIA hit its storytelling stride on Twitter

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The spy agency’s former social media director shares insights on tailoring fascinating content for a diverse audience of ‘skimmers,’ ‘swimmers’ and ‘divers.’. Successful exhibit content is accessible, highly visual, easy to understand and absorb—and relevant.

How to build a stronger brand to withstand the social media haters

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These trends are great for crisis communications firms and political activists, but they portend disaster for small businesses which don’t have the time or money to respond to social media trolls and rebuild reputations. Don’t scrimp on marketing, branding or earned media.

48 quick hints to craft better business copy

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Add these tips to your storytelling arsenal to make your messaging sparkle and sing. Communicating bad news? Content Marketing Crisis Communications Executive Communication PR Industry Storytelling Writing & Editing

3 social media trends to embrace in 2021

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What type of content will perform the best on Instagram? For public relations and marketing professionals specifically, 2020 was transformative. Social media has introduced a brand-new intersection for customer communication and e-commerce cues.

How to adapt your pitches during noisy news cycles

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RELATED: Join us for our Social Media & Digital Communications Virtual Conference ]. Also, focus on human interest in storytelling. These opportunities present unrealized earned content in many places, including traditional media and non-traditional channels.

3 mistakes Sherwin-Williams made in firing TikTok star Tony Piloseno

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Sherwin-Williams’ marketing team told him to get lost—and a month later, they canned him. RELATED: Are you one of the Rising Stars or Communicators of the Year? ]. We may never know why Sherwin-Williams’ marketing team shooed Piloseno away.

Starbucks walks back vaccine mandate, a size guide for social media images and ExxonMobil shares sustainability goals

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Hello, communicators: Marriott announced that it is launching a contest to appoint three travelers as TikTok correspondents as part of its “30 Stays in 300 Days” contest. Both internal and external communicators are encouraged to participate. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS .

5 proven ways to boost creativity to solve tough problems

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RELATED: Join us for our Writing and Content Creation for Communicators Virtual Workshop ]. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Leadership Communications PR Industry Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

4 PR lessons from ‘The Queen’s Gambit’

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8 for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ]. Similarly, the communications field requires you to strategically plan your messaging, content and campaigns to ensure you’re reaching the right audience at the right time on the right channels—successfully persuading them to act.

3 ways brands can support consumers’ mental well-being

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FREE GUIDE: The Communications Playbook for Healthcare ]. While true that mental health is an ongoing struggle and not a one-size-fits all-solution, marketers have an opportunity to provide offerings to support those in need during this time.

5 emerging, surging social media trends for 2020

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Scrap your content calendar, prioritize listening, and put self-promotion on hold. Adapting the content calendar process. RELATED: Earn recognition for your content that captivated audiences ]. Imagine not listening on today’s social media channels before creating content.

How the pandemic has revealed a need for new comms skills

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McKinsey reported : Even before the current crisis, changing technologies and new ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills employees need to do them. So, what are the skills that have become crucial for PR pros over the last six months of intense crisis and disruption?

CVS to close 900 stores, CEOs share concern about hybrid remote work, and Ford’s semiconductor partnership aims to solve bottleneck

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Hello, communicators: Seasonal messaging campaigns can take many creative forms around Thanksgiving, from Butterball launching a TikTok series supplementing its annual turkey hotline to Tums announcing a partnership with comedian Ronny Chieng that offers heartburn relief tips on Twitter.

Why Content Marketing and Public Relations Need Each Other

Sword and the Script

This new trend some were calling content marketing had the hallmarks of a soft and subtle pitch. Owned media had clear implications for an earned media strategy – and beyond the conventions of just crisis communications. Media Changes mean PR needs Content Marketing. Credibility: Why Content Marketing also needs PR . This means content marketing, should be at the center of all external communication.

How are brands defining employee experience in core values statements?

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The COVID-19 crisis has led many to claim that 2021 is the year of empathy and the employee experience is under more scrutiny than ever. Some might say that isn’t so surprising for an iconoclastic brand as it continues to build its formidable market position.

5 ways to get purposeful communication right during the COVID crisis

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Invest in clear, consistent, integrated communications as an essential part of your social purpose plan. 8 for our Crisis Communications Virtual Conference ]. Once you have a social purpose, it should make it easier for you to put it at the heart of your communications.

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How your PR and customer service can—and must—work together

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RELATED: Attend our Internal Communications and Culture Next Practices Virtual Conference ]. The following communications plan fundamentals can be applied to any organization, helping you help your clients bring to the customer experience true satisfaction: 1.

10 creative ideas to emerge from COVID-19 ennui

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RELATED: Join us for our Google and SEO for Communicators Virtual Bootcamp ]. Content Marketing Crisis Communications Leadership Communications Storytelling Visual & Video Communications Writing & Editing

Airlines celebrate return of international air travel, most comms leaders report to the C-suite, and Walmart completes regular driverless deliveries

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Hello, communicators: Mars Wrigley’s Orbit Gum is giving away a peppermint-scented ugly holiday sweater that dispenses gum, comes with mini multi-colored Christmas lights and has built-in mistletoe. Only 16% said they report to the chief marketing officer. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

3 tips to improve messaging to diverse audiences

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The messages crafted by communicators have a major impact on the success of those efforts. RELATED: Learn innovative strategies to ensure your content is resonating with audiences ].

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How COVID-19 made concise messaging even more crucial

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There’s a place in your content mix for long-form pieces and deep dives, but brevity is what will bring in new audiences. How has COVID-19 affected the trend toward shorter, “snackable” content? For success on this hot new platform, video content must be extremely short.

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Uniqlo won’t leave Russia, top research for PR pros and tech companies address anxiety over return to the office

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Also: CVS touts accessibility in metaverse play, investors push for change on taxes and transparency, and Stoli looks to rebrand amid Ukraine crisis. Good morning, communicators: CVS hopes to corner the digital market as it trademarks its brand to open a digital pharmacy in the metaverse.

2022 Grammy Awards postponed indefinitely, how Gen Z is questioning the metaverse, and Walmart invests in electric delivery vans

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Also: Frito-Lay partners with Rick Astley on new year campaign, the hottest communications technology at CES, and more. Both internal and external communicators are encouraged to participate.

Apple delays return to office indefinitely, study finds managers lack communication skills, and J&J responds to shifting CDC guidance

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Hello, communicators: A new study from Skyscanner shows that the highlight of 2021 for many Americans was the return of travel. For communicators looking to draw a crowd, setting your event in a special destination will be crucial for enticing leery travelers. CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.

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What communicators know, and what they must teach

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What I learned from Larry Ragan and a thousand other communicators is what I hope to teach the world. When it became available for pre-order a year and a half ago, the topic was topical and relevant: communication lessons for tense times.

3 ways PR pros can win with SEO and analytics

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Consider these tips to help identify new opportunities, remain competitive and better reach target audiences with your content. SEO is extremely adaptable based on the situation, goal or need,” says Jason White, director of SEO for Texas-based digital marketing agency PMG.

5 examples of clever, creative COVID-19 pivots

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into a recession, and market-leading brands Chevrolet and Ford experienced a steep decline in sales. The crisis is only accelerating that crisis. The pandemic is forcing businesses to adapt or wither away.

Hertz responds to viral customer complaint, how PR pros report metrics to leadership, and Hulu pulls Astroworld documentary after backlash

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Hello, communicators: Toyota kicked off its holiday season by debuting an ad during NBC’s annual “Christmas in Rockefeller Center.” Klonick’s experience demonstrates the importance of including customer-facing, frontline workers in your crisis scenario training sessions.

Viral 116

CDC updates COVID testing guidance, November quit rate breaks records, and Airbnb fights discrimination on its platform

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Hello, communicators: Pepsi announced it will bring back Crystal Pepsi to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the colorless soft drink. On net, the labor market is gaining a ton of jobs every month.”. Both internal and external communicators are encouraged to participate.

How podcasts offer new audiences during the pandemic

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Brands and organizations that create content-rich podcasts can transport their audiences out of COVID-land, earning their deep trust and loyalty in the process. For communications professionals, there is nothing better than delivering your message right into your listeners’ ears.

British energy supplier OVO Energy apologizes for ‘unhelpful’ advice, the rise of ‘scrollytelling’, and Fed vice chair resigns following stock scandal

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Hello, communicators: Uber and Visa have partnered to launch the Grants for Growth program, which will provide $1 million in grants to small businesses in the 10 U.S. Here are today’s top stories: British supplier OVO Energy apologizes for ‘poorly judged’ content.

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How COVID-19 and recent events have energized online advocacy

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The restrictions on social gatherings that are necessary to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases have put digital communication at the heart of everything we do. Look no further than the grassroots advocacy boom for proof of this sea change in the way we communicate and mobilize.