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What is Data-Driven PR, Part 3: Defining Data

Shift Communications

We’ve used the expression data-driven PR for quite some time now, but haven’t clearly defined it. What does data-driven PR mean? How do you know whether your public relations efforts are data-driven or not? Defining Data. Data Sources.

Getting Your PR Measurement Program in Shape for 2016

Shift Communications

Both in-house and agency marketing teams will be defending the year’s work, planning for 2016 and securing (or hopefully expanding!) Unfortunately there is no silver bullet measurement tool. How do you make the most of that data? Check out our PR measurement tool.

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Using Google Analytics to Inform your B2B Tech PR Program

Shift Communications

You may have noticed already that we talk a lot about data-driven PR at SHIFT. It’s not just a topic on our blog, it’s a concept we are encouraged to prioritize in every facet of our PR strategies.

Reenergizing the PR Planning Process

Shift Communications

Every quarter to six months, we work with clients to create a new PR plan for the following quarter or remainder of the year. What tends to happen if you aren’t vigilant is that the strategy and tactics blend together and each PR plan starts to look very similar to the others.

Recipes: The Missing Ingredient in Many Food PR Content Marketing Mixes

Shift Communications

While product trials and demos can whet an editor’s appetite for a story, recipes are rich content that can both maximize PR campaigns and drive measurable business results in multiple ways. Let’s face it though – if you’re pitching a turkey-themed recipe, odds are so is everyone else.

Crisis Issue? Own It: Shark Week Case Study, Part 4

Shift Communications

While press release distribution can be costly, the practice can be valuable which is why companies across the globe use them in their PR strategy. The important part of a press release is the proactive media pitching that accompanies a press release. Miss earlier posts in this series?

From PR to Marketing: Why You Should Expand Your Skill Set

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It’s hard to miss all the articles and blog posts about how the PR industry is changing, how it’s integrating with new skill sets. years working on the technology PR team. I was already starting to see the need to integrate our traditional PR practices with marketing tech.

How to get crucial data from your media list

PR Daily

Here’s how one PR veteran argues you should think about cultivating connections with the media in the digital age. And, generally, it’s safe to say that the appetite most reporters and editors have for getting pitches from PR pros has waned. Standardize the data.

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How to Plan for 2017 With PR Analytics


2017 is already off to a flying start and we are getting lots of questions from PR pros and agencies about which metrics and KPI's they need to optimize their PR plans. We thought it would be worth sharing an outline for a data-driven PR strategy leveraging advanced analytics that will help you get exceptional results. Once you’ve identified the mentions that moved the SEO needle, you can target those publications with more pitches. PR Strategy